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Nero 1 May 2007 16

One would think that the ALP candidate for Eden-Monaro would at least know how to pronounce the name of the seat he is running for.

Mike ‘mate’ Kelly on at least three occasions pronounced Monaro as “Monaho”.

Rudd and the ALP may be able to get away with parachuting name candidates in Sydney and Melbourne but I think it will backfire in a regional seat like Eden-Monaro.

Also, please mate Mike mate…..please stop saying “mate” in every sentence when you are being interviewed. Thanks mate!

What do you think…is local or ‘star’-candidate better?

[ED: We might also want to consider just how local Gary Nairn is to the region]

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16 Responses to Carpet bagger
jemmy jemmy 8:22 am 02 May 07

Louise Maher also had a very interesting interview with Andrew Greene, the election commentator.

He made the point that, in many cases, the concept of rank-and-file electing their representative is misleading.

More than 80% of voters vote for a party, not a candidate, yet the percentage of voters who belong to a party is miniscule, less than 1%. In some electorates, you get say 80 party members deciding who the candidate is for 30,000 voters. Almost invariably, the candidate is decided on factional deals, not merit. So, in fact, it’s even less than 80 people who actually want that candidate. This is particularly rife in NSW, according to Greene. He thinks the exec was right to step in and start insisting on some sort of merit, even if it’s just having a public profile. There were too many candidates whose claim to candidacy was being a back-room manipulator of long-standing, who knew where the skeletons were and used that to manipulate themselves into a position.

I can see both sides, but I do agree with him that the notion of the rank-and-file electing their representative as a form of democracy disappeared when factionalism became so rampant in the ALP.

Greene also said that the Libs don’t have the factionalism problem to the same degree and have usually selected candidates who are ‘better qualified’ in the sense of being less tied to the party machine and more tied to their party’s electors.

jellen jellen 7:07 pm 01 May 07

Give the guy a break with the pronounciation. I heard 666 last night and the interviewer (Louise?) was absolutely hammering him because he was pronouncing Monaro as in the car, instead of what Louise insisted was the correct local way. What are we Queenslanders or something?

boomacat boomacat 6:53 pm 01 May 07

From what I hear Mike Kelly is a distinguished military lawyer.

Whilst it would be ideal to have a local candidate, I think it’s more important to have someone who is talented and with vision (no disrespect to Kel Watt).

The ALP is always being accused of being stuffed with rank and file union hacks, now they are trying to get some broad talent in and they still get criticised. Can’t win hey? They are also trying to recruit other notables such as Professor George Williams so I think the “ACTU master race” comment is a bit much, you are obviously a liberal party stooge neanderthalsis or whatever your name is.

And it is really fresh of the tories to complain given their old fella comes all the way from NT.

Heavs Heavs 5:17 pm 01 May 07

Mr Watt is disappointed but sucking it up like a good Labor man should. He should know there is only room for so many Gingers in Parliament anyway!

Like I said – if the strategy comes on then the Josh Lyman who thought of it is going to be a legend. If not there will be some severe problems in Federal Labor in the coming years.

areaman areaman 4:27 pm 01 May 07

I don’t think Ben Sakker Kelly is a “left wing student” as a member of the ALP hard right (and a zionist).

kimba kimba 3:21 pm 01 May 07

The difference is that Nairn had a property in Eden-Monaro for many years before his pre-selection. Nairn was also not ‘hand-picked’ by the Liberals. He won a tough pre-selection and was endorsed by the local Liberal Party members.

I would doubt that Kelly has ever been a Member of the ALP.

I feel sorry for Kel Watt, the ALP candidate last time, he and the local ALP branches now see the true colours of the ALP Sydney machine.

Benjamin Sakker Kelly
I understand Mike Kelly’s son, Ben Sakker Kelly, is a staffer for ALP heavy weight Robert McClelland. Ben, a well know left wing student in his Uni days, also is an activist in the Jewish movement.

Mind you, Mike Kelly sounds very Catholic LOL. Perhaps Mike’s wife, 17 years his senior, is of the Jewish faith?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:16 pm 01 May 07

I think we all know the answer to this one. Vote 1: Cayla Dengate and Jessica Wright.

LG LG 2:41 pm 01 May 07

I wonder if the ACT Labor (Federal) reps are safe?

Heavs Heavs 1:24 pm 01 May 07

Kelly is from Narrabundah if I heard correctly last night. At least he’s close to the seat. Nairn flew in from Darwin 3 months before the election. A bit rich of him to be criticising ‘parachute’ politicians if you ask me.

Interesting exercise from the ALP. If the plan works out they will be hailed as genius – if it doesn’t, and they lose the election, then hello party split 2008.

S4anta S4anta 1:06 pm 01 May 07

9 out of 20-odd seats pres elctions are to be decided by the Exec, rather than rank and file vote for the ALP.

Can anyone say Republican?

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:30 pm 01 May 07

So we see the creation of Little Kev and the ACTU master race of ALP names. No longer do the party faithful get a say in who their local member will be, rulings shall come down from on high, “names” will get preselection.

Bill Shorten and Greg Combet will sit on the front bench in their first term in office. Maxine McKew, if she manages to pull the numbers against Howard, will get a star portfolio, if Howard wins, she gets a plum staffers job.

We saw how easily those “names” will give up their beliefs and ideals at the recent party conference though. Who would have thought that Peter Garrett would ever have voted to allow more uranium mines to open or to allow old growth logging in Tasmanian forests just to keep the CMFEU happy. Peter Garrett sold his soul to the party whip.

Mick Mick 11:49 am 01 May 07

Oh. Bugger.

areaman areaman 11:25 am 01 May 07

There is no pre-selection, National Committee is over-riding. Welcome to the NSW ALP.

LG LG 11:09 am 01 May 07

Here’s the story I mentioned Star recruit takes raincheck on tough issues

LG LG 11:07 am 01 May 07

Mick, I think its already been decided. I think the labor party conference decided that the national executive would be allowed to choose who was preselected for some seats and not go to a vote by the local members.

I’m pretty disappointed that the ALP is focusing on name power instead of policies to win some marginal seats. There’s a funny story about the new ALP candidate in South Australia, she writes a column for the newspaper. She was obviously selected on her ‘celebrity’ only as she couldn’t provide a single response (to her thoughts) in relation to the Budget, economy, climate change or issues affecting her local area.

Mick Mick 10:37 am 01 May 07

Local. Someone young who knows the area. Even from Canberra is better than shipping in an outsider.

Watch for Andrew Beaumont. Cat amongst the pigeons and support from McMullen and Snow.

When is the pre-selection?

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