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Clea Rose hit and run passenger gets 18 months

By johnboy - 10 April 2006 27

The ABC is reporting that A 13-year-old boy from the Canberra suburb of Mackellar has been sentenced to 18 months in detention for riding in the stolen car that struck and killed Canberra University student Clea Rose.

Seems like a hard but fair penalty for an accomplice?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Clea Rose hit and run passenger gets 18 months
Mike 1:19 pm 11 Apr 06

TV & the internet teach juvenile delinquents how to handle weapons. At least the military puts their use into perspective.

annie 11:29 am 11 Apr 06

No, I’m not advocating leaving them alone Thumper. It IS their fault – and the fault of their stupid parents.

I think anything that teaches someone who’s drowning like these kids obviously are a bit of self respect, and gives them direction and discipline is fantastic.

I just don’t think we should teach juvenile delinquents how to handle weapons, that’s all.

wonsworld 11:00 am 11 Apr 06

Just coming back on subject for a second, I think the sentence should take into consideration his situation at the time of the crime. That is to say, was he held captive at the time the car was stolen? Did he plead with the driver to abandon the chase and give them selves up to the police? Or (more than likely) was he a willing accomplice who never considered that the stealing, the joy ride and the resulting police chase would lead to the death of a young girl?

If he was a willing accomplice at the time of the accident, then the sentence should be as harsh as if he was driving the car himself.

Absent Diane 10:57 am 11 Apr 06

Unfortunately there is no easy solution for something like this other than restricting the type of people that can have kids…. for which there are so many positives… the only negative is that deprives people of their civil liberties… but I personally don’t give a fuck if these lower class swine are treated as such….

Mr_Shab 10:41 am 11 Apr 06

Thumper – won’t this create a repeat of the Vietnam era Regs vs. Nashos situation – only worse?

I agree a short, sharp shock like basic at Kapooka would be great for some of these kids, but what about the other recruits? Would they question the committment of a “army or goal” recruit? Morale in the services is bad enough already.

I know a lot of the guys who sign up aren’t angels, but they’re not convicted crims (well…not usually).

Thumper 10:28 am 11 Apr 06


I was talking about the self discipline, the drive, the enthusiasm, the team work, the mateship, the sense of worth and achievement that going through a simple recruit course can give to these kids.

I’ve seen absolute fuck up schmucks with no skills, no sense, no self respect, and no clue, go through Kapooka and come out the other side full of pride, skills and self respect.

In fact, they come out believing they are someone and can do something with their lives. Apart from that the pay is prety good.

And you are advocating what? Leave the poor little darlings, its not their fault.


Wake up to the world. There’s many things that make it work. If this is a solution to a problem then why not try it. Let the little pricks get beasted by their seccos. It will do them good. it also gives them a choice in life, gaol or Army, which one.

If it doesn’t work then they can always get out. if it does work, then you’ve rehabilitated a kid who previously had no chance. look outside the square now and then.

I know what I’d take.

Mr_Shab 10:13 am 11 Apr 06

It’ll work for some of them. I’m sure there’s an element that will thrive in an environment of structure and discipline that they previously lacked, and would make great soldiers.

However, I’m pretty sure that most of them will cause more trouble than they’re worth; and will be resented by the other recruits, who are there for all the right reasons. Not to mention the poor bloody NCO’s who are going to have to keep the little buggers in line.

Either that or create a Soviet-style “penal batalion” and throw them at German machine guns.

Wait…that won’t work either…

annie 10:00 am 11 Apr 06

LurkerGal, I used to be married to an army private, so I know the drill there (excuse the pun). And you’re right: discipline and self-respect are paramount.

My point is that I think the defence force is for people who love their country and already have some basic self-esteem and desire to contribute.

Putting these delinquent kids in the army is not going to work unless you address their self-destructiveness FIRST. Otherwise you’re just going to make things worse.

LurkerGal 9:49 am 11 Apr 06

Annie: spoken like someone who has never been in the ADF. It’s about discipline and self respect. And anyone can shoot someone, you don’t have to have special training.

annie 9:42 am 11 Apr 06

What a good idea. Let’s grab a few kids with no self-respect or discipline and so full of anger they don’t care who gets hurt, and let’s teach them to shoot people.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Thumper 8:43 am 11 Apr 06

I wouldn’t worry too much VG, from the sound of it you and your people will come across him again one day, and he will finally stuff up enough to land himself in the pokey for a decent stint.

However, let us hope that in the interim no-one is hurt or killed.

The worry is that magistrates are allowing these kids to continually get away with such behaviour thus they will never have a chance at rehabilitation and will continue to be a blight on society for the rest of their lives.

I reckon they should go back to the old style of bargaining in that the magistrate gives them a choice. Join the Army or go to jail, either way it’s three or six years. If they get through Kapooka then just maybe they’ll find some aim and direction in life.

If they stuff up in the Army they’ll end up in Holesworthy which is one place in the world that you really do not want to be in. (From what I’ve heard, not from experience)

Military detention makes civil detention seem like an all expenses paid holiday.

Stella 8:33 am 11 Apr 06

I saw a story (from Sydney I think) the other week, where a dog owner was sentenced to 3 months after his pit bull attacked a kid. If they start implementing some sort of reponsibility to the parents of these kids, I’m tipping they would be kept on a much shorter leash.
And the poor dogs always get destroyed…

TAD 6:56 pm 10 Apr 06

This particular little shit has been stealing cars and breaking into houses prolifically since his age was in single digits.

If he and a dozen other similar shits were taken behind the wall and shot the crime rate would immediately plummet. (Not that I am suggesting this, but Kim Jong Ill wouldn’t put up with vermin like this)

vg 6:17 pm 10 Apr 06

Mostly suspended even after the lad continued to ride in stolen cars after the event (according to the ABC)


VYBerlinaV8 4:15 pm 10 Apr 06

Didn’t the driver get 18 months? That’s hardly fair.

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