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Comrade Stanhope promotes monster fly past for VJ Day.

By johnboy 28 July 2005 17

Our Brave Leader has decided he prefers celebrating defeats of fascism to his more familiar pacifism (will he be celebrating the overthrow of Saddam soon, as he pursues US defence contracts for ACT companies?). One wonders how this is related to recent accusations (not without some justification) that the local libs are carrying a torch for Hitler.

The biggest aerial display ever seen in the national capital will be the highlight of a weekend of activities next month to mark the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific and the end of World War II.

The Salute will be an event to remember, featuring no fewer than 25 different military aircraft, including the famous Tiger Moth and Spitfire, the big Canberra bomber and the modern-day pride of the RAAF, the F-111.

“I would like to see every possible vantage point around Lake Burley Griffin occupied for the Sunday 14 August flying program, which starts at noon and will conclude with sunset fireworks from 5.30pm and a simulated air strike featuring helicopters, Special Forces personnel, an Army Howitzer volley and a F-111 ‘dump and burn’.

In any event a Canberra bomber flying low will be quite the sight, even if they took no part in WWII but have killed a lot of people in brushfire wars over the last 40 years.

What’s Your opinion?

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Comrade Stanhope promotes monster fly past for VJ Day.
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Thumper 8:24 am 10 Aug 05

Jesus! For a second there I thought, SLR, Self Loading Rifle!

Not the camera type.

Dumb grunt….

cfi 7:23 pm 09 Aug 05

I’m really looking forward to it.. another chance to try out my SLR, last time I used it was at VE day on Anzac parade

terubo 4:04 pm 29 Jul 05

Achtung, Spitfeuer!

Spitfire3 2:53 pm 29 Jul 05

Awesome, I would love to see that.

I remember going in to work on a weekend down in Tuggers some 4 years ago, when there happened to be an air show on. I heard the sound of a plane approaching and went to the window for a gander. I was about 3 or 4 floors up, about treetop height, so I had a great view. The plane was a an old single propeller WWII-era thing (but not a spitfire unfortunately). It was sort of cruising slowly across from right to left in front of me. Then all of a sudden the pilot stomped on the gas (so to speak) and this beast took off in a straight line towards the mountains like Matt Shirvington in a hundred metre dash. It sounded like a gang of harleys amplified 50 times. When he had gone about a kilometre at full pelt, he let up and slowed and the noise immediately died back down to it’s original level as he banked off to the right. It was the single coolest thing I have EVER seen and heard.

Thumper 12:28 pm 29 Jul 05

When I was a little tacker in England in the 70s they used to have airshows at RAF Mamby and they get these Spitties hammering along at about 100 metres over the field.

Mind blowing!

Spitfire3 11:18 am 29 Jul 05

I totally agree with Thumper, Spitfires are DAMN SEXY!!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:16 am 29 Jul 05

Oh, and bonfire, I don’t particularay care about thunderstorm noise. Half day flyovers are much more noisy…but like I said, I don’t want to stop it from happening.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:14 am 29 Jul 05

Dear Ms Titsov,
I must apoligise, I forgot that we are under the rule of a non-garden-variety socialist dictatorship. Please accept my sincere apoligies and don’t lock me away.

PS. I hope this doesn’t go to Mr. Stanhope’s head….oops, too late.

terubo 10:43 am 29 Jul 05

Dear Mr Gordon-Stewart,

When the Dear Leader says “I would like to see every possible vantage point around Lake Burley Griffin occupied…”, then you must obey.

Last time I did not; now I find myself in a new home (it is a little like Canberra at times).

Ms Freesia Titsov,
Siberia Gulag #E149684

bonfire 10:22 am 29 Jul 05

fer crissake!

dear mr Gordon Stewart;

We apologise for the lack of advance warning about the thunderstorm last night. we realise you appreciate being given advance warning so that you can put your fluffy bunny slippers and ear muffs on and retire to your bunker with a warm cup of milo until the noise has past.

unfortunately due to technical difficulties our ability to predict loud noises is severely impaired.

you may just have to live with it like everyone else.


Amanda Hugenkis

junior filing clerk
department of dont give a shit

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:55 am 29 Jul 05

A little half-day flyover with horny planes? Really? Sounds interesting…

Actually, I don’t care whether it is on or not, go and enjoy yourself, I don’t want to stop it. Just as long as I know there is going to be noise, I will be happy. Anyway, I don’t need to go outside to see the flyover as I can see it from my window.

Thumper 8:39 am 29 Jul 05

Well, you never know?

simto 8:37 am 29 Jul 05

They’re horny aircraft? So a plane is going to try to shag me?

I will admit my private life’s been a little quiet for a while now, but having a plane crack onto me isn’t going to improve it.

Thumper 8:13 am 29 Jul 05

Sam, its one day a year. Its one little fly over.

Try living on an RAAF base where this happens every day. Now that can get a little annoying.

Besides, a Spitfire and a Canberra, mate, they are horny aircraft!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:54 pm 28 Jul 05

Maybe so, but that depends on what mood I’m in.

johnboy 10:47 pm 28 Jul 05

Sam there comes a point you need to loosen up and live a little.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:36 pm 28 Jul 05

Sooner or later one of those things is going to crash, and when it does, I don’t want it hitting my house.
While I won’t be venturing outside to see it, at least I have been given some advance warning about the noise, which is all I ask.

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