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Corporate fit and attitude equals discrimination by Canberra recruiting firms.

By 1337Hax0r 28 May 2012 81

I’ve been looking for work for about two months now after the company I was working for lost a contract and announced it would have to make some of us redundant. So have my co-workers.

I’ve been advised of several job opportunities through two major recruiting companies I registered with.

Strangely, one of my co-workers who is also registered with them has not.

I have a university degree. I’m in my late 30s. My co-worker is too, being 2 years older than me. My co-worker has almost the same degree. I have 10 years experience in my field. My co-worker has 12. I have extensive training, experience and skills in my field. So does my co-worker, they have better experience than me really. I have a good work history, no complaints, nothing dodgy, no issues. The same with my co-worker. I was born in England. My co-worker was born in Australia. I had a security clearance, so did my co-worker. I have short, neatly cropped hair and am well presented. My co-worker has hair down past her shoulders and is reasonably presented. I wear ties and a suit. She wears dresses or skirts and a blouse. I’m straight. My co-worker doesn’t talk about her sexuality, but when prompted, once mentioned she is a lesbian, and does not hide that, but nor does she go out of her way to make it known. I have a nice Anglo Saxon name. My co-worker has a name that took me a week to learn to pronounce and longer to learn how to spell properly.

I’ve been told I have the right image, attitude and cultural fit the recruiting companies are looking for. My co-worker has not heard those terms mentioned.

I have been put forward for five jobs. My co-worker has been put forward for none.

I read this article about skills being overlooked in favour of cultural fit.

It seems to me, that’s the new term these days for discrimination. Being hired for attitude and cultural fit over skills and experience? It does seem very discriminatory when I’m being put forward for jobs that I know my co-workers is better qualified for. Until I asked if she had been advised of those jobs I wasn’t even aware of this sort of thing. Though speaking to other co-workers with foreign sounding names, this is quite a common experience in Canberra. My Aboriginal co-worker said they don’t bother using the major recruiting companies anymore because they’ve never been put forward for a single job ever.

I’ve woken up to discrimination. My co-worker has experienced it for years.

What’s Your opinion?

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Corporate fit and attitude equals discrimination by Canberra recruiting firms.
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VYBerlinaV8_is_back 1:53 pm 30 May 12

LSWCHP said :

I’ve sometimes wondered about this sort of thing. In my case, I won’t employ people who don’t have acceptable spoken and written business English skills, and it doesn’t matter what their name sounds like. Admittedly this will filter out a lot of NESB folks, but it also filters out a lot of ESB people as well.

I’m continually amazed by how many people (with or without Anglo sounding names) submit crap job applications that are littered with typographical errors, misspellings, completely garbled paragraphs that have blown up due to incorrect cut-and-paste etc etc. They all go into the “no thanks” bin.

+1. This is how I recruit also. There are lots of people (regardless of background) who have poor communication skills. When you find people who not only fit the technical criteria but also have good communication skills and are personable enough to work with, hire them.


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