Death of Goodberrys

bonfire 24 March 2005 20

I notice that the Belconnens Goodberrys has closed. I see new signs going up – JIGSAW.

Can’t see that taking off, theres already a hardware store opposite them.

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20 Responses to Death of Goodberrys
Cameron Walter Cameron Walter 5:13 pm 31 Mar 05

I (like Banvie) am a store owner. Banvie has more or less covered all issues raised in this topic, but I would like to address the “health food” issue.

The Frozen Custard in Jigsaw is 92% fat free. Obviously customers can add things like Choc Fudge and Tim Tams to a concrete which would very much negate the lack of fat in the frozen custard itself.

In addition to concretes, Jigsaw now sells smoothies, juices and milkshakes – all of which are made from 100% natural products.

There’s no question that a customer can quite literally build themselves a concrete (or shake/juice/smoothie) that isn’t necessarily the most low fat product on the market, but it is very easy for the health conscious to make a selection from Jigsaw that is extremely low in fat.

The “Good Health, Great Taste” slogan reflects that customers of Jigsaw will always be able to enjoy the great taste of tonnes of products and can easily ensure that their selection is a healthy alternative.

Banvie Banvie 3:02 pm 31 Mar 05

There is no definition of “custard” or “ice Cream” in Australia to make the distinction. The fact is that the mix used in Goodberry’s/JIGSAW contains egg yolk so in the USA it would be called custard. It makes a difference to the texture so that normal “ice cream” is in fact around 50% air whereas JIGSAW frozen custard is around 10% air. That means it can be served slightly warmer than normal “ice Cream” and this allows the flavours of anything mixed with it to come through more. it also means you actually get more frozen custard/ice cream per serve.

If anyone else has had service problems at belconnen please let me know by calling 6262 5777. Unfortunately Dickson will be closing completely in the next couple of days and we want to be sure that Belconnen delivers best possible service.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:07 pm 30 Mar 05

Correct! I did think the Harmony Day thing would have made it obvious though! And for the record, Godberrys isn’t frozen custard, apparently. I spoke to the owner of one store and was saying how I thought the stuff tasted like it was 100% fat. She said it’s not actually custard, but a very high quality icecream. So there you go!

Banvie Banvie 10:40 am 29 Mar 05

Goodberry’s Australia went broke in 2004. Three of the existing Goodberry’s stores (Woden, Erindale and Belconnen) joined with a group that bought the assets of Goodberry’s but part of the condition of continuing the stores was that we had to change the name. The name JIGSAW was chosen to reflect the fact that people come in and put together their own frozen custard, sunday, jiuce etc. All the stores are independently operated from Goodberry’s so the difficulties of having Goodberry’s go broke has placed a lot of pressure on the stores. All of them have made the best of a bad situtation and are just now getting on a footing that will enable the original concept to expand. The idea was that frozen custard stores would be started in Canberra and eventually open in centres all around Australia. Goodberry’s may have died but out of the ashes…. You can still get frozen custard just like Goodberry’s because Goodberry’s is now JIGSAW.

Blossy Blossy 6:56 am 29 Mar 05

I had heard months ago that Goodberry’s was in receivership, but that still doesn’t explain the name change to me.

andy andy 7:50 pm 28 Mar 05

myself and my flatmate go down there occasionally.
that sounds a bit upsetting. I’ve been away for a week, and come back to discover goodberries is gone.
Or changed names, or something ?

johnboy johnboy 2:47 pm 27 Mar 05

so they’re ditching an established brand for one tha sounds like a DIY centre?

that doesn’t sound very clever. A falling out amongst the franchisees perhaps?

bonfire bonfire 1:23 pm 27 Mar 05

well the jumbo concretes are still available. as far as i can tell its an exterior change. the inside is still that same pleasant pink.

the sacrifices i make for you guys.

lg – i waited for an hour but you didnt show…

blossy blossy 9:07 am 26 Mar 05

hey lurkergirl, any good positions coming up in your area? I *so* need a more interesting job…

johnboy johnboy 6:39 pm 24 Mar 05

DIMIA, could that explain enthusiasm for Harmony Day promotion LG?

(Crush on Bonfire? how quickly you turn!)

Jazz Jazz 4:22 pm 24 Mar 05

mmm, if you can see goodberrys/jigsaw (what a silly name by the way – totally unrelated to health food) then you must work at dimea sp?

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:35 pm 24 Mar 05

Oh Good God no! I would never dress like Johhny Cash on a work day!!!

I can just see the place from my desk. That’s all….

And to think I was starting to have a crush on you!


bonfire bonfire 3:32 pm 24 Mar 05

Lurker Gal – you arent the woman dressed like Johnny Cash with the question mark tattooed on her forehead that was walking past The Artist Formerly Known As Goodberries today were you ?

Caz Caz 3:12 pm 24 Mar 05

Jigsaw is also the name of a women’s clothing chain.

Anyway, its not Frogurt – its frozen custard. Fustard if you will.

3:06 pm 24 Mar 05

like its only a name change folks. Nuffin (spelln just for lg or is that vg mmm) to get 2 excited about

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:34 pm 24 Mar 05

I just looked out the window next to my desk and you are correct!!!!!!!! When did that happen?????

LG (proving Public Servs DON’T spend all day looking out the window.

shaun shaun 2:04 pm 24 Mar 05

I’m just surprised it took this long. Apart from Homer Simpson does anyone else eat Frogurt?

Geoff Geoff 2:04 pm 24 Mar 05

How can it be a health food store AND selling the same stuff as Goodberry’s?

vg vg 1:48 pm 24 Mar 05

The fact that Jigsaw is a health food store and essentially selling exactly the same as Goodberry’s (it says it on the sign) didnt make you think it was something other than a hardware store?

That and the TV ads

Santa Santa 1:16 pm 24 Mar 05

Bring back the horse!

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