Dog of a day at Reid Oval

PigDog 7 January 2008 14

Apparently, a dog went crazy at the Reid playing fields and attacked its owner and bit someone playing touch footy over lunch today.

Rumour has it that the owner was pretty badly bitten in the “crutch area”, wandered off (in shock?) and was later found on someone’s front lawn.

Crazy stuff. Anyone know anymore?

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14 Responses to Dog of a day at Reid Oval
Meconium Meconium 3:13 pm 24 Feb 07

I like the comparison between pitbulls and poms. Fkn english tossers. Give me a pitbull any day.

Dagget Dagget 11:04 am 23 Feb 07

No. I won’t give it up.
When I was a kid of 11 years of age I was mauled by a Malamute, but do I hate them ? no .
I’m sorry you’ve been attacked, but responding in
the manner you have prove to me how judgmental you are.
Would you hate all English people if you had been punched by one a couple of times ?
It’s not really all that different.

richopesto_once more richopesto_once more 5:31 pm 22 Feb 07

give it up Dagget.
Pitbulls are shit dogs, I’ve been attacked twice. They’re stupid, they get excited and then they bite stuff. end of story.
it just so happens I had another almost do the same again this morning.
they are stupid dogs, bad owners just make them worse. And you own one huh? mmmmmm. I suspect I can rest my case.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 3:36 pm 22 Feb 07

Always thought your name should be Dogget.

Dagget Dagget 2:51 pm 22 Feb 07

Being a responsible Pitbull owner, all I can say is do some reading if you can’t understand.

It’s not just Pitbull’s.

ant ant 2:09 pm 22 Feb 07

It was the (as usual) crappy umpiring that drove the dog to biting things.

Zizzo Zizzo 10:25 am 22 Feb 07

I heard it was a wolf…news travels fast in Canberra!

Cityboy Cityboy 10:11 pm 21 Feb 07

Apparently it was a pitbull doing the attacking, not a local politician. One of the touch players needed 10 stitches after being bitten. Why people keep these dogs is beyond me.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:38 pm 21 Feb 07

It wasn’t Katy attacking Jon, was it?

S4anta S4anta 3:35 pm 21 Feb 07

seeing they lived in Reid it obviously wasn’t a too harder pill to swallow. Either that, or they are letting dogs join the catholic cloisters.

terubo terubo 3:28 pm 21 Feb 07

Probably maddened by its first confrontation with Roger the Roo!

Thumper Thumper 3:23 pm 21 Feb 07

Maybe it was Rudd’s dog just checking the place out in case he has to move down here from QLD?

Ari Ari 3:15 pm 21 Feb 07

The dog just liked fetching balls.

Sammy Sammy 3:14 pm 21 Feb 07

I don’t want to know any more.

Oh ok, maybe I do.

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