Chick wanting to join a gym in Woden/Phillip/Weston Creek?

chikorollz 28 May 2013 12

Hi all,

Any feedback about the Edge in Weston, Elite Fitness in Phillip, Curves, Fernwood? Any others? I am keen to know what you think about the classes, value for money, how crowded they get etc.

I’ve looked into Curves in Weston Creek but the opening hours (ie not open on Sundays at all) seem prohibitive.

Thanks in advance!

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12 Responses to Chick wanting to join a gym in Woden/Phillip/Weston Creek?
FioBla FioBla 9:02 am 30 May 13

Monomyth said :

I love Curves in Weston Creek but I use it for more tha just a gym.

I use McDonald’s as more that just a gym.

Monomyth Monomyth 1:27 am 30 May 13

I love Curves in Weston Creek but I use it for more tha just a gym. I’ve tried Fernwood but was really put off by their plastic smiles and lack of genuinely caring once you’d handed over your life savings.
Curves’ hours don’t always suit me, true, but I love the idea of the circuit (cardio spots alternating with resistance machines) and it’s more fatchick friendly. Fernwood always made me feel like I had to be in full makeup.
Curves have tailored plans that are budget-friendly. Pros and Cons for everything I reckon.

T1G3R T1G3R 12:34 am 30 May 13

I know im late to the party but if you dont mind doing a bit of a drive and want a womens only gym, i highly recommend GoFigure. Extremely friendly and helpful staff, nice quiet environment. They do all the les mills classes. It’s a smaller gym but it’s not run by a bunch of douches like Fernwood. I joined at a really great price of about like 15 bucks a fortnight. Good value and great place!

gungsuperstar gungsuperstar 7:12 pm 28 May 13

I asked a very similar question of the Riot Act only about 9 months ago.

I doubt my gym will be what you’re after – but the fact that it only appeals to a certain type of person is why I like it.

What am I talking about? Well firstly, I’m talking about Evo Health Club in Barton. It’s not Woden, but if you’re prepared to go to Weston Creek, maybe you’ll be prepared to come to Barton.

The good: Personal attention from the trainers; modern, high tech equipment and facilities; a dearth of mirrors and an environment unwelcoming to ‘roid freaks, so perfect for a self-conscious (read: fat) gym goer like me; it’s never too busy; there are PLENTY of classes, including 2 different types of Yoga, boxfit, aqua fit, and about 5 others that I’ve never done. Also, it has a pool, spa, steam room and sauna.

The only bad thing about this gym is that it’s $27. But I don’t consider this a bad thing, because this is exactly the type of gym I want to be a member of and I think the cost is actually a big factor in a) why it’s usually pretty quiet (before 7.30am sucks) and b) why you don’t get the ‘roid freaks who go to the gym as much to be seen as anything else.

Opening hours are 5.45am-8pm on weekdays, and I think 9-6 on weekends. And there are plenty of couples who go there.

It’s worth checking out – you’ll either find it overpriced and/or pretentious, or if you’re like me you’ll find it your dream gym.

chikorollz chikorollz 5:47 pm 28 May 13

Thanks all. Keen to join with my husband if it’s good for both of us (me for classes mostly, him for weights mostly), not fussed about being with guys, just want good value for money really. Would like to do some yoga too. Was a member of Southern Cross a few years ago so may end up back there, but wanted to check out what else was about to make sure it’s the best option.

muscledude_oz muscledude_oz 1:24 pm 28 May 13

I would suggest you give so-called women’s gyms like Fernwood, Curves, etc a big miss. They really aren’t fair dinkum and because their clientele are women they think they can offer slack programs and get away with it. I would suggest you try Southern Cross Health Club which is *the* gym in the Woden/Weston area. Almost 9,000 members can’t be wrong. If you’re willing to travel a bit further, Gold’s Gym in Fyshwick is offering the Les Mills program.

460cixy 460cixy 1:04 pm 28 May 13

All I know is heaps and heaps of hot chicks go to elite physic in Philip so it must be good

Solidarity Solidarity 1:00 pm 28 May 13

What are you looking for? Weight training, Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, Boxercise? What do you need?

Yogie Yogie 12:28 pm 28 May 13

I enjoy Club Lime in Mawson, although I don’t do classes. It is not too full of weightlifting young men, although they are there on weekday evenings. They don’t seem to exercise on weekends though!

Every now and then I go during the day on weekdays and it is really quiet and pleasant. Which it also is on the weekends. I have the slightly more expensive membership which means I can use the other sites. I find this handy because sometimes it is a bit easier to go to the Woden site. Woden is an “express” version which means no classes.

At both I find the staff really nice.

dodgycamel dodgycamel 12:00 pm 28 May 13

The missus used to go to Edge before we moved to Gungahlin – loved it.

Lots of classes, open all the time, prices are about what you’d expect to pay these days.

Biggest thing was that it was a really nice community. Lots of nice people who she got to know through the classes.

Haven’t seen their new location, but based on her experience I’d recommend it.


f4te f4te 9:28 am 28 May 13

The Southern Cross Health Club has a ‘Womens Only’ room downstairs and a bunch of classes as well as being quite cheap. I found Elite Physique to be quite good too, but expensive.

WVCC WVCC 9:21 am 28 May 13

There are plenty of Gyms in Woden and you have mentioned a few. Flames Fitness is another , The Southern Cross fitness Club ( quite busy) and something smaller, the YMCA club at the Chifley community hub is good value. Club Lime at Mawson Southlands, they are open on Sundays.

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