Dogs savage Swans at Manuka

johnboy 26 February 2007 24

The AFL has a match report of the 97-70 defeat of the Sydney Swans by the Bulldogs at Manuka Oval on Saturday. Llamafrog was in the thick of the action and sent in a pic from his camera:

The AFL puts the crowd at 5,557. Did everyone have a good time?

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24 Responses to Dogs savage Swans at Manuka
Bundybear Bundybear 5:32 pm 27 Feb 07

Essendon supporter S4anta, done by Carlton, oh the shame. Get a Collingwood / Essendon match at Bruce and then you can make an assessment of who wants to see what code!!

Zizzo Zizzo 4:03 pm 27 Feb 07

The footy is back this weekend with the Western Bulldogs v Richmond Tigers, playing at Manuka Oval again.

I think it will get around 7000 or so this time round.

As for Bundybear…Collingwood? Eddie Maguire? Who are you trying to kid???

S4anta S4anta 11:53 am 27 Feb 07

you are going to have to die for that comment bundybear.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:34 am 27 Feb 07

I used to go to Cosmos games, where the crowd figure of 2-3000 was optimistic to say the least.

Stan – your use of the Olympic soccer as an example belies that fact that people attended as they wanted to feel part of the Olympics when they realised every good ticket to anything cost a small countried GDP, or were given to corporates. I went to a frigging hockey game between 11th and 12th and some other debacle (thanks ex-ho of the time) where 12000 people turned up to be part of the ‘experience’. Read nothing into them…

Lets face it – AFL dominates Victoria, SA, NT, Tas and WA. League dominates Sydney and Brisbane. Union is watched by ex-private school boys and corporate types with superiority complexes who see themselves better than the hoi polloi who follow league.

And soccer has developed into a serious contended with the A-League being the most popular summer football code in Australia through a good balance of limited product (keep the punters wanting more), good marketing esp in Melbourne, and the removal of ethnic based rivalries uniting cities in the case of the Victory and Syd FC…

Thumper Thumper 7:57 am 27 Feb 07

And of course, cricket is the only real sport…

schmerica_ schmerica_ 9:05 pm 26 Feb 07


Bundybear Bundybear 6:13 pm 26 Feb 07

C’mon guys, let’s get real here, the whole of Australia knows and recognises the superiority of Collingwood over all other clubs in all other codes. And we have Eddie, how can you top that???

stan_bowles stan_bowles 6:05 pm 26 Feb 07

I’m probably wasting my breath (or whatever the online equivalent is) but…

“soccer is a great game, for kids, girls, less developed countries”

So according to you, basically every nation on earth other than Australia is “less developed”?

“Riots and racial conflict”

More people arrested at the cricket than the soccer and there were ‘riots’ at the tennis this year. Are those sports ‘woeful’? AFL players seem to have a nasty habit of drunken assualt, how woeful is that?

“afl world domination is only just beginning.”

In 150 years you’ve conquered the east coast of one Island nation, so world domination might take a bit longer. But good luck with that, I’ll look out for the next AFL world cup (my tip is Australia v um…Australia B in the final)

The founder of AFL, Tom Willis, commited suicide by stabbing himself with a pair of scissors.

I think I’ll stick with the foot shooters.

bonfire bonfire 5:26 pm 26 Feb 07

soccer is a great game, for kids, girls, less developed countries etc.

but the way the local soccer comp has managed itself over the years has been woeful.

riots, racial conflict, endless banging on about ‘the world game’… you name it.

every time the soccer people claim that soccer is about to become the most poular sport in aus (apparently they base this on the fact that few other countries have developed their own game, its a cultural cringe thing that those with inferiority complexes cling to) i just wait for the inevitable foot shooting to begin.

ie: the gracious handling of defeat by adelaide…

the sooner soccer fades away again the better.

astrojax astrojax 5:16 pm 26 Feb 07

you don’t need to be a fan of the game, bonfire, but why do you seem to resent football (fusbol, soccer, whatever)?

i was going to mention the olympic crowd before i saw stan bowles did… with few [none] other games of a real competitive nature to compare, i think you’d be suprised if a fair dunkum game was played here. don’t rekkun bruce would cope with the numbers, me…

reached its peak? watch that space!

bonfire bonfire 5:01 pm 26 Feb 07

yeah 7 years ago!

just wait for the soccer peopel to shoot themselves in the foot – again.

i note the gracious way adelaide handled losing their grand final.

i would say that soccer is the sport that has reached its peak.

afl world domination is only just beginning.

stan_bowles stan_bowles 4:38 pm 26 Feb 07

Well there was 25,000 for the olympic soccer (source: a site not a million miles from here

bonfire bonfire 4:29 pm 26 Feb 07

afl matches at manuka average 10k a match. peak was last year at 15k (14,992).

this is in a ‘rugby’ town.

peak rugby attendance (i dont know the diff between the multiple rugby flavours) was 26k at a ‘super 14 match’ whatever super 14 is.

you show me the 10k PAYING punters to go and see soccer in this town and i’ll row billy goggin across the barwon river in a bathtub.

stan_bowles stan_bowles 4:23 pm 26 Feb 07

No, the soccer match was a pre-season fixture featuring second tier players, so its fairer to compare it to a pre-season AFL match featuring second tier players.

Your comparison is like comparing the olympic soccer at Bruce stadium (bruce stadium was filled on every occasion) to saturdays AFL game.

Basketball boom of the mid 90’s had nothing to do with basketball world cup and everything to do with worldwide NBA marketing push.

World Cup has led to increased interest from casual fans, but I’d say with record participation rates, A-League temas playing in the Asian Champions League, better player retention, returning stars and hopefully expansion, soccer crowds in this country will only continue to grow.

Soccer in this country has limitless potential, AFL, while a great game, has pretty much reached critical mass. The soccer world cup involves over 200 nations, AFL has to change its rules to play against Ireland.

bonfire bonfire 3:50 pm 26 Feb 07

the nab match was a pre-season, reserves match!

id say that the three AFL matches played last year woudl be more realistic.

manuka oval was filled on every occasion.

soccer is going through a basketball like reincarnation right now. but as soon as the ‘aura’ of the world cup fades away, so will crowd numbers. just like basketball in oz.

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 3:32 pm 26 Feb 07

My dog would be happy with that, since swans have savaged her…

Oh wait. It’s just a game. Good thing I didn’t read the headline to her.

stan_bowles stan_bowles 3:07 pm 26 Feb 07

I content there’s more interest in soccer than AFL within Canberra, based on comparing crowds for two similar fixtures and the latest Sweeney Report. Participation rates are also higher for soccer than AFL in Canberra.

bonfire bonfire 2:09 pm 26 Feb 07

that has to be one of the most meaningless posts ive seen on ra.

do you seriously contend that soccer is more popular than AFL ?

stan_bowles stan_bowles 12:37 pm 26 Feb 07

Compare that with last years 7226 crowd for Sydney FC v Newcastle Jets at Canberra Stadium, another meaningless contest largely involving second tier players.

Also latest Sweeney report indicates (real) football is the sport most Canberrans are interested in:

Source: Sweeney Sports Report – winter 2006
———————AFL – Football – RU – RL
Canberra ———– 39 —- 60 —- 58 —- 48

barking toad barking toad 11:37 am 26 Feb 07

Can anyone give a realistic crowd estimate?

TV view didn’t support the claim of 5557

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