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Dog Exercise Areas

By Flattie01 - 16 September 2009 71

Golden Retrievers sharing a stickI am a Weston Creek resident that regularly walk/run my two dogs in the designated off-leash exercise area at the back of Fisher, behind the fire station on Sulwood Drive. On numerous occasions I have been the target of verbal abuse for having my dogs off the leash. I would like to point out to other residents of surrounding suburbs that when you walk or run with or without a dog in this area, you WILL encounter dogs off the leash.

My dogs are friendly , they will lick you to death before they’d ever bite you or your dog. My dogs are under my control when I am with them, they simply want to say hello to you and/or your dog and then continue on their merry way. There is no need to yell and scream ‘get your dogs away from me’, as the woman late yesterday afternoon did. If you chose to bring your dog to this area, you CAN expect a visit from multiple dogs also in the area. To another woman, also yelling and screaming ‘put your dogs on a leash, I have had a bad encounter with other dogs’, again, if you chose to walk your dog in this designated area, expect to come across other dogs on and off the leash. If you’ve had a bad experience and crap yourself at the sight of another dog and don’t want your dog interacting with other dogs, then do yourself a favour and take them somewhere else, not the designated off-leash exercise area at the back of Fisher reserve for goodness sake.

Has anyone else out there experienced these yellers and screamers either in this off-leash area or another off-leash area in Canberra?

[TAMS provides information and maps of Canberra’s Dog Exercise Areas.]

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71 Responses to
Dog Exercise Areas
wot said fred 12:24 pm 16 Sep 09

“if I’m scared of dogs or not a dog person then I wouldn’t be wondering through a designated off leash area”

let alone even wandering even!

Flattie01 12:14 pm 16 Sep 09

To chewy14

Yes my dogs run up to people and their dogs, as social pack animals they can’t help but do this, my point is, the designated area allows for this, if you are a dog person with half a brain you would know this breed of dog and it’s temperament, of course all dogs are capable of biting, however as I run with my dogs they come when I call them. If a dog ran up to me wagging its tail furiously and smiling (which my dog does), I wouldn’t have alarm bells ringing, and further to the point, if I’m scared of dogs or not a dog person then I wouldn’t be wondering through a designated off leash area.

Flattie01 12:07 pm 16 Sep 09

To Clown Killer

The damn at the back of the fire station is probably around 10% capacity, there is enough for the dogs to swim and fetch a stick, but who knows how long that will last? Thanks for asking

Nosey 11:33 am 16 Sep 09

thats ruff

Clown Killer 10:44 am 16 Sep 09

I have no sympathy for people who of their own accord come to am off-leash dog exercise area and then carry on like a rancid pork chop about other peoples dogs. Walk somewhere else, or better still stay at home.

Thanks for posting the link to the TAMS maps Flattie. I see that all of the playing fields behind Kambah Village are also off-lead areas – somthing we’ll be taking advantage of from now on.

Also, Flattie, hows the water level in that dam up the back of the fire station? My dog loves a spot of water play but the dams on Mt Taylor are pretty much empty.

Hank 10:15 am 16 Sep 09

I haven’t but I have a pug and every just laughs at him. Not to take away from the original post I was wondering where the dog park is on the North side?

chewy14 10:09 am 16 Sep 09

So your dogs are running up to random people, even to say hello, and you think they are under your control?
I can’t think of any reason why someone would be scared or angry when an unknown large dog comes sprinting at you out of nowhere. I mean doesn’t everyone know your dogs don’t bite?

MuddlingStick 10:08 am 16 Sep 09

I think the kind of people you discuss are quite sad and selfish. Dogs are by their nature quite a social animal, and should be given opportunities to get out and about and meet other dogs.

Like humans, if your dog gets its head kicked in by another dog, it probably deserved it and will learn from the experience!

Let’s lose the cotton wool.

bergamot 10:02 am 16 Sep 09

I’ve had a similar experience, being yelled at by a woman, saying “my dog bites you know”…. ummmm how about if your dog bites other dogs don’t bring it to a dog park!!

dvaey 9:59 am 16 Sep 09

The TAMS map shows a lot more off-leash areas than I knew existed. I thought dogs were only allowed off-leash in certain restricted areas, but from viewing that map it seems theres more off-leash areas in Canberra than areas where fido is required to be on-leash.

Nosey 9:48 am 16 Sep 09

I agree.

Some people want the best of both worlds. This woman wants her to dog to roam free but not others.

She must be a bitch.

iceu- 9:18 am 16 Sep 09

While I do agree with you largely (as I’m a dog lover), I know that I could get in trouble in these situations so am very careful and think other dog owners should be too. I have a BIG, black dog so I come across screamers often 🙂

When I walk my dog off lead (only in designated off lead areas) I NEVER let him greet other dogs or people off lead. He is always called back and put on leash to pass people and other dogs. He is completely friendly, but if he scares someone even just by galloping over to say hello, it is essentially my fault in the eyes of the law. I won’t risk his wellbeing like that, so putting him on leash to pass other people isn’t a big sacrifice to make. I’d recommend this to any dog owner using off leash areas.

RAGD 9:17 am 16 Sep 09

As a dog walker, I can understand why people get upset when they see dogs off the leash around the street and footpaths. But if it’s a designated off leash area, then they have no ground to stand on. How rude off people to yell too. When ever I encounter off leash dogs in non designated areas, it might be annoying, but would never yell at someone over it. Just walk away and move on.

prhhcd 9:00 am 16 Sep 09

OMG the opposite happened to me yesterday. My dog goes to the offleash area in Fraser every day, and she ran up to a guy who had 2 dogs on a leash and started to jump on his dog. His dog was yelping. This has NEVER happened before. She came as soon as I called her, but what was the go with that. He signalled his dog was ok… But I feel so bad! He walked away quickly so I couldn’t even apologise or check his dog was ok. I feel so embarressed that my dog did this! Anyway, I know that’s off Flattie’s topic but I wanted to mention anyway. If you read this owner of those dogs I’m really REALLY sorry!

with regard’s to your comments – yes we get that over my way too. You just can’t help some people.

DarkLadyWolfMother 8:08 am 16 Sep 09

I’ve had people doing the yelling, screaming and accusing me and my dog of everything even when their dog invaded my yard, so I hold out no hope of sanity in any other area.

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