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footpaths not up to scratch to entice users, what!

By astrojax - 10 August 2010 21

footpath [Random inner north footpath after rain]

so, with all these new-fangled action routes and those new-fangled bike lanes to entice people to take buses or ride their bike rather than take their foul polluting evil satanic car, you might in a moment of quiet rumination imagine that the powers that be might also consider having people walk, yes walk – you remember that activity, don’t you?  came right after ‘crawl’ – instead of using a foul tintop…

well, braving the inclement weather today i bravely strode alongside the city’s pre-eminent thoroughfare, the salubrious and immaculately paved northbourne avenue and its swank clearly-marked lanes for bicycle use only, to find i had to hop across puddles, brave the slippery terrain of the mud off-path, or even clamber along a wall outside a commercial building, to avoid the puddles and other pitfalls of the poorly maintained pedestrian access along that route into town.

from other recent experience, the footpath alongside limestone avenue is in a similar state of disrepair, as is the bit of path i recently walked along canberra avenue by manuka.  this makes riding a cycle along the paths, rather than on the roads, along mahor arterial routes where there is no corollary bike path a bit problematic – and i am not going to commit myself to riding in that traffic…

maybe, if there were some enticing and accessible paths, more of this city’s fair populace might be enticed to leave the car behind and take a stroll more often.  or, more likely in the words of mssr kerrigan, “tell ‘im ‘e’s dreamin’…”

what do we need to do to get the footpaths seen to?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
footpaths not up to scratch to entice users, what!
ConanOfCooma 8:21 am 11 Aug 10

No footpaths in 99% of Cooma.

Fancy city-slickers, don’t need no foot rocks to walk on.

cleo 12:32 am 11 Aug 10

Aaaaaahh! I had a lovely dry ride in my car and didn’t get wet, nice and cosy!

Aeek 11:49 pm 10 Aug 10

Bitumen footpaths hold up well in Adelaide, the advantage of being too dry for street trees?
Not that that is a problem on Northbourne.

troll-sniffer 10:15 pm 10 Aug 10

NeedHelp said :

I can see where the OP is coming from.

Canberra roads and paths are notorious for poor drainage. This is an engineering/design problem. If the path was built correctly, it would drain properly.


Not really as simple as that. Paths that are perfectly laid one year aren’t the next, or at least after a few years. Ground movements, tree roots etc all have adverse effects on the stability of even the most massive concrete slabs.

Next argument?

bd84 10:06 pm 10 Aug 10

You make a good case for global warming. If we succeed in destroying the weather patterns, then we can have a permanent drought so then it won’t rain and we won’t ever have to worry about walking through a puddle on the footpath ever again!

Aeek 9:42 pm 10 Aug 10

Some sections of Northbourne Avenue footpath are unsafe* in the dry, let alone in the wet.
(*at least for those who don’t have perfect balance/control)

New Yeah 9:20 pm 10 Aug 10

If there were no puddles on the paths, then there would be no opportunities to take artfully framed photos of reflections of trees. Nice photo!

peterepete 8:02 pm 10 Aug 10

Travelator needed

NeedHelp 6:49 pm 10 Aug 10

I can see where the OP is coming from.

Canberra roads and paths are notorious for poor drainage. This is an engineering/design problem. If the path was built correctly, it would drain properly.


Furry Jesus 5:18 pm 10 Aug 10

Damned nature! The government should do something about it.

1. Get rid of all trees known to have root systems.
2. Cover all open spaces in concrete to a depth of 30cm.
3. Ban rain.


Tony 4:22 pm 10 Aug 10

OHG, how soft is the OP. Its raining! and puddles, mud and crap on paths and roads happen when its raining.

I have news for you. There is also puddles, mud and slippery surfaces on the new cycle lanes and bus lanes when it rains too.

OMG, shesh!!!

astrojax 3:51 pm 10 Aug 10

well no, troll-sniffer, not quite. if the roadway alongside the footpath were in as deplorable condition the motorists would be up in arms – would you simply say, use 4wd and tanks and get over it? many bike paths are smooth and well maintained, with camber to allow water run off so users don’t have to negotiate an orienteering course to navigate its course.

clearly, rain will show the worst in the path, but i have ridden along here, and limestone and other roads’ footpaths, and have had to negotiate protruding angled slabs of path pushed up by roots as well as encroaching foliage.

my point is that all this doesn’t add up to much of an enticement to use the paths when a foul satanic machine thing is so much more comfortable…

Ivan76 2:28 pm 10 Aug 10

The Gumboot, also known as rubber-boots, wellies, topboots, Wellington boot, barnboots, muckboots or rainboots.

Read all about them here:

Glad I could help;-)

andym 2:23 pm 10 Aug 10

Tell them using this site
I reported a pot hole in my street – fixed within a week.

troll-sniffer 2:07 pm 10 Aug 10

Well now this is a waste of a perfectly good post isn’t it? A beat up from nothing to nowhere. Walking in or just after rain? Wear suitable shoes. Are Canberra’s footpaths maintained? Yes, most that I walk along have been attended to in the last couple of years by some whizz-bang grinding machine.

Perhaps what you seek are covered footpaths. A roof over every conceivable bit of concrete or asphalt you wish to traverse? If not, what’s the point of your post? It rains, the ground gets wet, not all surfaces are able to drain all the water off in time for you to walk on them drily… and that’s how life is.

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