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First Assembly baby

By Kerces - 12 January 2006 43

Congratulations to Katy Gallagher on the birth of her son Charlie.

And congratulations to the Legislative Assembly on the birth of its first ever baby.

UPDATE The ABC has slightly more than me on this.

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43 Responses to
First Assembly baby
Thumper 1:47 pm 12 Jan 06

Ah, Kimba…

“Ms Gallagher was the first to give ‘birth’ in the Assembly”

Surely she could have gone to a hospital?

kimba 1:13 pm 12 Jan 06

That’s ok Kerces – I do expect better research from you. Anyway, since when do you take for fact anything printed in the Canberra Times 🙂

I accept that Ms Gallagher was the first to give ‘birth’ in the Assembly but she wasn’t to the first to have a “child” as the Times incorrectly reported.

Maelinar 12:07 pm 12 Jan 06

LG, I’ve just been reading an entire chapter on the part that males play in the birth sequence, although they’re not the carrier, the presence of the male is still quite profound.

Apparently it leads to smarter, healthier, more well rounded socially babies – I said apparently because I think that’s a load of ‘ol cock and bull, but it raises significant enough issues to warrant that they certainly ‘play a part’ of the process.

yakz 11:52 am 12 Jan 06

Apparently Federal Government Ministers accept the the standard Howard Government handouts for newborn etc, If its good enough for Federal Ministers on their small salary then why not State and Territory Ministers. We can’t have any double standards can we.

LurkerGal 11:26 am 12 Jan 06

As males they actually aren’t part of the birth. They are part of the conception, and part of the raising, but I’m yet to hear of a male giving birth.

Thumper 11:24 am 12 Jan 06

Um, hate to point this out but I would suggest that lots of Ministers have kids and they probably go to school.

So do brendan nelson’s kids chuck a wobbly every time they have homework?

A conflict of interest? That is one of the more ludicrous things i have ever heard.

LurkerGal 11:20 am 12 Jan 06

Sam, you are a fuckhead. Katy having a baby is a conflict of interest? Someone with kids being the education minister is a conflict of interest?

Kerces 11:16 am 12 Jan 06

Apologies Kimba for parroting the CT’s statistical claims without checking to see if anyone else had had kids too.

kimba 10:53 am 12 Jan 06

Derrrrrrrr…….Zed just dropped one recently and both of Humphries’ kids were born while he was in the Assembly. I think Big Bill last child was born while he was in the Assembly not to mention Paul Osborne who sired 2-3 three as a MLA.

Unless Kerces is suggesting that just because they are males they aren’t a part of the “birth”.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:51 am 12 Jan 06

On the assumption that there are public schools when Charlie starts school, would Katy send him there?

On the more outlandish assumption that Katy is still edumacation minister during Charlie’s school years, I can’t see any teacher yelling at Charlie for fear of being reported to mummy.

Would a teacher take the opportunity at a parent/teacher interview to request more funding???

I do have to wonder if this is a minor conflict of interest.

Who’s going to teach Charlie responsibility, or will he just walk into a comrade advisory role where you get to grafitti near shops owned by former liberal candidates? (Manuel Xyrakis owns part or all of Shoprite Ainslie)

Hmmm, personal bias again…

Mr Evil 9:41 am 12 Jan 06

Of course she’ll accept the handout: the Left always have the hand out.

jr 9:20 am 12 Jan 06

I wonder if Ms. Gallagher will be accepting the standard Howard Government handouts on having a newborn?

johnboy 9:17 am 12 Jan 06

How’s the child care in the London Circuit Soviet?

On another note, just think, something that Katy is definitively responsible for!

Thumper 9:16 am 12 Jan 06


Mr Evil 9:07 am 12 Jan 06

I wonder if there will be any public schools left in the ACT for Charlie to attend in five years time???

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