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DIY Wotz On Guide 8-APR-06

By Kerces 6 April 2006 20

I heard on the radio this morning the first frost of the year is due this weekend, but I’m sure that won’t stop people from going out and doing exciting things.

So what exciting things do you have planned for this weekend?

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
DIY Wotz On Guide 8-APR-06
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Jey 7:59 am 08 Apr 06

Rally in support of the same-sex civil union legislation and speak out against the Federal Government’s stance.
1:30pm Saturday, Civic Square.

Thumper 2:43 pm 07 Apr 06

Ah, come on Sssanta. I like the hippies. They’re fun to laugh at.

Maelinar 2:38 pm 07 Apr 06

Durham Arms, from 4pm

Thumper and I will be hosting a discussion on the merits of public housing in Yarralumla.

If nobody shows up or cares, we’ll just drink beer.

Sssanta 2:34 pm 07 Apr 06

give the hippies a kick for me thumper.

Thumper 7:47 am 07 Apr 06

Saturday arvo and Staurday night I think are the best at the hippie fest. There’s heaps of music, drinking, and having a genral good time.

terubo 5:10 pm 06 Apr 06

The annual Freeze-Fest MAY be on this weekend – depends on the first frost of winter.
Hitherto an exclusive gathering of mixed-sex die-hards celebrating the first frost by rolling down an icy embankment totally nude at daybreak: away from prying eyes. Now seeking more publicity.
Venue: Weston Park (follow the screams of delight)
Convenor: Ms Fresia Titsov (formerly of Yakutsk).

Absent Diane 4:56 pm 06 Apr 06

whats the best day to go.
Check my lyrics

Thumper 3:18 pm 06 Apr 06

It’s fucking freezing out there….

Ari 1:53 pm 06 Apr 06

Got a light frost at my place last weekend.

Thumper 12:31 pm 06 Apr 06

BTW Mael,

You’ve already done heaps of operational work or have you forgotten already.

Too much beer and wine my lad….

BTW, Heads up for the Hippie fest next weekend. It’s a gas.

Thumper 12:29 pm 06 Apr 06

Geez mael, does that mean I have to come along and do some instructing at some stage of the weekend?

Maelinar 11:29 am 06 Apr 06


It’ll be kind of like Navy Seals or something, we’ll get all qualified, and then be on the ground ready to go, and the other SES teams will suddenly all be off sick or something and we’ll get called out to do some ‘live’ work.

Or maybe not…

Absent Diane 11:06 am 06 Apr 06

going by the winds mael you may need a few extra’s…

um going to greenroom sunday (its free)
I think lithium is on at toast on friday
Saturday night maybe anu maybe greenroom
may even go visit the folks////….

che 11:03 am 06 Apr 06

its cold, so damn cold theres snow on the ranges

must pick the tomatoes before frost comes

Sssanta 10:46 am 06 Apr 06

Vg, Corvo’s is now known as the muddle bar i think…

Seeing it is the first frost, it is the time of year for garlic, bulbs, broad beans and everyone’s favourite, the humble brussel sprout!

justbands 10:15 am 06 Apr 06

The weekend starts TONIGHT with the Little Smoke single launch @ ANU!

vg 10:14 am 06 Apr 06

Corvos Wine and Oyster Bar?

I think it shut over 12 months ago and is called something else

Maelinar 10:10 am 06 Apr 06

err, maybe more like 20

Maelinar 10:09 am 06 Apr 06

SES General Rescue qualification assessment on Saturday. With any luck, there will be about 30 additional highly qualified volunteers protecting Canberrans from nasty mother nature.

Kerces 9:19 am 06 Apr 06

And on Friday night:

ANus, Nate, Draz, Dee Q at FM’s Functions Night Club
Citizen Dog at Holy Grail – Kingston
DJ Maka, Justin at Quatro Cafe Restaurant
fingerprint resistant with strong like sam at Academy
Topshelf at P.J. O’Reilly’s – Tuggeranong
Vote for Pedro at The Soul Bar

Antony S (UK) at Corvo’s Wine & Oyster Bar
Matt Chavasse & Lan Shannon at Cube
ANus, Nate, Draz, Dee at FM’s Functions Night Club
Groovelounge de Plastique at Holy Grail – Civic
Superman Steve at Insomnia Nightclub
Steve Lind at Knightsbridge Penthouse
Matt Chavasse & Typhonic at Lot 33
DJ Maka, Justin at Quatro Cafe Restaurant
Nash T at Three Degrees Lounge Bar

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