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Flying foxes to be banned in ACT playgrounds?

By aronde - 18 October 2008 38

Recently the kids and I have been enjoying the brand new flying fox at John Knight Memorial Park on the shores of Lake Ginninderra.

Today the ‘fox’ was wrapped around one end with a very large chain and padlock.

Another person at the park said he was told it had been chained up for ‘liability’ reasons and was soon to be removed!

I find this really hard to believe as the Government has obviously just spent a large amount of money building this new piece of equipment complete with very nice landscaping.

So as I am tired of the election I was wondering if anyone has noticed if the other flying foxes around Canberra have also been closed or if anyone has heard anything about this?

I will be following up with TAMS on Monday! 

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Flying foxes to be banned in ACT playgrounds?
Lenient 10:48 am 19 Oct 08

Pity AMP didn’t get in, they would have replaced these graivty driven devices with big V8 powered ones.

CAP would have only let kids whose houses burnt down play on them.

Greens will make them solar powered.

Labor will declare them as public art and consequently Liberals will then deface them.

harvyk1 10:33 am 19 Oct 08

I remember the old fort at Fadden Pines and the Adventure playground at Kambah, some of the best days of my childhood where spent there… 🙂

The great thing was when we hurt ourselves we learned a lesson, don’t do what you just did again. I truely feel sorry for the kids that have to grow up in this time. They are going to be wrapped up in so much cotton wool that we’ll fear for them to step outside. We’ll also then question why are “australia’s kids getting fatter” and yet we’ll never draw the conclusion that we never let them leave the house as the answer.

It’s actually the insurance companies fault more than “moronic parents” (I’m not saying that moronic parents don’t exist, but decent parents are often forced). My sister broke her arm at school. Something which would normally be covered by their insurance. However the insurance company would not pay a cent until every last avenue had been exhausted. This included suing the school. My parents refused to do so (and thus ended up with the hospital bill), their thoughts where that they had just spent so much time raising money for the school (though the P&C) for the benefit of the kids, suing the school would undo all that effort.

aronde 10:21 am 19 Oct 08

Thanks for the comments. I see two issues here if indeed the flying foxes are to be closed. First of course whether they should indeed be closed and second how is it the Govt can spend (at a rough guess) tens of thousands building a new one at Lake Ginninderra only to close it within weeks of opening? Surely they must have had some idea if flying foxes were a liability issue before approving the building of a new one?

Swaggie 9:49 am 19 Oct 08

Blame the parasitic “no win no fee” legal types and the moronic parents whose eyes light up at the chance of a couple hundred thousand dollars because their kid hurt himself falling over. If the Gvmt find the insurance is too much I cant say I disagree with closing the areas, sad as it may be.

deezagood 7:10 am 19 Oct 08

My kids loved the Fadden pines climbing thingy because it was a little bit scary, challenging to climb for slightly older kids (6 and up) and a whole lot of fun. Adults could climb it too. The new, presumably safer structure is nowhere near as much fun. Is it the ‘overprotective parents …. ruining it for everyone’ or our increasingly litigious society and extremely high public liability insurance costs?

ant 12:05 am 19 Oct 08

GottaLoveCanberra said :

They’ll start with the children. Will the adults be next?

Funny you mention that. the gov’t is still quietly working away on the great firewall of Australia, to protect us all from what’s on the internet. And despite what some people think, there will be NO opt out.

GottaLoveCanberra 11:28 pm 18 Oct 08

They’ll start with the children. Will the adults be next?

Maelinar 11:09 pm 18 Oct 08

climb three metres into the air on this rope pyramid instead – try falling 3 metres from it, you will be surprised at how short a distance you will tumble.

Agreed on the cotton-wool concept thouth…

Gerry-Built 9:57 pm 18 Oct 08

and I might mention (again – different post) the $30,000 set of swings recently installed in a playground at Kaleen… maybe more to do with cost than liability (especially Fadden Pines Playground)? or a bit of both? Flying Foxes are the most awesome fun 😀 Hope they don’t remove them all!

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:40 pm 18 Oct 08

All part of the dumbing down and cotton-woolling of our kids. No forts at the lake – they’re ‘dangerous’. No more fort at Fadden Pines – just some plastic craptastic effort in primary colours with zero potential for fun.

Given that many of the facilities they’ve installed are actually more dangerous than those they’ve replaces (don’t climb on that sturdy wooden structure with rails – climb three metres into the air on this rope pyramid instead), I’ve wondered whether it’s actually a ploy to ensure parks are free of any structure that could be used as a shelter by homeless people. The new thing at Fadden looks solid, but it’s just clever angles – it’s nothing more than a house of cards.

BenMac 9:14 pm 18 Oct 08

I believe the fox at Yerrabi Pond in Gungahlin is still in operation. Will be interesting to see if anything happens to it.

BerraBoy68 6:59 pm 18 Oct 08

canberra towie said :

I have been told that the 2 at adventure playground at Kambah have also been removed !!

WTF?!?! If this is true, I might finally put my military training to some use and go on the warpath! The Flying Foxes at Kambah Playground are/were great and I will be making official representation to whoever wins this election if they have been removed. This sux beyond belief! I’m just waiting for some politician to ban ‘fire’ because a 5 year old was playing with matches.

JB: Next time candidates do a Sim City evening in the lead up to an election can you build in a scenario where a kid get hurt on play equipment to see how anal the potential polies could become?

jakez 6:31 pm 18 Oct 08

aronde you must hate children. Don’t you realise the Government is here to save us?

Tort reform is overdue.

canberra towie 6:29 pm 18 Oct 08

I have been told that the 2 at adventure playground at Kambah have also been removed !!

PsydFX 6:16 pm 18 Oct 08

I remember years ago there used to be an awesome Flying Fox on top of the 3 storey adventure playground at Fadden Pines, last time I walked past there though, the flying fox was gone, and the 3 storey playground was a poxy single level thing.

I can understand the dangers around using fancy 3 storey play equipment, flying foxes, and the like – but I also remember how well I bounced as a child, and of all the times I stacked it (which was alot) never did I seriously injure myself.

I guess we can thank over protective parents whose kids are made from glass for ruining it for everyone. Actually no, don’t thank them, let the message to these sissy raising parents be a big FU!

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