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Canberra’s Best Meat Pie?

By Kramer - 6 September 2007 83

Pies. It’s a subject that can potentially divide the nation. Soft pastry or crispy? Chunky meat or smooth consistency? Plain beef or tandoori eggplant? So where’s Canberra’s best pie?

Although I haven’t been out there in a while, I think the pies from Charnwood Bakery would definitely be amongst the best. They have a great crispy lid, tasty beef filling with just enough gravy, and a firm but not too solid base.

Send in your recommendations, and I’ll organise a team of pie tasters (maybe once Mat Dunning is back in the country) to rate them and award Canberra’s best pie.

What’s Your opinion?

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83 Responses to
Canberra’s Best Meat Pie?
hingo 8:57 am 07 Sep 07

Conway frozen pies from Aldi. The best.

swamiOFswank 8:26 am 07 Sep 07

Spence Bakery pies – beyond superlatives

Thumper 7:53 am 07 Sep 07

I don’t discriminate between pies.

They are all good!

After all, how would you feel if you were a pie that nobody wanted?

Of course, some pies are only good for the use of by English bowlers…

asp 1:08 am 07 Sep 07

Canberra’s best: Parliament House, Queens Terrace. The beef pie and Pumpkin and Lemon Myrtle pies are superb. Flaky crust and wonderful filling with real fillings. Washes down well with a Sanpelagrino Rosa.

Canberra’s worst: Two spring to mind. Both from major chains. Michelle’s Plain Beef. Their other pies are ok, but the plain beef is just vile. Starbucks, the pie has whole bay leaves which are indigestible and often, they serve it to you still cold in the center.

z 11:11 pm 06 Sep 07
SamTSeppo 10:41 pm 06 Sep 07

It might just be my proximity to them, but the pies from the bakery at the ANU aren’t too bad. I rather enjoy their mexican pies, actually.

gooterz 10:20 pm 06 Sep 07

Sorry i made it last night and its all gone…

jemmy 10:18 pm 06 Sep 07

b2, yeah, that’s it, Dickson Cakes. I’ll have to give Granny’s a go too.

b2 10:10 pm 06 Sep 07

have to say I’m quite impartial to Granny’s pies in dickson. although a bit out of the way (near zeffs), they are good and the mini cheesecake is fantastic!

b2 10:08 pm 06 Sep 07

dickson cakes, jemmy? the one near the fruit shop?

jemmy 10:04 pm 06 Sep 07

I don’t know its name, but it’s the pie shop in Dickson shops near Woolies (not Carries, the other one out the back). Great chunky meat and plenty of it, nice flavoursome gravy without swamping the pie, and a great firm pastry. Very tasty.

They’re the pies we eat on Grand Final day, and you can’t say better than that!

el 9:29 pm 06 Sep 07

Wholemeal pastry? What variety was it?

diprotodon 9:27 pm 06 Sep 07

Stuff the meat pie – the Asian Chilli Dogs from Campbell Bakery are awesome. Imagine – a Frankfurt smothered in chilli sauce and cheese baked into a bread roll with oven melted cheese on top. Nothing better!

Kramer 9:22 pm 06 Sep 07

I wasn’t going to mention the worst pie… OK it wasn’t the worst but it was the biggest let down. Yes, shortly after the abovementioned Cornucopia (Braddon) was named as Canberra’s best pie some years ago, I lined up with numerous others for a dry, wholemeal pastry, food which vaguely resembled a pie. A Four n’ Twenty out of the freezer would have been much better. Anyway if there’s any more recommendations for Cornucopia, I’d be willing to make a return visit, otherwise it will stay on my blacklist.

el 9:14 pm 06 Sep 07

– Cornucopia

– Hughes Bakery

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