Drone deliveries of burritos and chemist products to Tuggeranong

Glynis Quinlan 23 February 2018 85

Drone deliveries will be tested in Tuggeranong’s suburban backyards. Photos: Supplied by Project Wing.

Tuggeranong residents will be able to have burritos, vitamins and skincare products delivered to their homes by drone under a trial project which starts this weekend.

Fresh from their success in delivering by drone to big blocks in semi-rural Royalla and Fernleigh Park over the last six months, Project Wing will start trialling drone deliveries of Guzman y Gomez and Chemist Warehouse products to Tuggeranong’s smaller suburban yards starting in coming days with Bonython.

The trial represents the first time anywhere that Project Wing (an initiative of research factory ‘X’) will test drone deliveries in suburban backyards and if successful sets the scene for a potentially revolutionary change in home delivery services.

A spokesperson for Project Wing said the trial will begin in Bonython and then be rolled out to Tuggeranong in phases.

“Our new site in Tuggeranong will allow us to fly longer distances and deliver to thousands of households, rather than dozens of households – as was the case with our previous test sites,” the spokesperson said.

“By serving more homes, we’ll refine how we manage a fleet of several delivery drones that need to be loaded up, efficiently routed through the air, and returned safely to our site — helping us to build the muscles we’ll need to one day run a drone delivery service.

“We’re also curious to learn how drone delivery could be useful to suburban households and how this differs from our rural testers.”

A Project Wing drone delivery.

The spokesperson said that Project Wing is moving its trial to more densely-populated areas because it wants to make it easier for people to access needed goods more quickly no matter where they are.

It will mean refining the ability of their drones to navigate obstacles like trees and powerlines in confined spaces, as well as selecting safe and convenient delivery points in yards that are 10 metres wide instead of 100 metres wide.

The trial will initially be open to a limited number of Tuggeranong residents, beginning with Bonython households.

Project Wing will be hosting a barbecue for Bonython residents tomorrow (February 24) at Pine Island Reserve to provide them with more details about the testing and give them the opportunity to meet the Project Wing team.

Interested Tuggeranong residents are being encouraged to show their interest in the testing via an online form available here or via email to wing-au@x.team.

How it works

Residents involved in the trial will be able to use Project Wing’s delivery app to order a range of burritos, burrito bowls and sides from Guzman y Gomez and almost 100 products across several categories from Chemist Warehouse. These include medicines, sun care, dental, haircare, skincare, cosmetics, vitamins and personal care products.

There is no cost for the actual delivery service for those involved in the trial and the drones can carry packages weighing up to 1.5 kilograms. During the trial, the delivery drones will be flying a maximum of 14 kilometres in a round trip.

Testers select from a small number of pre-selected locations in their yard for the products to be delivered to. They don’t interact directly with the drone but need to remain at least 15 metres away while the drone hovers over the spot and lowers the package to the ground on a line using a winch. Once on the ground, the package disconnects from the line and the tester can retrieve the package as the drone flies away.

Trial is good news for burrito fans

Guzman y Gomez were an enthusiastic part of the Royalla trial and the company’s founder and global CEO of Guzman y Gomez, Steven Marks said they are excited to partner with Project Wing as they move their testing to suburban Tuggeranong.

Guzman y Gomez founder and global CEO, Steven Marks with one of the special deliveries. Photo: Supplied by Guzman y Gomez.

“If the number of queries we receive on a daily basis is anything to go by, Guzman y Gomez fans can’t wait to have burritos delivered by drone in this next phase of Wing’s testing,” Mr Marks said

“To work with the Wing team on such game-changing, world-first innovation, will remain one of GYG’s proudest moments.

“I have said it before, but Wing and X are some of my favourite companies in the world and they are truly changing delivery as we know it.”

Drone deliveries claimed to have lower carbon footprint

Project Wing has been working on the development of a drone delivery system since 2012 and completed several hundred drone deliveries to dozens of homes during the trial at Royalla and Fernleigh Park.

The idea of drone deliveries sometimes draws criticism from people concerned about congestion in the skies or those worried about a reduction in delivery jobs.

