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Christmas Trees for 19 December

By johnboy - 19 December 2008 33

Just the one tree in today from Thumper (Bundybear’s fraudulent entries will be ignored from now on).

Do you really want your family’s efforts to go un-represented? Send your pictures in to

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33 Responses to
Christmas Trees for 19 December
Danman 8:44 am 20 Dec 08

(OT) I remember that store Granny, it was called “Sydney Disposals” – I too was to be found gazing at said swords – oh and a huge display working replica of a swiss army knife – my bus the 437 and 438 used to leave from there.

Granny 12:19 am 20 Dec 08

If I had a sword, I would want a Scottish broadsword like Highlander. Pity I couldn’t lift it, but.

They used to have some cool swords in the window of the old Army Disposal shop in East Row. I would stand there and look at them while I waited for the bus to come. Sometimes I could almost feel the weight of them in my hand. Wouldn’t want to see one coming towards me in a dark alley, however.

Or that awful scene in Macbeth where the kid says, “He has killed me, mother:
Run away, I pray you!” [Dies. [Exit LADY MACDUFF, crying ‘Murder,’ and pursued by the Murderers.

ant 12:02 am 20 Dec 08

For god’s sake, if you have stuff to show off, put it up on the wall! Having things propped up on the floor just looks like it’s a hotel room or something. Definitely SCA.

Granny 11:07 pm 19 Dec 08

My ex-husband did an appallingly awful tree one year – it was a pink feather duster with a bauble on top. A bit traumatic for the girls, who happened to be having Christmas with him that year, but I thought it was quite funny. I still laugh whenever I think of it. I’ve got a photo somewhere.

Gosh, Thumper, you must really be on Santa’s nice list … look at all the pressies!

; )

Thumper 4:23 pm 19 Dec 08

Actually, I had to cut down a tree at Ms Thumper’s investment property, guess which tree 😉

BerraBoy68 3:31 pm 19 Dec 08

I love the minimalist look Thumper. If less is more then you have the most!

Skidbladnir 3:21 pm 19 Dec 08

jakez said :

That christmas tree is truly appalling thumper.

The Christmas tree is right of frame with the presents under it, not the thing in left of frame…

poptop 3:17 pm 19 Dec 08

If you want handcrafted wooden archery stuff, let me know [Although we’re having to use banded turkey feathers as the right sort of goose feathers are extremely difficult to source].

My son is currently trying to master creating the recurve bow but makes others . . .

jakez 3:14 pm 19 Dec 08

That christmas tree is truly appalling thumper. It reminds me of the Christmas episode of the Simpsons when Homer can’t afford a Christmas tree. He drives past the christmas tree place, then past another cheaper place with irregular trees, then an even cheaper place with very wonky trees.

I’m guessing you stopped at the last place instead of stealing one (as Homer does).

…of course I don’t even have a Christmas Tree so maybe I should just shut the hell up.

Thumper 3:07 pm 19 Dec 08

SCA? Nah, I just collect middle ages sort of stuff 😉

peterh 3:03 pm 19 Dec 08

with a name like thumper, I thought that the sword would at least be a double handed broadsword.

Danman 2:37 pm 19 Dec 08

Could be for witchcraft – I noted the pentagram on the wall – which is in the balance position (Think Davinci pictures of the man starjumping in the circle), and therefore non satanic – a popular misconception.

Single point down = satanic – represented by a goats head…single point up – Balance, witchcraft/wicca

anyway….. Ill be taking a pic of mine tonight – I hope

peterh 2:34 pm 19 Dec 08

I would have thought thast the candlesticks would do a better job. you could always just invert the pentagram…

Mr Evil 2:31 pm 19 Dec 08

My guess is the sword and shield is to send Jehovah Witless knobs who come around to visit packing?

Mr_Shab 2:23 pm 19 Dec 08

What’s with the sword and shield, Thumper? You’re not an SCA wingnut, are you?

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