12 January 2006

First Assembly baby

| Kerces
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Congratulations to Katy Gallagher on the birth of her son Charlie.

And congratulations to the Legislative Assembly on the birth of its first ever baby.

UPDATE The ABC has slightly more than me on this.

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barking toad4:17 am 14 Jan 06

I don’t think bonfire is trolling – what he says makes sense

Sheilas want their bloke to be in the room so they can skite to their mates about how supportive he was etc,etc

I reckon the only reason a bloke would want to be there is so he can have a word to the doc as he tidies up….”any chance of a coupla extra ones”

My comment was directed to Bonfire’s earlier rant.


Its amazing who’ll bite when you just throw it out there


Hook, line and sinker.

Actually, even when we were married, during pregnancy he called me the incubator and I called him the sperm donor. But certainly not in front of her. It has nothing to do with bitterness, tosser. And I don’t hate the fruit of my loins’ father. Without him, I would not have her!

Oh, and pot? This is kettle. Yr coming in 5 / 5 .

Though to agree with one point, it was an event between me, my wife, the nurses and any doctors that needed to attend. No filming desired.

True blue vg, did you do the shoulder push to get the wee tacker past the pubic bone?

I held equipment during the birth of my first but for my second I wanted to get in and do what are some pretty simple things to be the one to help the kid out.

Stirring stuff indeed. But on a serious note, of all the options avalable for birth and the things that can go wrong, the husband absolutely must be there to represent his wifes wishes when she may not be able to. A delay for a nurse to wander out and find you when you don’t even know everything that is happening could be the difference between life and death.

Don’t mind bonfire too much, he has a ‘decency’ chip on his shoulder that is at odds with pragmatism. Too much anaconda in private school I’d guess.

i must correct one of my posts yesterday. i quoted schopenhauers ‘uber die weiber’ incorrectly. the correct quote is:

‘Women are directly fitted for acting as the nurses and teachers of our early childhood by the fact that they are themselves childish, frivolous and short-sighted; in a word, they are big children all their life long — a kind of indeterminate stage between the child and the full-grown man, who is man in the strict sense of the word. See how a girl will fondle a child for days together, dance with it and sing to it; and then think what a man, with the best will in the world, could do if he were put in her place.’

i think my short paraphrase is still accurate.

Having recently viewed the birth of our first I can honestly say that I’ve never read such abject shit from some of the posters.

One of, if not the most magical experiences of my life, and my wife was happy and grateful that I was present.

Some people are just bitter over their failed relationships, and some really have no idea. I’ll leave it up to you to work out who is who

im firmly of the view that child rearing should be primarily a womans role. and im supported by arthur schopenhauer who said ‘who better to raise children than women, for they are mere children themselves’.

You’re just an almighty Jackass aren’t you?

Pussy Whipped eh? Not even remotely true in my case, in fact I’d say your squeamish outlook makes you just plain pussy.

If memory serves, there are a few cultures in Central America where the father gets to play a key role in the birth – string is tied around his testes and the mother gets to tug on it so he can feel her pain. (Not putting my hand up for that one mind)

Bonfire, you’re trolling again…

your tiresome misandrosy and hectoring really does your effort to prove your argument no service.

do you want your child growing up knowing that you hate its father and refer to him as ‘sperm provider’ ? that sort of long running campaign may result in psychological problems which will manifest as behavioural problems in probably its teenage years.

i think your major issue is an inabilty to accept other people do not share your bizarre views, and have their own.

while attacking me you then state that you also dont like the idea of your mate viewing the birth – supporting my argument entirely.

Well, any stupid enough to have children with you will be, yes.

i dont see how you can conclude that by not wishing to view a birth i have no interest in the raising of my children, or in providing support and love. quite the opposite.

if my wife wants to breast feed its her choice.

im firmly of the view that child rearing should be primarily a womans role. and im supported by arthur schopenhauer who said ‘who better to raise children than women, for they are mere children themselves’.

I admit that mine wasn’t videod, and during the entire event the sperm provider was made to remain “up the head end”. I wasn’t comfortable with him seeing me in quite that position, but we both wanted him to be there. At one stage he did duck down the other end, and was fine with it, but I wasn’t. Most women don’t want their significant other “in the thick of it”, just want them to be there. And most men, the ones who are glad they are going to be fathers, want to be there as well.

