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Dog Boarding Kennels

By MRT - 8 February 2010 37

As new dog owners who also enjoy weekends in national parks and with non dog people, we are looking around for kennels to leave out dog for the occasional weekend and while on holidays. 

 Does anyone have any recommendations for dog boarding kennels in Canberra area or between Canberra and the coast?

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37 Responses to
Dog Boarding Kennels
Helen 10:18 am 09 Feb 10

We’ve taken the dogs to Tara once and they seemed fine – very busy though.

We’re about to try Canberra Boarding Kennels out on the Federal Hwy near Bywong. We’ve heard heaps of good things about them from friends and the lady taking the bookings was lovely – seemed to be a real dog person. They’re also a lot cheaper than other places in Canberra.

I wouldn’t recommend Best Friend in Macgregor – numerous bad experiences over the years. They’re very difficult to deal with, especially if you have to go away at short notice.

I also wouldn’t recommend the Barton Hwy Dog’otel & Cattery – they were excellent for years but went down in quality pretty quickly. They’d hose out the runs while the dogs were in there, cornering them in the concrete run with nowhere to go. Our dog developed a fairly major water phobia thanks to that. Plus we’d leave instructions about what the dog couldn’t eat (a health matter, not just a fussy dog) and they wouldn’t follow them – luckily for our dog it wasn’t a big problem but I know many dogs that get very sick very quickly if fed the wrong food.
The worst experience happened to a friend though – they’d left their two cats there for a week and came back to only find one. Apparently somebody else who had also left their cat there sent a friend to pick up their cat, and the friend took the wrong cat. It wasn’t like it was simple case of all black cats looking alike – the person took a black cat instead of a tabby! The management didn’t even notice (despite the fact that they note down what each cat looks like when you book in), and when the person got home and realised it was the wrong cat, they just let it go! The management wanted our friend to pay the full boarding costs for the two cats and denied any wrongdoing. It was altogether rather sad because we’d all been loyal customers for years, but their attitudes towards the incident just ruined it.

nexus6 10:09 am 09 Feb 10

there used to be one on the federal highway, on the left heading north just past the antill st roundabout/service station. i cant stress how much you should NOT use it. charlie of the back yard was so freaked out after spending 2 nights there we were shocked. in comparison the one out on the way to murrembateman was so nice she didnt really want to leave.

sloppery 9:47 am 09 Feb 10

Used Tara in the past and was very unimpressed.

Now use Sonza’s on the coast road (between Queanbeyan and Bungendore), and they are fantastic.

buttons 9:30 am 09 Feb 10

++1 for Canberra Pet Care! We left our dog there for the first time over Christmas.. they were fantastic! We even got a photo of our dog at ‘Play time’ which was a nice personal touch.

Our dog is very spoilt and I was worried about leaving… but he survived… and so did I! 🙂 The staff are great, I can’t speak highly enough of them!

Good Luck!!

Clown Killer 1:46 am 09 Feb 10

I’ve used Tara (Pialligo) and Bendora (Watson?) in recent times for both short (2-3 days) and longer (4-5 weeks)and have been happy with the service provided. The best kennels I have used are at Berridale (on the Dalgety Road about 8km off the Snowy Mountains Highway) – Very nice.

MelonHead 12:05 am 09 Feb 10

We had a bad experience at Wickerslack Lane some years ago.

When you decide where to take your pet, ask for a tour of the facilities. Ask to see where, or approximately where, your pet will be sleeping. Check out what food they will get. Don’t be blinded by glossy brochures and expensive advertising.

If you are not satisfied with what you see or hear, go elsewhere. There are plenty of choices in, and around, the nation’s capital.

I use Best Friend at Macgregor. The mutts seem to have a great time there, always arrive back looking healthy and well fed, and have not ever contracted any disease.

Im a country member 11:12 pm 08 Feb 10

Reedy Creek Kennels on the Kings Highway at Doughboy (about 20K’s NE of Braidwood). It’s clean, heated and friendly. Owen and Linda have allways done a good job of looking after our dogs – they’re pretty good with humans too!

Pandy 11:09 pm 08 Feb 10

Tara, 20 years ago used to shoot a shotgun in the air to quieten the dogs. I heard them do it more than once.

radioman 10:22 pm 08 Feb 10

I have been using Tara for over 5 years now and my dogs have been there for lengthy stays at times. Nothing was too much problem and whilst I was traveling they would send me a weekly update along with a couple of pictures. Sorry to hear Thumpers comments about losing their cat.

astrojax 9:50 pm 08 Feb 10

well, that’s about as mixed reviews for tara’s (that’s the place!) at piallago as you’re likely to get!


andym 9:03 pm 08 Feb 10

+1 for Canberra Pet Care at Wickerslack Lane

Thumper 9:02 pm 08 Feb 10

And I will reiterate that Tara lost my cat. And their attitude to losing my cat was quite astounding in a bad way for the owner, that being me and my partner.

In fact, if you search the RA archives you may find something about the whole sorry saga.

Jack Kirby 8:28 pm 08 Feb 10

I can highly recommend Tara Pet Boarding in Pialigo.

astrojax 8:11 pm 08 Feb 10

canberra pet care at wickerslack lane, qbyn is excellent – they have long walks, swimming, socialising, other excercising, grooming and other facilities – the care is great and they seem to engage with the animals. and being at qbyn – albeit up the googong dam road way – it is on the way to the coast!

also used a place at piallago (forget name – clara’s? something like that) a few weeks back – it was ok, and my girl seemed to have enjoyed the experience, so can recommend (qbyn was booked out, hence the change) but would try cpc first.

Thumper 7:47 pm 08 Feb 10

I do not recommend Tara at Pialligo. They lost my cat. Seriously. (How do you lose a cat? Fcku knows, but they did)

My brother in law is a vet nurse and recommends a place on Wickerslack lane in Qbyn. Sorry, I can’t remember the name.

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