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johnboy 30 July 2010 69

[First filed: Jul 20, 2010 @ 14:48]

So here’s the deal. Every election, both Territory or Federal, we ask readers to post questions they’d like to see candidates answer.

We choose the ten we think are the most interesting.

The candidates are then sent them and can reply, or not. If they do reply we publish their responses in full which they won’t get out of any other media.

The process tends to favour candidates capable of independent thought. This is, in our view, a good thing(TM).

So in the comments below post the questions you’d like to see put to the candidates and we’ll get the ball rolling.

UPDATE: At noon today we find out who the candidates are, so this is your last chance to get in some questions!

Further update: The AEC has now advised us thusly:

As the draws for the positions on the ballot papers have only just taken place in the Eastern ststes and we have to wait for the western state, I am informed that the list of all candidates woill be on the AEC’s website at aec.gov.au from tomorrow Saturday after 09:00AM.

So we’ll be finalising questions tomorrow, keep them coming.

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69 Responses to Election10 – Call for candidate questions
whitelaughter whitelaughter 12:53 pm 31 Jul 10

would you sopport abolishing self-government in the ACT and restoring the NCDC? (Given this requires Federal legislation, yes it *is* a Federal matter). Please include a “yes” or “no” in your answer.

whitelaughter whitelaughter 12:52 pm 31 Jul 10

trevar said :

I’d heard (from what I thought was a reliable source) that Annette Ellis isn’t running for re-election, but her website says nothing of the sort, and I can’t find any indication of who is standing for Labor in Canberra, so I would like to ask the Labor candidate what his/her name is.

A simple question I know, but rather curious in a ‘safe’ Labor seat for it to be such a secret…

n CANBERRA: Annette Ellis will be replaced by Gai Brodtmann, who belongs to the Centre Coalition (ie the Right); she’s married to ABC political journalist Chris Uhlmann (who in turn was one of Paul Osborne’s independents). Ms Brodtmann runs a communications firm, Brodtmann & Uhlmann Communications, in Deakin. She serves on the board of a Canberra charity, Our Wellness Foundation, and has worked as a government communications adviser; She is a director of ACTTAB and the Gift of Life Foundation and a former director of the Cultural Facilities Corporation, National Press Club and Capital Superannuation Fund.

Gai is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia. She was interviewed here:

madamcholet madamcholet 11:07 am 31 Jul 10

Could you please ask Gai Brodtman in the seat of Canberra, given that she is a shoe in for the job, how she will maintain a higher profile than the outgoing member who seems to have just sat on her hands because it is such a safe seat. Turning up to fetes and putting out a newsletter is fine, but where’s the substance – achievments for the seat of Canberra

I had to deal with the Annette Ellis and I can categorically say that she paid our issue no time whatsoever – not even a return phone call after our initial meeting to say what she would be trying to do.

cleo cleo 2:14 am 31 Jul 10

Do you support more government housing for the homeless?
Do you support more money for pensioners, disability?
Do you support more help for mental health?
Do you support harsher penalties for criminals?
Do you support criminals with mental problems and dangerous, should be put into a mental instution?

MrPC MrPC 12:29 am 31 Jul 10

Don’t we already have a statue of Mal at Bruce Stadium?

I’d be very happy to see a pollie commit to no more public art (including statues) though.

astrojax astrojax 4:05 pm 30 Jul 10

inverted63 said :

If mankind somehow manages to discover how to cross a marshmallow with a meringue, should it be named a marsheringue or a meringallow?

you know you’ve just ruined my weekend…

affordable affordable 3:09 pm 30 Jul 10

after several years of drought and frequent rain for several months, describe climate change.

inverted63 inverted63 2:33 pm 30 Jul 10

If mankind somehow manages to discover how to cross a marshmallow with a meringue, should it be named a marsheringue or a meringallow?

AG Canberra AG Canberra 1:11 pm 30 Jul 10

Do you support increasing taxes/levies as a means of reducing consumption? ie if it’s good enough for smokes and alcohol, why not petrol or the GST?

What is your personal opinion on same sex marriages?

Do you think Australia should re visit the republic debate?

What are your thoughts on universities being subsidised by full fee paying overseas students that have such a basic level of English that they would not ordinarily be granted entry to the course if they were local?

Do you believe that ALL schools should recieve the same level of funding per student and if parents wish to contribute on top of that it is up to them?

Vaccination – no shots, no school?

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 12:59 pm 30 Jul 10

Children aren’t getting taught music and art in school any more. What plans do you and your party have to either fix arts education or make it easier for parents to access private tuition in the creative arts?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 12:46 pm 30 Jul 10

Will you move the gag any time Cheryl Kernot tries to speak, if she gets elected?

sepi sepi 11:33 am 30 Jul 10

Do you believe that privatising Australian airports has been a successful policy, and what will you do to protect Canberra residents from overnight aircraft noise?

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:29 am 30 Jul 10

Captain RAAF said :

Will you ban the Burqa?

Will you pander to bigoted populism rather than addressing serious policy issues?

mutley mutley 11:16 am 30 Jul 10

What do you see as the primary local concerns for your electorate and how do you plan to address these?

What would you do to address the regular “Canberra-bashing” by politicians of all sides?

I want a pony. Can you guarantee me a new pony?

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:51 am 30 Jul 10

Sorry, Mal, misspelled your name there!

johnboy johnboy 10:45 am 30 Jul 10

Do you support the creation of infrastructure to control internet content?

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:43 am 30 Jul 10

Are you now, or have you ever been, Welsh?

Drugs in Canberra, where’s the best place to buy them?

Should driving in the right hand lane be made a capital offense?

Witches on Mt Ainsley, should their freedom of expression be protected from interference by fundy nutsacks?

Should a statue be erected to Canberra’s greatest and most respected political person, Mal Menga?

DJ’s down by the lake, notice any resemblance to Hendrix there?

John Stanhope, should he be stuffed, mounted, and stood in the lobby of the legislative assembly?

Should we wait until he dies first, or not?

The arboretum, what odds are you giving on it vanishing in the next 3 years, during a drought/lightening strike?

I’ll have $10 on it please.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 10:24 am 30 Jul 10

Did you ever, as an MLA in the early 1990’s, say in a pre-recorded interview screened on the 7:30 report, that you thought a more appropriate name for abortion clincs was “slaughter houses”? If yes, do you now resile from that comment?

Captain RAAF Captain RAAF 7:16 pm 29 Jul 10

Will you ban the Burqa?

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 11:36 am 23 Jul 10

If you had to cast a vote for another candidate in this election, who, excluding any candidate from your party, would you vote for?

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