However, Project Wing said the drone delivery system has a lower carbon footprint than other methods of delivery.

“Delivery drones will not only decongest our roadways, but also our atmosphere,” the Project Wing spokesperson said.

“Research conducted by RSG and Professor Goodchild from University of Washington suggests that Project Wing’s delivery drones generate 22 times fewer carbon emissions than a delivery vehicle over an average delivery trip in Canberra, as a result of their very energy efficient, all-electric design.”

Do you like the idea of drone deliveries? If you live in Tuggeranong are you keen to be part of the trial? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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85 Responses to Drone deliveries of burritos and chemist products to Tuggeranong
jezzymcjezjez jezzymcjezjez 2:52 pm 04 Jun 18

Sign me up – Isabella Plains.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:15 pm 13 Mar 18
Paul Brown Paul Brown 5:41 pm 27 Feb 18

Friends got burritos delivered to royally a couple of weeks ago

Heidi Perry Heidi Perry 11:07 pm 26 Feb 18

Dallas we just saw this on a sci-fi movie .. lol

Sarah Wilson Sarah Wilson 8:59 pm 26 Feb 18

Daniel Wilson the future of hangover food at our doorstep

Sarah Wilson Sarah Wilson 8:58 pm 26 Feb 18

Lome MG bet you wish you lived on the Southside now

Steve Hegs Steve Hegs 6:22 pm 26 Feb 18

Burritos and Mylanta. Makes sense...

Chris Kon Chris Kon 4:40 pm 26 Feb 18

Natalie Kon Jamie Colwill burritos!?

    Jamie Colwill Jamie Colwill 5:05 pm 26 Feb 18

    Mmmmmmm Burritoey goodness Mmmmmmm 🚁🌯🌮🌯

Tim Benson Tim Benson 3:51 pm 26 Feb 18

I will never have to leave my home again …

Capital Retro Capital Retro 3:06 pm 26 Feb 18

Who would have thought that we would live to see the day that the people who deliver fast-food on bikes are about to be “disrupted” by technology?

It I was on a jury to consider judgement against someone who had damaged property after they lost their job because of “drone disruption” I would be saying “not guilty”.

Matt Lamont Matt Lamont 10:06 am 26 Feb 18

I'm waiting for the news of one getting shot down. Inevitable in my opinion. Possibly by a delivery driver who no longer has a job...

    Sherelle Virolainen Sherelle Virolainen 3:23 pm 26 Feb 18

    Or by hungry people wanting a burrito lmao 🤣

Rebecca Salvage Rebecca Salvage 10:34 pm 25 Feb 18

Paul Salvage you fav gyg

Morgan Mavourneen Wilson Morgan Mavourneen Wilson 4:45 pm 25 Feb 18

I’ll be intetested to see if and when they are able to make deliveries to balcony’s for apartment dwellers ?

Leeanne Hernandez Leeanne Hernandez 7:58 am 25 Feb 18

How could we ever leave Tuggers now!

    Vicki Eveille Vicki Eveille 10:34 am 25 Feb 18

    i was thinking the same leanne ..properties will boom...lol

Monica Derrick Monica Derrick 12:23 am 25 Feb 18

Yes! Sign me up!

Carolyn Uhe Carolyn Uhe 7:49 pm 24 Feb 18

Christine Keith Steve Uhe...my god how awesome!!

    M.J. Leonard M.J. Leonard 10:20 pm 24 Feb 18

    Bloody Uhes - they're everywhere on Facebook! Steve, when's the housewarming? Regards, Monster.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:23 pm 24 Feb 18

I am waiting for the headline: “Burrito carrying drone shot down by surface-to-air Chicko Roll”

Sp Jan Sp Jan 12:07 pm 24 Feb 18

We can expect a lot of noise-related residential complaints. Not to mention overlooking.

Jason Walmsley Jason Walmsley 11:30 am 24 Feb 18

There out her near Burra!!

Isabel Hone Isabel Hone 9:18 am 24 Feb 18

Aye Win drone delivery for your next party 👌

    Aye Win Aye Win 9:32 am 24 Feb 18

    Yes! Wonder if it’ll swim 😉... think we need to trial is out Isabel!

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