Christmas Trees for 19 December

johnboy 19 December 2008 33

Just the one tree in today from Thumper (Bundybear’s fraudulent entries will be ignored from now on).

Do you really want your family’s efforts to go un-represented? Send your pictures in to

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33 Responses to Christmas Trees for 19 December
Danman Danman 9:11 am 22 Dec 08

Chill’d JB – was just considering wether or not to ease the stress and put it up myself, knowing full well you were on “Holidays” until NYE

Granny Granny 11:51 pm 21 Dec 08

Wow, “Orphan’s Christmas” huh? What a fantastic idea.

I was wondering just today about the people for whom Christmas may be quite ‘unmerry’ – the lonely, the homeless, the sick, and those who have lost family. How do they know what resources are available to them to help get through what must be quite a difficult time?

Well, what is a cave without cubs, eh, Bundy? Every self-respecting bear needs a few playing around the den, even though it might make hibernating a tad more difficult after stuffing oneself silly ….

; )

johnboy johnboy 9:31 pm 21 Dec 08

Chill dan,

Your photo is going up ASAP.

Got some things going on is all.

Bundybear Bundybear 5:21 pm 21 Dec 08

Indeed Granny, ‘twould, but I fear I cannot use the aforementioned appellation as I have in fact been named and shamed and can no longer claim apparition status.

Lunch with the family, newest cub now old enough to “get” presents, so that should be cool. Will make another futile attempt to explain the rules and intricacies of the BBQ to the ranga kiwi son-in-law. Then dinner is “Orphan’s Christmas”, friends without family at the daughter’s. Always nice.

Kid’s go to NZ to introduce cub to other grandparents after that, definiteley the go, family is everything.

Have a top time.

Granny Granny 2:31 pm 21 Dec 08

We will be going to Perth.

Gramps and the three kids flew over yesterday, and I am by myself for three days, which is absolute bliss now that I know they have arrived safely and I will see them again ….

: )

I am flying over on Christmas Eve because one of my big girls turns 26 the day before, then me and my girlfriend might check out the Feldons, if I can get there in time – pity they are playing so early!!

It feels kind of weird only having Christmas with half my kids, but we haven’t seen Gramps’s family for eight years and thought it was only fair to give them a turn at Christmas. $4,000.00 later … eek!

Merry Unchristmas for today, Danman, and I hope you and your brother have the best day on real Christmas.

The best Christmas I ever had was spent with just my sister and me and my three babies many years ago when she was living in a share house in Sydney.

Sometimes it really is just the most unexpected days that turn out to be the most special.

I hope you have a very groovy day!

Danman Danman 12:38 pm 21 Dec 08

So are we not taking submissions for x-mas trees anymore ?

Having a christmas of types today as most my fam is overseas, my wife will be wrking until 4pm and it will just be me and my brother …

We had family x-mas on melbourne cup day – so today its with friends who will be working on Thursday.

Granny Granny 10:35 am 21 Dec 08

The phantom fraudulent enterer would sound cooler.

: )

What are you doing for Christmas?

Bundybear Bundybear 9:16 am 21 Dec 08

Indeed Granny, I am, I am, sniff.

That is indeed very excellent news of the best possible kind.

Merry Christmas indeed.

The fraudulent enterer.

Granny Granny 11:45 pm 20 Dec 08

Well, I must admit to being surprised that Bundy has got himself into disgrace like this – he’s usually such a well-behaved little bear, aren’t you Bundy?

I’m sure it’s all a terrible misunderstanding!

I must admit a bacon-and-eggs bauble is uncommon, and relatively unique one would think! That’s rather a trendsetting tree – pity there is not a photo, nor of your tree Danman. Actually nobody is really interested in the trees, they just want to see into everybody else’s houses ….

; )

Well, my Christmas shopping is nearly finished – nothing for me and Gramps so far, but everybody else has done rather extraordinarily well, and we have certainly done our bit for the economy.

However, I have just received the best Christmas present that I could ever, ever hope to have in a million years, except I might not get to unwrap it for a couple of years.

We have known since 2007 that Rett Syndrome, the disability my daughter suffers from, may be reversible.

