City Walk upgrades offer Canberrans a new place to chill out

Dominic Giannini 15 November 2020 38
Trees, bench seating and stools in City Walk

City Walk has been given an upgrade with new seating, lawns and lighting for Canberrans to enjoy. Photo: Supplied.

After months of construction, City Walk has been given an injection of new life with the addition of grass areas and flowers between Garema Place and Ainslie Place.

More than 3000 plants and 560 square meters of lawn were installed along the pedestrian street to provide Canberrans with another open space to stop and take time out during the day.

The upgrades also include improved lighting and more seating options.

“It’s an exciting project for us as we know how much Canberrans engage with, and enjoy, this iconic space,” said project manager Nathan Spencer.

Upgraded City Walk with trees and bench seating

The upgraded City Walk, between Garema Place and Ainslie Place. Photo: Supplied.

The grass area is not accessible to Canberrans yet and will remain fenced off for another few weeks while the lawn grows, but the rest of the street has opened in time for the warmer weather hitting the city during the next week.

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The revitalisation of City Walk is also expected to have a positive impact on businesses through an increase in foot traffic and directing pedestrians closer to shopfronts as COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease in the ACT.

The upgrades came at a cost of $1.6 million.

It forms part of the ACT Government’s Urban Forest Strategy which aims to increase the tree canopy cover across Canberra to 30 per cent, and plant more than 450,000 trees.

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The canopy will also help reduce urban heat, and cool Canberra’s city, as outlined in the ACT Government’s 2019 climate change strategy.

First Nations company Rork Projects was commissioned to lead design and construction.

For more information on this project and to find out about events and activities planned for the Canberra city centre, visit here.

Traditional smoking ceremony at City Walk in Canberra

The new City Walk in Canberra was opened with a traditional smoking ceremony. Photo: Supplied.

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38 Responses to City Walk upgrades offer Canberrans a new place to chill out
Bella Piskuloska Bella Piskuloska 4:53 pm 19 Nov 20

Emi Piskuloska hoping I don’t sneeze x

Sue Pitman Sue Pitman 10:47 am 19 Nov 20

It desperately needed something to make it look and feel like a human space. The radiant heat in summer in cities with insufficient tree canopy and nothing but paving underneath is horrid. Adelaide knows how that feels, sadly.

Petra Odden Rickman Petra Odden Rickman 11:08 pm 18 Nov 20

1.6 million? Should have gone to Bunnings ...

Frank Arnold Frank Arnold 6:12 pm 18 Nov 20

Yep !...chill out and be bored to tears...sadly.

russianafroman russianafroman 2:36 pm 18 Nov 20

Watch the plants be pulled out and used as a snowball match on Friday nights

Charles Godworth Charles Godworth 8:18 am 18 Nov 20

Went past the area yesterday and it was a great to see so many smokers and homeless people utilising the area. Even a few junkies now have a place to pass out because they would often get burnt in the sun

    Liam Ames Liam Ames 10:20 am 18 Nov 20

    Charles Godworth sadly this is correct. Maybe maybe.. this is constructed for them? 🥺

    Charles Godworth Charles Godworth 12:32 pm 18 Nov 20

    probably. policy is to reduce public housing stocks and provide the homeless with architecturally designed park benches.

Joanne McRae Joanne McRae 8:05 am 18 Nov 20

If only it were a smoke-free area...

Megan Ranger Megan Ranger 3:22 am 18 Nov 20

Should have been done eons ago!!

    Julie MacAndrews Julie MacAndrews 6:39 am 18 Nov 20

    Megan Ranger ..indeed!!

    Linda Stapleton Linda Stapleton 4:54 pm 18 Nov 20

    Better late than never

    Fiona Wright Fiona Wright 8:30 pm 18 Nov 20

    I used to sit and watch the Doug Anthony Allstars most lunch breaks, about 30 years ago in Civic, plenty of seats and then they vanished (the seats that is).... now look! It's like a merry-go-round... it all comes back. Makes me wonder, why change what works?

Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 11:43 pm 17 Nov 20

Maybe Canberrans can unite in 2021 and aim for one day when people don't have to look for the negative...

dukethunder dukethunder 11:28 pm 17 Nov 20

Looks good, we need more of this type of thing in public spaces. Well done Barr et al.

Michael Ahern Michael Ahern 10:35 pm 17 Nov 20

Nice work, now if they could just sort out rubbish collection....

Viv Wang Viv Wang 10:24 pm 17 Nov 20

Dash i swear we didn’t see this

Christopher Cuba Rabanal Christopher Cuba Rabanal 8:31 pm 17 Nov 20

How about security?

Justin Douglas Justin Douglas 8:29 pm 17 Nov 20

Mark Parton MLA compare this to what Tuggeranong got, wonder why.

    Justin Douglas Justin Douglas 11:35 am 18 Nov 20

    Alice Paris so you’d rather sit out in the open at tuggeranong in summer with no shade and the heat radiating from all the concrete. The labour/greens decisions in this town are dumbfounding

    Justin Douglas Justin Douglas 1:01 pm 18 Nov 20

    Alice Paris sounds like we’re roughly on the same page i was meaning that what’s been done to city walk compared to so called upgrade tuggeranong got is shocking at least city walk has shaded areas

Alexandra Martyniak Alexandra Martyniak 7:52 pm 17 Nov 20

I love it! What a transformation!

Julia Evans Julia Evans 6:55 pm 17 Nov 20

Look forward to seeing that. It will be nice to have somewhere to sit instead of just rushing through.

    Karen Alchin Karen Alchin 7:56 pm 17 Nov 20

    Julia Evans it's looking quite nice. There is often music in Garema place at lunch too.

    Julia Evans Julia Evans 7:58 pm 17 Nov 20

    Karen Alchin Thanks Karen. Hope you get lots of opportunities to enjoy it before it gets too hot.

Tania Milovanovic Tania Milovanovic 5:13 pm 17 Nov 20

Well done this looks awesome

Julia Ross Julia Ross 4:32 pm 17 Nov 20

Looks nice, but sorry to be negative, lets see how long it lasts before it's all vandalised.

Colin Vivian Colin Vivian 4:01 pm 17 Nov 20

Trump-lite tokenism & distraction. A bit of grass to compensate for all the concrete and cutting down thousands of mature trees with thousands more dying from neglect?

And, what have you done with the iconic sheep?

Alison Brittliff Alison Brittliff 3:56 pm 17 Nov 20

Looks nice

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