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Clea Rose hit and run passenger gets 18 months

By johnboy 10 April 2006 27

The ABC is reporting that A 13-year-old boy from the Canberra suburb of Mackellar has been sentenced to 18 months in detention for riding in the stolen car that struck and killed Canberra University student Clea Rose.

Seems like a hard but fair penalty for an accomplice?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Clea Rose hit and run passenger gets 18 months
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Thumper 8:13 pm 12 Apr 06

Should I add that i know a guy, a mate of my old man’s who served with him for a long time, who was an anti war protester in the 60s, a total loser going nowhere but the grave, who was conscripted, put his head down and worked hard knowing he was given a chance, sent to Vietnam, and was awarded a DFC in combat as a chopper pilot.

He’s one of the nicest, most genuine, most level headed, compassionate and socially aware people that you could ever meet. A veritable pillar of sociaty if you want cliches.

In fact, I’m proud to know the guy.

End of rant.

Thumper 8:06 pm 12 Apr 06


Exactly. Give these kids a chance. If they make it, then they will be fine. If they fuck up, then let the law come down on them like a tonne of bricks.

Attitudes can be changed in some circumstances. I’ve dug trenches and sat on gun piquet at 0300 with guys that were absolute fuck ups before they enlisted. I trusted them implicitly simply because I’d seen them in training and they put it in.

They had found something they could do, they believed in, and moreso, others believed in them.

True, this will not apply to everyone, but in the end, if you can find an outlet or a conduit for these kids that is going to make them into valuable and worthy members of society then it is worth pursuing that path.

However, if that is not going to work, then fuck them. Put them away. I have no sympathy for those who refuse to help themselves. If you are given an opportunity then you have a choice. You take it or you don’t.

Everyone is responsible for their own lives. What path you choose is up to only one person, the individual.

Joining the Army may not be the solution, but it’s got to better than being on the dole and being a social misfit all your life.

A true case. I went back through Kapooka in 1999. One of the guys in my room was ex Navy. He told me that he was fucked up, taking drugs and generally being a social misfit when he was about 25.

Then he saw a Navy recruiting poster and said to himself, ‘I’m going no where, I’m a fuck up, I need to do something’.

Thus walked into recruiting and said I want to enlist.

He spent 7 or 8 years in the Navy, saw active service in the Gulf, discharged, and then enlisted as a assualt trooper in the Army.

In his early life he was a schmuck. Scum of the earth. I would not have pissed on him if he was on fire. Now he is a Sgt with a APC Sqn and a top bloke who would be wiling to do anything for you.

Maybe it’s rare that this happens, but at least it gives some people the direction they need to get ahead and to be someone within their own minds.

We cannot ignore crims. They must be rehabilitated. If they can’t then so be it, put them behind bars forever. Put simply if they fuck up, hammer them. Given this, however, every chance must be given.

I rest my case.

schmerica 6:12 pm 12 Apr 06

I think with the whole army thing is that they would channel their poor attitudes and hopefully give them a wake up call.

nyssa76 5:57 pm 12 Apr 06

Thumper and Mael, I’m with you 100%.

Idiots like those should be locked up – and for longer than 18 months.

Personally, I’d like for them to never see the light of day but that’s just my opinion.

I’ll be watching the news in 18 months time to see if the little “darlings” have reoffended.

I wouldn’t put it past them. They’ve literally gotten away with murder.

Thumper 5:08 pm 12 Apr 06

Thanks Mael,

As I was in Sydney I couldn’t reply. However, we both know that the military wil take anyone that they think they can turn into a good soldier.

And we both know that you don’t get anywhere near a live weapon until they are completely and utterly satisfied that you are perfectly competent and not going to turn around and brass up your platoon.

Fuck some people have no idea.

Absent Diane 10:00 am 12 Apr 06

You can only hope DVD….

DVD 11:46 pm 11 Apr 06

a ‘hard and fair’ punishment would be 18 years, no parole. 18 months mostly suspended is indeed a pathetic sentence. Best case scenario next time this turd does a runner from the cops he kills himself and his mates and no one else.

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