Cell Block 69 @ ANU Bar: so great, and so Canberra

Sideshowmatt123 25 December 2011 2

Cell Block 69’s annual gig at the ANU bar on Friday night was just fantastic. Never been before – best $15 I’ve ever spent on live entertainment – a thumping, nostalgic orgy of camp, pop-rock cabaret. Musically, wonderful. CellBlock 69 are performers of a too-rare variety – thrilled to be there, loving the fans, sweating pure charisma, belting out a solid two hours of hilarious, intoxicating fun.

A footnote: ANU Bar service: glacial. With some decent staff on, the ANU Union could’ve just about doubled their bar sales I reckon. By the time I reached the front of the queue I was praying that Corea Chick would strut in there and take to those droops with a riding crop. Didn’t happen.

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2 Responses to Cell Block 69 @ ANU Bar: so great, and so Canberra
Les Lozenger Les Lozenger 10:52 pm 26 Dec 11

Hi Sideshow Matt and Poison Ivy.

Thanks so much for your awesome reviews of Cell Block. I’ve even been hearing stories of people who had to go right up the back so they could have room to dance because everywhere else was just too packed to move. Another point of mention was the 2 girls on the shoulders of the guys up on the left and right sides about a third back from the stage. This kind of thing just adds to the whole theatrics of the night. The audience is as much a part of the Cell Block shows as the band are. So there’s a pretty good reason why Cell Block have been doing this in Canberry since 2001.

As far as venues go though, there’s been talk of a new venue opening up in Canberra that has something to do with Gaz formerly from “The Greenroom” venue fame. It’s also rumoured to be capable of housing an audience capacity of 1000 and an inhouse PA powerfull enough for this capacity. Can anyone confirm of deny these rumours? Or can they shed extra light on just where this venue might be?

poisonivy poisonivy 11:45 am 25 Dec 11


The Coreys rocked my world as always, but do the ANU Bar staff have to be so rude and incompetent? The dunnies were out of paper before the end of the first set and no replacements forthcoming for the rest of the night (much like last year), and the only water dispenser in the place was inaccessible behind the incoming queue for most of the night. Is it so hard to run a venue competently?

And the security staff. Do you think they cracked a smile between them?

Thumbs up for Knight Hammer – sorry I missed all but the last song.

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