Community noticeboard – Will breed like Catholics

johnboy 15 January 2007 19

As seen on the O’Connor shops noticeboard.

Nice use of language!

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19 Responses to Community noticeboard – Will breed like Catholics
emd emd 8:37 pm 17 Jan 07

So do their partners.

Thumper Thumper 12:29 pm 17 Jan 07

Maybe Catholic girls do have more fun?

emd emd 12:21 pm 17 Jan 07

Or perhaps because once you’ve committed a mortal sin for which you’ll burn in hell, you may as well keep committing it til it’s not fun anymore?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:33 am 17 Jan 07

they keep breeding because once they finally get the chance they don’t want stop… just in case the non-catholic person in the relationship changes their mind.

emd emd 9:57 am 17 Jan 07

If nobody likes Catholics, how come they keep breeding? It takes two… and they’re not always both Catholics!

Dennis Cost Dennis Cost 3:51 pm 16 Jan 07

Notice the sheer lack of any takers.

Proving once again that no-one likes Catholics.

mutley mutley 7:19 pm 15 Jan 07

If they breed like Catholics, do they only do it missionary and with lots of guilt?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:06 pm 15 Jan 07

If they breed like Catholics as baby bunnies, what happens when they are adult ones?

dez dez 5:16 pm 15 Jan 07

My girlfriend got bunny desexed, I think its defently a good move, it was trying to mount the dog at one stage

roccon roccon 3:30 pm 15 Jan 07

Every Rabbit Sperm Is Sacred

emd emd 1:57 pm 15 Jan 07

As a (former) good Catholic girl currently baking my third in just over three years, I reckon it’s true. And I’m not offended.

terubo terubo 1:50 pm 15 Jan 07

Well, I can breed as fast as any Catholic – and I ain’t a rabbit.

OzChick OzChick 1:47 pm 15 Jan 07

Lol… how funny… it got my attention…

Maelinar Maelinar 1:37 pm 15 Jan 07

Ahem, how is this discrimination ?

I’d consider it more of a compliment if I were a devout catholic.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:22 pm 15 Jan 07

As a ‘devout’ Catholics, my wife, our 9 children and I are all ‘deeply’ hurt by this comment: see you ALL in Court! 🙂

snahon snahon 1:19 pm 15 Jan 07

thats not discrimination – pehaps a generalisation though 🙂

terubo terubo 1:10 pm 15 Jan 07

That mobile number is probably already on its way to the Vatican. Prepare for conversion!

Thumper Thumper 1:08 pm 15 Jan 07

Without doubt,

the rabbits should take this one straight to the High Court.

terubo terubo 1:05 pm 15 Jan 07

Now THAT is discrimination!

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