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Flame of the week – The Beaudean Family Delivers

By johnboy - 12 December 2008 57

We waited, and we waited, and they’ve delivered.

New commenter Dell has, had a spray in defence of the Beaudeans, A family grouping accused of killing a man who was walking home from the pub.

    “For everyone in here that thinks that because they have read something it must be true.
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves, I am appalled and disgusted in the majority of you., put yourself in their shoes. I have a feeling that you all are from another country because in Australia we are meant to believe in, and promote the aphorism ‘Innocent until proving guilty’, That is what makes Australia the ‘free’ country it is today, I would be disgusted to call myself an Australian if it means associating myself with heartless, gutless people such as yourselves. Where is the compassion and empathy??

    The Beaudean family are lovely, hardworking people (Teneeka especially).
    All she ever wanted was to bring this child into a safe and loving world, now she is stranded in a situation she has no control over and getting slapped in the face with the thought of having her baby taken away from her. How would you feel if that was you?

The sentence structure and spelling is a little too well done to be a top notch flame. But there are some good little lapses, and what it lacks through coherence it delivers in spades on heat.

A top effort I say. But nothing less than was expected.

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Flame of the week – The Beaudean Family Delivers
shiny flu 6:36 am 13 Dec 08

Since I’m not of white background and technically according to Dell, un-Australian I’m going to play the RACISM CARD. F’ing murdering supporting bastard!

I-filed 6:13 pm 12 Dec 08

Hmmm, bit too much correct punctuation … quote marks placed properly … yep. Johnboy is right.

seekay 5:40 pm 12 Dec 08

Actually, GB, it’s the “passed over” that did it for me. Presumably Shani is already phoning the psychics who advertise towards the back of New Idea.

GB 5:23 pm 12 Dec 08

I see bear-baiting is still official policy on riotact.

Just as well that literacy is such a good guide to moral worth.

seekay 5:05 pm 12 Dec 08

Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!

Connoisseurs of white trash should see the comments of Shani Cassidy, mother of young Tyler Cassidy, the 15 year old shot by the perpetually trigger-happy Victorian Police last night, from a statement issued today:

“Why was he slayed to death when it was so unnecessary? Four officers were not capable of managing the situation? Now you have passed over I will speak for you and others like you.”

seekay 4:57 pm 12 Dec 08

The coppers clearly think Teneeka had some control over the situation otherwise they wouldn’t have charged her with being an accessory after the fact.

BerraBoy68 4:16 pm 12 Dec 08

I’ve not commented on this (or the related) thread before so feel no need to wear asbestos undies to wade into this flame. That said, Taneeka’s baby’s dad should be able to look after the baby if things don’t go too well for Taneeka.. er, won’t he Dell?

Jazz 4:14 pm 12 Dec 08

not yet R.Slick, its early days though 🙂

R. Slicker 3:48 pm 12 Dec 08

Gee, no threats to call in the police or close down RiotACT? Is this a first?

tylersmayhem 3:34 pm 12 Dec 08

That’s funny…I’ve often had trouble with my Dell!

p1 3:33 pm 12 Dec 08

Interesting his post all seems to be about us believing the cops when they say that the family was involved in the death in question. He doesn’t comment at all on the majority of the tread which, if I recall correctly, was about the humour of their names.

AG Canberra 3:18 pm 12 Dec 08

Yes there are two sides to every story – but unless the bloke they knocked off was a rapist or kiddie fiddler he didn’t deserve to die.

So when your actions cause someone to die you should expect to be locked up. That’s not unAustralian – thats common sense – a bit of which I think Dell is missing…

H1NG0 3:12 pm 12 Dec 08

Phew…what a nutbag. Thats a shocker.

Jim Jones 2:59 pm 12 Dec 08

Love the “you’re all unAustralian” slant to it.

Obviously only dirty foreign people do bad things, “real” Australians would never.

jakez 2:52 pm 12 Dec 08

You know, I have a mate who lives in Queanbeyan who sometimes uses the handle Dell…

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