Daramalan and the concept of DUTY OF CARE

morgan 12 July 2007 13

did anyone read the article in THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN and the CT last weekend about all the sexual abuse stuff at Daramalan?

Any thoughts on the school’s inaction in dealing with issues that many were aware of?

It will be interesting to see how many Daramalan alumni from that era send there kids to school there!

[ED (Ntp) – the CT article can be found here. and the Catholic News is now also carrying the story.]

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13 Responses to Daramalan and the concept of DUTY OF CARE
nyssa76 nyssa76 2:58 pm 24 Jul 07

VicePope, fear of litigious action for identifying similar situations in Govt schools refrains me from commenting.

However, I will say this: the school MUST have known he was allowing students into his personal residence, and they should have immediately put a stop to it.

Simple really.

VicePope VicePope 10:05 am 24 Jul 07

CT this morning suggests Marist had no live allegations and had raised the flag themselves simply because they had employed the bloke who was later involved in the alleged Daramalan incidents. That, for me, is a remarkably responsible attitude.

And, Nyssa, I think we all know this kind of thing has happened in every school system. (The Conservative Party in the UK would have been very different without its manifestation aty the expensive end). Where and when I was young, the public system was known to had a pretty well settled hush money system and would ever so quietly move the alleged offender out.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:22 pm 23 Jul 07

I’ll commend the fact that it was too little too late. Those children are most likely scarred for life.

What are police checks and mandatory reporting for if nothing is done?

The sheer fact that students went to his house raises MANY questions given that teachers aren’t meant to fraternise with students in such a manner, especially when they are their teacher.

You can take the moral high ground VicePope, as many private schools do, however, to think it’s only come to light now shows a poor regard for child welfare and safety.

VicePope VicePope 8:07 pm 23 Jul 07

Just a thought, but it’s a great deal better and more courageous for these schools to admit that their staff included someone who is now the subject of allegations and make moves towards dealing with it. I commend that, and won’t be joining in the cheap shots.

nyssa76 nyssa76 5:45 pm 23 Jul 07

Yeah bonfire, they’re more than happy to hire paedos as long as they are Catholic.

bonfire bonfire 4:30 pm 23 Jul 07

gotta love a catholic education.

OzChick OzChick 2:46 pm 23 Jul 07

There are now allegations that Marist College was also affected…

VicePope VicePope 6:51 pm 15 Jul 07

A word to the wise. Some of this stuff might be identifiable, certainly by people associated with the schools in question. If so, and depending how strong the information really is, it may be defamatory.

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:10 pm 12 Jul 07

Dara one also involved a PE teacher.

LIC LIC 3:48 pm 12 Jul 07

The one at SFX? PE teacher. Coach of after school sporting activity.

TAD TAD 2:47 pm 12 Jul 07

Sports teacher perhaps?

OzChick OzChick 12:34 pm 12 Jul 07

I haven’t heard about this one. There is however a court case regarding a male teacher at St Francis Xavier High school at the moment though…

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