However, one of my family recently donated $500 to the Australian research fund as a Christmas present to us. That was moving enough – we were pretty choked up – but they have sent a letter saying that they’re hoping to start clinical drug trials on humans within the next 1 – 2 years!!

I was expecting this to be at least a decade away.

So that is my very special Christmas gift. It’s only a letter, but it is the gift of hope.

I just wish you all the most dreams-come-true Christmas ever. Merry Christmas, everybody!!

Love and hugs,

Danman Danman 11:18 pm 20 Dec 08

I caught the 438 or 9 because it ran along chuculba and not canopus cres – I caught the 437 when there was nada else – lived in Musca Pl Giralang from 1978 to 1996.

I sent a pic of my tree in last night but its yet to be actioned….

staria staria 8:53 pm 20 Dec 08

Everybody knows the cool people caught the 439

Nice to have a real tree there, had to go with the plastic one myself this year, and the fibre optics don’t even work 🙁

Did manage to get the niece and nephew going in a bauble making sweatshop though, so I have lovely home made decorations which is lovely – especially the stuffed up snow turned into bacon and eggs!!

Thumper Thumper 6:50 pm 20 Dec 08

I lived in Giralang back in the late 80s/ early 90s. in fact my kids went to Giralang primary 😉

Bundybear Bundybear 4:56 pm 20 Dec 08

I am deeply offended that my “in good faith” entry has been dubbed fraudulent. HHrrrummph!!! Just because my brother in SA can’t be trusted to send me authentic items -he has a bit of a drinking problem unlike a gentleman of my highborn nomenclature – and I just wanted to play, but I didn’t have a tree – Sob! (Gets up and heads for the fridge)

Granny Granny 12:41 pm 20 Dec 08

Yessir, Danman! Eleven years spent across the road from Maribyrnong Primary. I got really good at saying, “You boys get down from that roof!” like Margaret from Ainslie.


Danman Danman 12:37 pm 20 Dec 08

Probably some dude selling watches from it in a back alley Granny….

You used to live Kaleen/Giralang eh ?

Granny Granny 12:11 pm 20 Dec 08

Hey, I used to catch the 437 and 438 as well!

I have more of a ‘hotel room occupied by Todd Carney on a bender’ look happening at my place.

However, we do now have Christmas presents after little Minnie asked plaintively, “Where are our presents?” followed by a bit of gruesome arm-twisting of the bread-and-butter-winner and a couple of obscenely intense days of frenetic shopping ….

X persuaded me to buy khaki overalls from that disposals place many moons ago when we were first going out. All the other girls were wearing cute little burgundy corduroy ones, and he thought they were prissy. Apparently mine had ‘good social comment’ …. I really wanted the prissy ones, but the army place ones were kind of cool actually now I think about it.

He also had an army greatcoat called ‘Winchester’. I loved Winchester. It was the most fantastically useful item in the universe. I mean, forget the towel. Whatever was Douglas Adams thinking?? I wonder what became of it.

Thumper Thumper 9:09 am 20 Dec 08

Oh yeah, and I remember that disposals store in civic as well. Pity it’s gone, it was interesting…

Thumper Thumper 9:08 am 20 Dec 08

The sword and shield do have a spot on a wall, right next to a couple of framed brass rubbings. I was just going for that hotel room occupied by a saxon look…..

Danman Danman 8:44 am 20 Dec 08

(OT) I remember that store Granny, it was called “Sydney Disposals” – I too was to be found gazing at said swords – oh and a huge display working replica of a swiss army knife – my bus the 437 and 438 used to leave from there.

Granny Granny 12:19 am 20 Dec 08

If I had a sword, I would want a Scottish broadsword like Highlander. Pity I couldn’t lift it, but.

They used to have some cool swords in the window of the old Army Disposal shop in East Row. I would stand there and look at them while I waited for the bus to come. Sometimes I could almost feel the weight of them in my hand. Wouldn’t want to see one coming towards me in a dark alley, however.

Or that awful scene in Macbeth where the kid says, “He has killed me, mother:
Run away, I pray you!” [Dies. [Exit LADY MACDUFF, crying ‘Murder,’ and pursued by the Murderers.

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