I must admit I’m not entirely keen on video-ing the event (is there any sensible occasion on which anyone thinks it’s going to be suitable to watch it?), but if you don’t want to be around when your loved one is going through a crapload of pain in order to further your genetic structure, your loved one’s probably entitled to ask just how loved she actually is…

You don’t have children, do you Bonfire? Just as well. Basically, you want to provide the sperm, but that’s it. No watching the birth. No support (it’s not your problem) and your kid would have to be bottle fed because your wife’s boobs are for YOUR pleasure, not the baby’s nourishment. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

lg i mean it, there is no way im sitting through a birth. i certainly dont want to watch it on video.

most men feel that way as well, there just too pussy whipped to admit it.

Bonfire, it is totally obviously you are only saying that to get a reaction. Even you aren’t that fucked up.

the father should play no part in the ‘birth sequence’ he should wait in the waiting room while the doctor delivers the baby. i cant imagine anything worse than witnessing a baby being delivered. at least the mother receives anasthetics.

this new age mania for filming the event is also odd.

The only way it makes sense is that I Am Sam is deliberately making retarded comment, like JB said, to be the perfect shock jock.


Don’t get me wrong. Even a cold bitch like me believes that fathers (as long as they are good ones) are vital! And much as my ex turned out to be a tosser, I would never have wanted to go through the birth without him. And it meant he and the fruit of my loins bonded immediately, as he held her before I did.

My comment was mainly because of men saying how much a part of the process they are, as in what my ex said “Child birth is really painful. Look! I still have a scar from my wedding ring from when she squeezed my hand really hard and it really really hurt!”. My comment was more a joke than anything.

Absent Diane2:26 pm 12 Jan 06

Love the dad jokes thumper!!!I actually had a scare last week I got dad strength and dad humour in a big way….. needless to say the lady friend and I became a bit paranoid

Play a part because it’s fascinating and will give you an immense burst of pride. A very mentally healthy event.

That’s ok Kerces – I do expect better research from you. Anyway, since when do you take for fact anything printed in the Canberra Times 🙂

I accept that Ms Gallagher was the first to give ‘birth’ in the Assembly but she wasn’t to the first to have a “child” as the Times incorrectly reported.

LG, I’ve just been reading an entire chapter on the part that males play in the birth sequence, although they’re not the carrier, the presence of the male is still quite profound.

Apparently it leads to smarter, healthier, more well rounded socially babies – I said apparently because I think that’s a load of ‘ol cock and bull, but it raises significant enough issues to warrant that they certainly ‘play a part’ of the process.

Apparently Federal Government Ministers accept the the standard Howard Government handouts for newborn etc, If its good enough for Federal Ministers on their small salary then why not State and Territory Ministers. We can’t have any double standards can we.

As males they actually aren’t part of the birth. They are part of the conception, and part of the raising, but I’m yet to hear of a male giving birth.

Sam, you are a fuckhead. Katy having a baby is a conflict of interest? Someone with kids being the education minister is a conflict of interest?

Apologies Kimba for parroting the CT’s statistical claims without checking to see if anyone else had had kids too.

Derrrrrrrr…….Zed just dropped one recently and both of Humphries’ kids were born while he was in the Assembly. I think Big Bill last child was born while he was in the Assembly not to mention Paul Osborne who sired 2-3 three as a MLA.

Unless Kerces is suggesting that just because they are males they aren’t a part of the “birth”.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart10:51 am 12 Jan 06

On the assumption that there are public schools when Charlie starts school, would Katy send him there?

On the more outlandish assumption that Katy is still edumacation minister during Charlie’s school years, I can’t see any teacher yelling at Charlie for fear of being reported to mummy.

Would a teacher take the opportunity at a parent/teacher interview to request more funding???

I do have to wonder if this is a minor conflict of interest.

Who’s going to teach Charlie responsibility, or will he just walk into a comrade advisory role where you get to grafitti near shops owned by former liberal candidates? (Manuel Xyrakis owns part or all of Shoprite Ainslie)

Hmmm, personal bias again…

Of course she’ll accept the handout: the Left always have the hand out.

I wonder if Ms. Gallagher will be accepting the standard Howard Government handouts on having a newborn?

How’s the child care in the London Circuit Soviet?

On another note, just think, something that Katy is definitively responsible for!

I wonder if there will be any public schools left in the ACT for Charlie to attend in five years time???

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