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Defence kiboshes Belconnen grassland refuge plan

By johnboy - 30 September 2008 28

The Canberra Times reports that Defence is getting a wriggle on with cleaning up the old Belconnen Naval Transmission Station site now that the public has twigged to the piles of toxic chemicals and asbestos left lying all over the place.

They’re planning to ignore the ACT Government (not of itself a bad move) and rip up the contaminated soil for trucking to the Mugga Lane tip.

In the process the sun moths and earless dragons which the Chief Minister had hoped to create an enourmous reserve to protect (and which one can only assume are cancerous and wheezing anyway from all the dangerous substances) will also be consigned to oblivion.

Funny how this only became so urgent once the public became aware of a problem.

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28 Responses to
Defence kiboshes Belconnen grassland refuge plan
johnboy 10:28 am 30 Sep 08

If you plan to muck around in the waste there, agreed.

Frankly I’m very surprised they can dump PCBs into landfill.

p1 10:25 am 30 Sep 08

Better not visit the tip then…

johnboy 10:16 am 30 Sep 08

PCBs and asbestos as best dealt with guys, otherwise the site will be very dangerous for visitors.

p1 10:15 am 30 Sep 08

I *really* hate to agree with Comrade Stanhope, but just leaving the whole site as grassland seems like it might be the right idea? Of course the way it works, Defence can never relinquish ownership while it is contaminated, and I guess now that they are not using it there are eager to turn a profit as soon as possible.

Maybe there could build a dragway there? Bogans wouldn’t care about contamination…

Thumper 10:05 am 30 Sep 08

just leave that area be, dont develop it. Just let it grow over and become a nature reserve. It will sort itself out.

Yep, my sentiments exactly. Plant some trees, put in some paths and leave it as green space.

Given the rapidly disappearing green space in this city it would be nice to keep this.

besides, it looks good when you drive past it.

PBO 10:00 am 30 Sep 08

I really dont see what all the fuss is about, we have all known for years that the land around there is contaminated. This not new information, it has been on public record for years. It is just a beat up by the greens to say: “hey, we are still here. Listen to us!”

This goes against a lot of my beliefs but just leave that area be, dont develop it. Just let it grow over and become a nature reserve. It will sort itself out.

nyssa76 9:49 am 30 Sep 08

Thumper, I doubt he would even if he did know what was there….

Thumper 9:44 am 30 Sep 08

Then Stanhope better get writing to 747Kevin and/ or Joel Fitzgibbon.

nyssa76 9:31 am 30 Sep 08

I’d be more concerned with what’s ‘underneath’ the soil…..

Hence why Defence will keep the ACT Govt out.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:58 am 30 Sep 08

The moths haven’t evolved because they have low self esteeem due to an unhappy pupaehood. They need to be placed in a government funded, moth rights compliant facility where they can express themselves, safe in the knowledge they will never be expected to take care of themselves, yet allowed to leave and spend time in the general moth community whenever they feel ready.

Spectra 8:56 am 30 Sep 08

I find this titbit interesting:

Defence has sought permission from Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett to push ahead next month with the six-month clean-up, claiming the contamination poses “an unacceptable health risk to the community”.

Wasn’t Jon saying just a couple of days ago that there was “no risk to the community”? Somebody’s telling porkies…

poptop 8:50 am 30 Sep 08

So Defence didn’t manage to crush all the golden sun moths and earless dragons with the Kangaroo Corral of Death back in May?

I’ve just read up on the golden sun moth and I can’t say I’m surprised it is critically endangered. It is a moth reluctent to fly and the adults die after 2-5 days because they have evolved so the can’t eat. What sort of survival traits are those?

One imagines that they could only exist under the welfare regime of the ACT.

Thumper 8:14 am 30 Sep 08

Yeah, I can see the merit in that…

Especially the statues…

johnboy 8:10 am 30 Sep 08

I’d rather they built lots and lots of medium density homes around a large statue of a golden sun moth and an earless dragon cavorting in a stainless steel representation of a native grassland.

But that’s just me.

Thumper 8:07 am 30 Sep 08

I still rather it remained a nature reserve, even if the earless dragons can’t walk more than five metres due to mesothelioma.

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