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Car Accident in Palmerston

ginag 19 December 2006 30

Does anyone know about the car accident in Palmerston last night on the corner of Kosciuszko and Tiptree?

A car was doing burnouts in the IGA carpark and came down to the roundabout then took out another at the roundabout. When taking off the car took out the light pole next to the houses that back onto Kosciuszko.

The light pole came down on the road and blocked the road.

It took 15 minutes for the police to respond to the 000 call (we called twice). So it was left to the residents of Palmerston to direct traffic at 12.15am in their PJ’s.

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30 Responses to Car Accident in Palmerston
VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 8:26 am 21 Dec 06

How’s their kid doing?

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:21 pm 20 Dec 06

Who has a midnight domestic anyway ?

Mael, there was a midnight domestic in Melba last night.

My junkie sister and bf were off their faces. Spent the night in the “tank” to boot. Blood everywhere.

smack smack 2:28 pm 20 Dec 06

“Who has a midnight domestic anyway ?”

I think most people would be surprised at how many occur late at night/early morning. Often this is caused by someone coming home drunk/high/angry and taking it out on their partner.

terubo terubo 11:47 am 20 Dec 06

Always knew I’d make a craphouse copper…

KandyA KandyA 10:16 am 20 Dec 06


still no word on the apprehension of the F#ktard?
I think all riotacters can be excused from jury duty (for this, and probably any othercase) on account of their obvious pre-formed opinions. Still, court hearings are only a poor tool of justice, one lacking in the the immediate gratification of alternatives, such as …lynchings.

VYBerlinaV8_now_with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now_with_added_grunt 10:11 am 20 Dec 06

The cops will always respond to a domestic first, as well they should. Although someone might run over a downed lightpole, don’t forget they have a big steel, padded cage around them for protection.

I also support Nik’s comment that members of the public should step up to help out when an accident occurs. Let the police do what members of the public can’t, won’t or shouldn’t do (like breaking up a domestic).

Maelinar Maelinar 9:35 am 20 Dec 06

Who has a midnight domestic anyway ?

Who came up with this hypothesis ?

youshould_knowthis youshould_knowthis 9:13 am 20 Dec 06

Thanks vg

He might not be the only cop who likes to post here……

vg vg 9:08 am 20 Dec 06

“I’d like to hear vg on this. Imagine in the local copshop, two calls come in almost simultaneously: one is a “rolling pin domestic”, the other a downed lightpole across a street at 12.15am.
Which case does the one-and-only copcar attend?
-Not saying you’re wrong, just curious.”

I would have thought it was obvious. The domestic 1st

Special G Special G 9:44 pm 19 Dec 06

terubo, I would expect 15 minutes to Gungahlin a great response time for a minor car accident without any injuries. The guys who attended obviously didn’t finish their coffee before going.

It sounds like the residents of Palmerston had the issue well in hand and didn’t really need Police assistance. They should have called ACTEW direct.

Did anyone get a pic of the traffic direction in the PJ’s? good for a laugh.

terubo terubo 9:20 pm 19 Dec 06

er…I wuz assuming the pole was bent across the road a few feet off the ground.
Anyway, it’s the silly season so get into it, kid 🙂

el el 9:11 pm 19 Dec 06

What’s with the continuous decapitation references?

Light pole lying across road – car hits it. Car has extensively rooted suspension and probably other undercarriage damage.

A driver obeying the speed limits and actually *paying attention* (I know, I know – we’re in the ACT) should be able to take evasive action like….applying the brakes.

As for the fuckwits driving dangerously (which you seem to think proves your ‘point’, whatever that might be): they make the _choice_ to get behind the wheel of a car and drive it in that fashion.

The spouse on the receiving end of the ‘rolling pin domestic’** does not, and at the time of the phone call is in serious danger.

And what did the original poster expect? The police to teleport themselves to the scene as soon as they hung up the phone?

** Could make a good band name.

terubo terubo 5:18 pm 19 Dec 06

NTP: neighbours?
bighead: that kinda proves my point, P-plate f**kwits abound at that time of night.

bighead bighead 5:15 pm 19 Dec 06

There was actually another one at 12:15 last night in Civic, Vernon Circuit behind the Canberra Theatre to be exact. I was just coming round the corner to see a car on the other side of the road and a light pole down.

The police took 10 mins, the passenger had a broken arm. Ambulance and fire came about 2 mins after the Police.

She thankfully calmed down and was taken to hospital.

Also to the little P plate fuckwit that shot around at about 80km/h and almost hit 2 people, Congratulations fucktard.

The poor girls stuffed the car, and I have a fairly good suspicion the driver was drinking.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 5:04 pm 19 Dec 06

Lets just say:
– domestic in progress = lights and sirens
– accident = road speed

Also, although sometimes it seems like you may never know it, everyone in a community is responsible to give assistance when needed. At the scene of an accident you’d like to think someone will step up and help out. In a private home where the children are hiding frightened under the bed and one spouse is beaten to a bloody pulp in the kitchen by the other, whose there to help?

terubo terubo 4:55 pm 19 Dec 06

Allright, I’ll leave it to a pro (like vg) to arbitrate… remember, in the scenario the two emergency calls come in pretty well simultaneously.

youshould_knowthis youshould_knowthis 4:51 pm 19 Dec 06

Except that Police wont always know about every single potential danger to the hooning morons, but if they’ve been called about someone getting flogged….

Yes 5 heads rolling onto lawns in Palmerston would be terrible, but you have to stop the crime in prgress before you worry about the scene of a potential incident (in your hypothetical scenario…)

terubo terubo 4:37 pm 19 Dec 06

In principle, you are right el. But at that time of night there are always morons speeding around the place…could be a car-full of 5 teenagers for example.
In my hypothetical scenario (above), in the ‘domestic’ one person will have been injured by the time the cops get there anyway; whereas with the lightpole across the road several lives could be at risk. 5 decapitated heads turning up unannounced on the front gardens of Palmerstone would not be a good look.

el el 4:02 pm 19 Dec 06

I agree with Cameron. 15 minutes is a great response time for what really is a minor issue. If someone can’t manage to avoid a downed light pole in a 60 (or is it 50) km/h zone they should hand in their licence immediately.

Spectra Spectra 3:52 pm 19 Dec 06

I’d hope it would be the domestic – you can do a hell of a lot of damage with a rolling pin (hell, you can do a hell of a lot with your fists). And as has been noted, that’s a person being hurt right now – not the potential for someone who’s not paying attention to get hurt.

Out of interest, did they get the twit who managed to do all the damage, or did he get away?

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