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Easter Road Death

By paperboy - 13 April 2009 76

[First filed: April 11, 2009 @ 08:43]

Canberra has had it’s first Easter road fatality in at least two years.

The ABC has scant details.

Anyone know where or when?

UPDATED: The AFP have put out a statement:

    ACT Policing is investigating a single vehicle collision in Uriarra today (Friday, April 10) which has resulted in the death of a man believed to be in his 20s.

    Sometime overnight a sedan travelling southbound on Uriarra Road has left the road, gone through a fence and rolled.

    Police were notified of the collision by a passer-by who noticed the incident sometime after the event.

    The driver, travelling alone in the vehicle, died at the scene.

    ACT Policing’s crash investigation team is currently investigating the incident and would ask that anyone who witnessed the collision call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

FURTHER UPDATE: The ABC are reporting that the deceased is one 25 year old Nathan Thomas of Phillip.

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76 Responses to
Easter Road Death
Woody Mann-Caruso 12:01 am 12 Apr 09

I like the part where you generalised from your own subjective experiences then contrasted them with those of a completely imaginary person. Also, I totally believed the bit where you said you ‘am not talk about lower class people compared with rich snobs’.

TP 3000 10:11 pm 11 Apr 09

My opinion is that it all has to do with their upbringing. I am not talk about lower class people compared with rich snobs. I mean by usually if your parents gave you the right amount of freedom & taught you right. For example I believe that I was given this type of upbringing (I even come from middle class background) & I have been brought up with driving to the conditions & with what I can handle. With my parents slowing getting me to feel what speed is like & what it feels like when the ABS kicks in, etc.

While J Citizen who is from a rich snob upbringing & whose parents watched their every move & said no to anything of interest to the child. When they end up leaving home & have their own car, will push the car as much as they can, but of course they haven’t been trained properly & first minor incident means they end up in a serious accident.

So we can teach everyone the dangers of speed, drugs & alcohol, but some will never learn

SheepGroper 9:36 pm 11 Apr 09

gertel said :

Being an idiot doesn’t mean you deserve to die.

Oh? So you’d be happy being killed by someone being an idiot? Or just maimed? How about someone from your family? Or a friend? Unless a mechanical fault happened that caused the accellerator to jam on, this guy decided to drive like a dick. Probably not for the first time. Every time they did they threw the dice to kill or hurt themselves or others. This time they rolled the dice and their car.

It truly sucks to have a member of your family killed because of one of these people, and I’m glad that in this case, the idiot concerned just took himself out.

RatsNest 8:54 pm 11 Apr 09

gertel said :

Being an idiot doesn’t mean you deserve to die.

But chlorinating the gene pool isnt a bad idea…

Aeek 8:31 pm 11 Apr 09

Not built up doesn’t mean no people. 8:30 am on a weekend, that’s a cycling road.

gertel 8:29 pm 11 Apr 09

Well if I had a child who was a little slow to develop some commonsense I wouldn’t want them to die. Being an idiot doesn’t mean you deserve to die.

My condolences to the family.

Growling Ferret 7:52 pm 11 Apr 09

According to a copper mate, the Pulsars estimated speed was around 160kmh, and the drivers body was found 30 metres away from the car.

Look at it this way – at least he wasn’t speeding in a built up area and having an accident with the wrong place wrong time stereotypical retired couple in a street race.

farnarkler 7:02 pm 11 Apr 09

It would certainly give the gene pool a bit of a cleanup.

SheepGroper 6:54 pm 11 Apr 09

Because when the little shits take themselves out they take others out with them – or worse, emerge unscathed while the person they hit is a mangled wreck.

If it could be arranged that they would reliably wrap themselves around a tree, I’d be all for it.

farnarkler 6:48 pm 11 Apr 09

Granny what’s the point in banging heads against brick walls trying to educate the kids you talk about. Let them go as fast as they want. Those with brains will survive, those without, won’t.

Speed is an addiction so, like junkies taking a fatal overdose, when these youngsters wrap themselves round trees, I can’t feel sorry for them.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 5:35 pm 11 Apr 09

Could have been a roo.

zig 5:11 pm 11 Apr 09

He must have been going quick…..Who says speed doesn’t kill?

As sad as it is that someone dies, I’m happy that he only took himself to the other side and no one else during their excessive speeding. They have track days for that….

Deckard 5:08 pm 11 Apr 09

The photo in that Canberra Times article is excellent. A pity about the circumstances though.

Granny 4:04 pm 11 Apr 09

I hope the death was instant. I wouldn’t have wanted him to be dying alone like that.

I really don’t know how you reach kids like this. Messages relating to common sense precautions for safe driving seem not to reach them; kind of like the Simpsons talking to Santa’s Little Helper.

Perhaps the frontal lobes have not developed sufficiently in some of them. He might not have biologically had enough myelination occur to be capable of avoiding the impulsivity and irrationality associated with the adolescent brain and make sensible driving decisions.

Having said that, I know that there are many responsible young drivers out there. It does give me cause for concern however.

Felix the Cat 12:45 pm 11 Apr 09
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