Did they really not know?

johnboy 22 December 2006 5

Bill Stefaniak has put out a media release detailing the activities of the Government in the lead up to the 2003 fires which would appear to indicate that they did have some idea the fire would hit Canberra.

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5 Responses to Did they really not know?
jr jr 8:49 pm 22 Dec 06

Al… actually the correct title would be the Lying Chief Maggot

lateralis lateralis 6:17 pm 22 Dec 06

….add ‘arrogant prick with his ears painted on’, and we are getting closer.

vg vg 2:48 pm 22 Dec 06

Of course they knew. If they didn’t their ignorance of the obvious is just as culpable. They are either grossly incompetent or lying assholes. I’d suggest the latter.

He shouldn’t forget anything from the biggest event to happen in this area in decades. Its a big thing to say you hate someone. I hate Stanhope. Lying, conniving, back-sliding, insipid liar

vg vg 2:45 pm 22 Dec 06

I could hug you right now Al

Big Al Big Al 2:01 pm 22 Dec 06

Standope was on the ABC this morning again claiming that didn’t know and that he had “forgotten” key information that he was “apparently” made aware of.

If you had the time I could tell you every single thing that I did that day, down to the minute. I don’t care who you are – you dont forget somthing like that. He’s a lying maggot.

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