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Dirty smokers in the city

By VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy - 15 May 2007 89

I was walking with my wife a young son in the area near the Canberra Theatre, next to the Legislative Assembly, last Saturday morning, and noticed hundreds of cigarette butts all over the ground. So many that I picked my son up so he didn’t fall and get dirty cigarette butts on his hands.

What is going on with smokers in this town? Lots of them must be filthy animals because they seem to think it acceptable to litter in public places like this. Don’t tell me “it’s only a minority”, because it ISN’T. I see smokers doing this ALL THE TIME.

Why can’t these people lift their game a bit??

What’s Your opinion?

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89 Responses to
Dirty smokers in the city
FC 7:51 am 16 May 07

I wouldn’t really believe that they “enjoy” smoking, more that they dislike the withrawel pangs and enjoy not having them (when they are smoking).
I suppose I would say that I enjoy a cigarette with a drink, but really it is that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the drnk without a smoke because I would be having cravings. I would much prefer to be able to have an alchoholic beverage an not start getting fiddly because I want a smoke.

DarkLadyWolfMother 7:41 am 16 May 07

FC, I know a few smokers who enjoy smoking, but don’t want to be smokers. They don’t want to be smokers because of the financial issues, and the health issues (mostly in that order).

But they still enjoy smoking, and I think if it wasn’t for the cost of a pack of cigarettes they probably wouldn’t want to quit that badly anyway.

FC 7:38 am 16 May 07

apologies for all the spelling errors – I’m sure you guys can figure out what I mean.

DarkLadyWolfMother 7:38 am 16 May 07

If only the same hatred was directed towards drug addicts, I doubt there’d be any.
*grin*That’s worked so well for smoking, hasn’t it?

FC 7:37 am 16 May 07

I think there is a bit of gerneralisation going on here. I am a smoker, constantly trying to quit, but I don’t though my bits on the ground, or out the car window.
I do see many people do it though and I think it is something they do without even thinking about it.
I know a few years ago I used to flick my butts out, but the dirty looks I got from other drivers made me reconsider (consider for the first time) what I was actually doing. And now I would never do it.
It should be more about educating people instead of cursing them and saying that they are “pigs” and “animals”.
And I’ll tell you what Johnboy, out of the smokers I know, it IS a minority that throw there butts on the ground. I’ve been out on many occassions with people where there hasn’t been a bin around and myself and others have carried used butts in pockets and handbags until a bin was available.
While treating smokers as though they are some sought of scum will probably help to shame more people into quitting – it still pisses me off.
If I want to go out for a cigarette at work (Instead of going to get a coffee or whatever) – the lectures begin from all the non-smokers in my team about ‘how bad smoking is etc…” NO SH*T!! I know that! I’ve tried to quit many times and will eventually quit for good – What I don’t understand is why they don’t go tell the fat girl to put down the chocolate bar – as it is bad for her health…… Oh, that’s right. ITs not okay to harrass her, but it is me.
Do you think that if I could just wake up tomorrow and not want another cigarette I wouldn’t be jumping for joy. Of course I bloody would. Wake up and realise that most smokers are trying to be non-smokers. I do not know ONE SMOKER who enjoys being a smoker or that doesn’t want to quit!

Danman 7:03 am 16 May 07

I hate the filthy mofos who provde me with a thick veil of smoke to negotiate in order to get to my place of employment.

Our building clearly says no smoking near the entrance – yet it still happend.

And I also hate th einconsiderate people who light up in front of me on teh walk to work – therefore ensuring I have a smoke on teh way to work as well.

I dont hate smokers per-se – considering I have not had one yet this year – I am still an ex smoker not a non smoker – I just hate inconsiderate people.

I used to ask people if i could smoke in MY car when they were in it.

Oh and I think some environmental group claim that cigarette butts are the most prevalent type of litter. I along with Nyssa used those green bum shaped portable ash trays from woolies – and I used an old bottle 1/2 full of water in my car – and tossed that in a bin when done…

RandomGit 7:03 am 16 May 07

Ahhh, another smoking filth debate.

Good times man, good times.

nyssa76 12:35 am 16 May 07

As a smoker who does find a bin, I am annoyed (and that is putting it lightly at this time of the night/morning), that you would label all smokers.

I don’t even go into Civic unless absolutely necessary – once or twice a year – and I do go to the Canberra Theatre.

I take one of those little butt shaped ashtray thingys and I use it. Hell I even offer it to other smokers during interval.

tybreaker you’re right re: taxes. I pay $12 a packet at my local shops. My husband – on base – pays $3 for his. 75% mark up…nice.

I’m sick of smokers being treated as social pariahs. Ooh smoking is bad, get over it.

So is drinking, doing drugs and speeding.

If only the same hatred was directed towards drug addicts, I doubt there’d be any.

Again, don’t label all smokers because of some idiots who choose to litter. At least it wasn’t a 100 syringes. If you want that, go to the ABC flats.

auntiesocial 9:45 pm 15 May 07

And it would be too hard for the cigarette companies to make the butts bio-degradable.

Ashtrays attached to the side of the public rubbish bins seems to work in Singapore.

But then we would need to have public rubbish bins.

Sammy 9:44 pm 15 May 07

It always amazes me how people can throw a cigarette butt in the street, and as far as they’re concerned that’s ok, but if you asked them if they’d throw a gum wrapper in the street, they wouldn’t.

For some reason, a cigarette butt isn’t litter.

mad_kiwi 9:04 pm 15 May 07

and there is also the special people that feel the need to empty their weeks worth of butts from the car ashtray out their car door in public carpark…

boomacat 8:38 pm 15 May 07

Isn’t Australia one of the only countries in the world where smoking rates are in constant decline? I think you’re overreacting tybreaker.

Having said that it is disappointing that smokers can’t find themselves a bin

tybreaker 6:53 pm 15 May 07

No wait, we should be encouraging smokers to quit by giving out free tobacco in special smoking rooms with expensive medical staff on hand to care for them when they succumb to the various diseases that result.

*snap* and we’re back in the room.

The government is two-faced on the matter. It taxes the product seemingly to “care” for smokers by discouraging the habit but the reason it doesn’t have the spine to make it illegal is the revenue it gets from those taxes.

It must be ripe pickings indeed because all the non-addicts have to put up with this policy and suffer the side effects of expensive public servants spending hours per week smoking on tax payer time, butts littered everywhere that pollute and often end up in places that are never cleaned by expensive council workers, burden on the health system with resulting disease care and so on.

Yep, they’re either making a mint and choosing to spend it elsewhere or nobody actually understands a budget and what impacts on it.

OpenYourMind 6:24 pm 15 May 07

Don’t forget that Bonfire tells us that dropping butts is no different to trees dropping leaves.

VicePope 6:16 pm 15 May 07

Almost all smokers are pigs. Most cars have ashtrays, yet the smokers flick ash over the road (and anyone nearby) and chuck the butts out the window. Filthy, dangerous and stupid. The world is not your ashtray!

You can tell which buildings have lots of office workers from the discarded butts and the stink around the entrance.

My particular favourites are (a) the wandering through a crowd with a lit cigarette at a child’s eye level and (b) the urgency to be served, ahead of those waiting for much longer to buy stuff like milk – drumming fingers, calls of “oi” etc.

Seriously, it’s usually an offence to spit or swear in public. This is worse, and it’s seen as no worse than littering.

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