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Car Accident in Palmerston

By ginag - 19 December 2006 30

Does anyone know about the car accident in Palmerston last night on the corner of Kosciuszko and Tiptree?

A car was doing burnouts in the IGA carpark and came down to the roundabout then took out another at the roundabout. When taking off the car took out the light pole next to the houses that back onto Kosciuszko.

The light pole came down on the road and blocked the road.

It took 15 minutes for the police to respond to the 000 call (we called twice). So it was left to the residents of Palmerston to direct traffic at 12.15am in their PJ’s.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Car Accident in Palmerston
terubo 4:55 pm 19 Dec 06

Allright, I’ll leave it to a pro (like vg) to arbitrate… remember, in the scenario the two emergency calls come in pretty well simultaneously.

youshould_knowthis 4:51 pm 19 Dec 06

Except that Police wont always know about every single potential danger to the hooning morons, but if they’ve been called about someone getting flogged….

Yes 5 heads rolling onto lawns in Palmerston would be terrible, but you have to stop the crime in prgress before you worry about the scene of a potential incident (in your hypothetical scenario…)

terubo 4:37 pm 19 Dec 06

In principle, you are right el. But at that time of night there are always morons speeding around the place…could be a car-full of 5 teenagers for example.
In my hypothetical scenario (above), in the ‘domestic’ one person will have been injured by the time the cops get there anyway; whereas with the lightpole across the road several lives could be at risk. 5 decapitated heads turning up unannounced on the front gardens of Palmerstone would not be a good look.

el 4:02 pm 19 Dec 06

I agree with Cameron. 15 minutes is a great response time for what really is a minor issue. If someone can’t manage to avoid a downed light pole in a 60 (or is it 50) km/h zone they should hand in their licence immediately.

Spectra 3:52 pm 19 Dec 06

I’d hope it would be the domestic – you can do a hell of a lot of damage with a rolling pin (hell, you can do a hell of a lot with your fists). And as has been noted, that’s a person being hurt right now – not the potential for someone who’s not paying attention to get hurt.

Out of interest, did they get the twit who managed to do all the damage, or did he get away?

terubo 3:41 pm 19 Dec 06

I’d like to hear vg on this. Imagine in the local copshop, two calls come in almost simultaneously: one is a “rolling pin domestic”, the other a downed lightpole across a street at 12.15am.
Which case does the one-and-only copcar attend?
-Not saying you’re wrong, just curious.

Cameron 3:38 pm 19 Dec 06

I’m with vg. 15 minutes response time for that is fantastic.

I had a similar experience for an accident at the roundabout intersection of Erindale Dr and Sternberg. Some silly little girl had fanged it down Erindale Dr and lost control, wiping out a light pole when she got to the other side.

Was first on the scene and was calling 000 before I had my seat belt off (so fine me). I got the girl out, calmed her down, she was physically fine and obviously in a bit of shock.

Paramedics and a fire truck to take care of the light pole were there inside of 10 minutes – and I considered that to be a sensational response time – especially given the girl wasn’t critically injured, and the light pole was down across a road at 1am in the morning in a very very brightly lit (although slightly less than normal thanks to the girl) intersection.

As for people having to direct traffic around the pole… well, certainly commendable and what most members of the community would do in a time like that – help each other out.

I would much rather the emergency services take care of things like fire, medical emergencies, and you know… crime.

youshould_knowthis 3:37 pm 19 Dec 06

Being battered with the rolling pin is more important than an accident that hasn’t happened yet, and may or may not happen.

Ask the girl (or guy) being flogged with the rolling pin if police attending to them is more important than a light pole falling down……

terubo 3:34 pm 19 Dec 06

Agreed, Spectra, but remember this was at 12.15am apparently. More than a few drivers may not be quite so diligent at that time of night…
Well done on picking up that ladder, BTW.

Spectra 3:31 pm 19 Dec 06

terubo: My understanding was that you should always drive in such a way that you had time to stop if there was something unexpected ahead…say, a downed light pole. If you drive around assuming that such things will always be cleared up before you arrive, you won’t be on the road too long.
Such as the guy that was following me on the Parkway when a ladder had fallen off a truck across one lane – I stopped and got out to move it, but not before this guy had managed to collect it at full speed. Can’t have done wonders for his tyres.

terubo 3:27 pm 19 Dec 06

My spouse battering me with a rolling pin probably isn’t as important as looking for a decapitated head rolling down the road.

Swaggie 3:26 pm 19 Dec 06

The only problem appears to lie with the retard doing the Burnouts – was there ever a more public way of saying to everyone “I’m a totally moronic loser in life” than by doing Burnouts?

youshould_knowthis 3:22 pm 19 Dec 06

Yes, but Police can’t always be everywhere to hold everyone’s hands…..

They may have been, at the time the lightpole fell down, stopping a spouse from floggin their partner etc. – in which case they need to prioritise scant resources.

They generally do they best they can with what they’ve got – so if you feel they were too slow, the problem may be lack of resources, poor rostering, busy night etc.

The problem isn’t normally tyhe actual officers on the shift.

terubo 3:06 pm 19 Dec 06

Yeah, but imagine if some hapless motorist (Big Al, perhaps) had come tootling down the road and got decapitated by said downed lightpole…

vg 3:02 pm 19 Dec 06

The fact the road was blocked doesnt really justify an ’emergency’….which is what 000 is for. 15 mins is more than a fair response time for the type of incident described.

If the accident involved injuries, well thats a different story

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