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Date City

By BlondieACT - 16 April 2011 47

I am woman, hear me roar! Or at least, read me blog. I am 24, I am Gen Y and I have an opinion therefore I will blog about it regardless. I currently write a blog on dating within our fine Capital City. Mostly I do this because it’s fun to share the crazy adventures, but it’s even more fun getting the feedback (in all its flavours). It seems that my generation is keen to make its mark on the world, whether creatively, environmentally or politically. I try to make mine by writing about something that hopefully not only my friends relate to, but a few other women out there relate to as well.

I don’t expect men to understand or read my blog; heck most men didn’t even enjoy that classic show, Sex and the City. All they took away from it was that Samantha was a slut, Carrie had the face of a horse and Charlotte married a bald guy. So I’m not counting on men reading my blog and taking anything positive away from it.

However, I am hoping that my female readers will have some ‘I’ve been there before’ moments; the guy who doesn’t call, the jackrabbit and the arsehole that leaves us at the altar who we go crawling back to. Ok maybe not the last one. Ladies we’ve all been on bad dates and we’ve all shared the details with our girlfriends, sisters, mothers and maybe even our token gay friend.

So this is for the ladies of Canberra, whether single, taken, or somewhere in between, we have great stories to share.

This past month I have dated a Drama Queen, who after some witty banter between us took a joke about his messy apartment out of context. He cancelled our next date, sent me an email saying he could have loved me and so on. He then took this all back, said he had had a crap day and overreacted, all within the space of about four hours. As you can probably already guess I didn’t see him again.

I also went on a date with a Brazilian guy. He took me to La Scala in the city (which was pretty fabulous – a great intimate place for a first date) and then we went to Red Hill lookout for some romance. This guy was very nice, polite, and respectful, however I couldn’t look at him as more than a friend. We went on a few dates and in the end I was upfront and said I didn’t think we had enough in common to continue hanging out. What a can of worms that opened! He asked me why I didn’t tell him sooner. Have people forgotten what the idea of dating is? Getting to know each other before making a commitment to not see other people, it gives you an out before people get really hurt. Apparently not.

I discussed the dating break-up with friends and came to the conclusion that if one party is more interested in the other, some part of them will get hurt, whether it’s their feelings or their ego. But let’s talk about the high road. If someone says they’re not interested, you pleading or asking why is not going to change their mind. Take it in, digest it, and move on.

So the month ended with a new date on the horizon, my new website being launched and the possibility that the next great thing is just around the corner.

To follow my adventures more closely and see what other stuff I like to prattle on about visit my site or look for me on Twitter @BlondeInkAUS

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
Date City
Postalgeek 12:24 pm 18 Apr 11

Davo111 said :

I would be quite annoyed if i took someone on a date and they only went along so they could blog about it later.

Well, at least it will ensure the blogger will remain free and unattached to continue her date blog.

GBT 12:09 pm 18 Apr 11

Reminds me of this. Maybe not always a good idea to be blogging about your dates. Fairly sure guys don’t really want to read about it.

georgesgenitals 12:05 pm 18 Apr 11

Davo111 said :

I would be quite annoyed if i took someone on a date and they only went along so they could blog about it later.

Maybe even annoyed enough to bitch about it on RiotACT…?

Davo111 11:38 am 18 Apr 11

I would be quite annoyed if i took someone on a date and they only went along so they could blog about it later.

facet 11:05 am 18 Apr 11

Such a shame you can’t “hook up” with Todd Carney, bet you would make a great couple.

Virgo1972 11:00 am 18 Apr 11

I totally understand where you’re coming from.

I recently tried dating an older guy (im 38 he was 50) and that was no better. Still lots of games, reading between the lines and uncertainty. We got along like a house on fire and he confided that he really liked me and I concurred…I was willing to take it to the next level. But then he didn’t call, then he did, then I did, then he didn’t. WTF is going on?

Think i might try dating a lady instead… at least we’ll be on the same page!

buzz819 10:46 am 18 Apr 11

Why do you think that people care? It’s an honest question.

Is it a community service campaign? Stay away from crazy bitches that use twitter?

You say that men don’t understand it, I asked 7 or 8 ladies, they say they don’t care. Is there a different demographic group that lives solely and wholly vicariously through some girl who can’t hold down a relationship?

If you can’t hold down a relationship, maybe you should start asking people what you are doing wrong.

chewy14 10:33 am 18 Apr 11

Do you tell these guys you’re dating that you write a blog about dating before going out with them?
Seems to me that if you actually get in a relationship the whole blog thing wouldn’t work anymore so it’s in your self interest to find something wrong with them.
Why would anyone want to go out with you if they knew this beforehand?

colourful sydney rac 10:29 am 18 Apr 11

Oh dear god – you put your photo on the site? Really? You want all that linked to you on the public record?

Not smart.

georgesgenitals 7:05 am 18 Apr 11

Brian: “Isn’t Sex and the City a show about 3 hookers and their mom?”

bigfeet 6:36 am 18 Apr 11

So after all of the great suggestions given to you here: you decided to go with Blonde Ink?

Chop71 12:35 am 18 Apr 11

ahh yawn …… another chick who has watched too much sex in the city

I-filed 11:13 pm 17 Apr 11

Are you the same woman who posted a few months ago about her site that was an account of her sexual conquests? Bit of, er, repositioning? If so – vast improvement on the previous one!

BlondieACT 10:37 pm 17 Apr 11

Uptight Canberran who missed the humour within the post – check!

Listers_Cat 8:57 pm 17 Apr 11

“… and maybe even our TOKEN [emphasis mine] gay friend.”

Nice touch that. Since you like feedback “(in all its flavours)”, I’m going to give you a tip. Think before you type.

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