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Car crash in Gungahlin

By cnbragirl 8 February 2011 45

It seems noone who drives along Gungahlin Place in gungahin knows how to give way. This comes from a resident of the street who has near missed numerous cars.

There was an incident today when a small white Hyundai Getz (surpisingly not a P Plater) T-Boned a larger, Toyota of some sort.

Maybe Canberrans should learn how to drive properly as give-ways, and roundabouts around the gungahlin area are absolutely ridiculous.

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
Car crash in Gungahlin
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Mr Gillespie 9:07 pm 24 Feb 11

Deref said :

Grrrr said :

Dear Canberra drivers: Quit signalling right when you’re going straight through a roundabout!

That’s the law.

Get your facts right. You’re supposed to signal right when you enter a roundabout and left to indicate your exit.

If more people did that there’d be fewer accidents.

Errr how do you signal right if you’re going STRAIGHT AHEAD???

Is there a way of indicating ‘straight ahead’ like you can indicate ‘left’ or ‘right’?????

On the other hand a lot of people fail to indicate when they DO turn (left or right). What difference does a roundabout make (especially a tiny roundabout)???

Davo111 5:10 pm 24 Feb 11

Swidt said :

LOL @ Deref. Seeya mate.

I wish he had replied to say he had read the comments. At least we would know that hes aware of his mistake and would re-read the road rules.

Deref, email johnboy with your details to pass onto me. I’d be happy to sit down with some matchbox cars, and a whiteboard marker and show you the fundamentals of driving, indicating and road position.

Swidt 4:28 pm 24 Feb 11

LOL @ Deref. Seeya mate.

Innovation 5:00 pm 12 Feb 11

Rawhide Kid Part3 said :

screaming banshee said :

I think its about time we had regular re-testing to ensure people know the ACTUAL road rules not just the ones they think are right and the ones they think that apply to them.

Absolutely. I’d happily take the test every ten years and feel much safer on the road. I know of two people who drive but have never had a driving test in their life. One bought their first license overseas and the other got a temporary license overseas which was recognised as a full license when they got back. Both are shocking drivers. There must be many more like that.

screaming banshee 4:15 pm 12 Feb 11

Davo111 said :

glad you cleared that up with the second paragraph, because the first sentence is wrong.

Perhaps I should have put more emphasis on the ‘and’ in entry and exit, or added you should always indicate when leaving. I assume that was the issue?

dvaey said :

Happy enough to be corrected on this, but isnt the GDE 80 from Barton Highway to Glenloch? Maybe this is why people get pissed at you for doing 20km/hr under the limit on a long single-lane road, because they want to drive to the signposted limit, not to the limit you think it should be?

Actually at the moment its a 60kph zone from wherever the roadworks starts through to the belconnen way overpass

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