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Life is looking up

Four cylinder Stanhope

By johnboy - 22 November 2006 39

Our Brave Leader has proudly announced that he’s downsized to a four cylinder car and is taking the rest of the ACT fleet with him. While he’s at it he’s lifted the restriction to Australian made cars as there’s only one.

Is this for general reasons of fuel efficiency? Well partly, but that gets second billing throughout the announcement. As always it is to be sanctimonious, this time about greenhouse gases.

“The Government is determined to lead by example when it comes to economic efficiency and when it comes to addressing the looming threat of climate change”

But not by doing anything concrete about public transport or placing community assets out in the community thereby reducing travel distances. Maybe if Mr. Stanhope did away with a car for a week or two he’d realise how non-car use isn’t a viable option in the city he’s remaking.

(and on that note isn’t it wonderful to hear Simon Corbell announce that we’ll all have to get used to the parking nightmare his crappy planning has unleashed on Civic)

Meanwhile on greenhouse issues the Greens have been pointing out that the Government has yet to compile any statistics on greenhouse emissions in the ACT, without which any decision making is just useless tokenism.

But useless tokenism is what the ACT Government does best!

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Four cylinder Stanhope
Big Al 12:51 pm 22 Nov 06

That’s what I mean about Simple Simon getting worked over by industry JB.

When planning these developments the companies have a choice between suitable levels of parking for the custom they’ll attract or developing the whole site as retail/commercial space with minimum parking and then passing the parking problem onto the Govt. in the knowledge that the electorate will force their elected representatives to fix the problem. The developer wins because they can maximize letable space and externalize the cost of parking.

seepi 12:49 pm 22 Nov 06

Lots of people don’t want to walk long distance – older people, those with babies/toddlers/prams, and women after dark.
Real environmentalists in the public service and unis are getting fleets of toyota prius. Jon S is way behind the times.

johnboy 12:16 pm 22 Nov 06

I don’t want free parking Big Al, just convenient is fine.

Simon’s idea that we can just walk long distances doesn’t stack up for shopping.

farq 11:50 am 22 Nov 06

Big whoop.

I’m not 100% convinced that 4cyc is better for the environment. Sure they use less petrol, but (in my experience) they don’t last as long.

The difference between fuel efficiency of a 6cyc Camry vs. a 4cyc Camry is marginal (my experience, less than 10%). The 6cyc motors seem to last for ever (seen examples with 400,000km on the clock), I’ve seen two of the 4cyc motors worn out in less than 200,000km (but I’m no mechanic, just going on my families experience with cars, and no they were not used to tow).

Someone should do the math, work out how much energy it takes to build a car and work out how many years/km it would have to last to justify a 10-15% fuel saving. It’s not like building cars has no green house impact. Even recycling cars consumes large amounts of energy.

This may not work with fleets, but then again why do MLA’s need cars provided?

Ralph 11:49 am 22 Nov 06

He (Stanhope) really is a soft cock and a national embarassment.

Big Al 11:43 am 22 Nov 06

Simple Simon got completely blind-sided on the civic parking thing. To be honest I’m surprised that he and the shiny-arsed bureaucrats in planning got duded on such old play from the private sector.

That said, there’s almost a grain of reason in his statements about Canberran’s having to get used to not having an unlimited supply of free parking right out the front of where-ever we’re going.

ozmreeee 11:41 am 22 Nov 06

I’m with Thumper – whatever the reason, at least it’s a positive step by the CM … and as for Simon the Constructor did he say something?

barking toad 11:25 am 22 Nov 06

“The government is determined to lead by example when it comes to economic efficiency….”


Doesn’t the mayor just kill ya

Mr_Shab 11:14 am 22 Nov 06

…and kudos to W_W for not throwing a hissy fit when mentioning the word “Liberal”.

Mr_Shab 11:13 am 22 Nov 06

Good move che – I’m right there with you.

Glenloch is looking increasingly like the makings of a gigantic clusterfuck.

che 11:09 am 22 Nov 06

I rode my bike to work today not for green reasons but because once they start stuffing over the glenloch intersection I decided I’d rather spend 30-40 minutes on a bike than the same time sitting in traffic
will see if I can stick with it

wagga_wagga 11:08 am 22 Nov 06

And so the Liberals, (to out-do Stanhope) will have to downsize to 2 cylindar motor-bikes.

And then the Greens will downsize to pedal-power.

And I will ride the bus.

captainwhorebags 11:05 am 22 Nov 06

Perhaps remove the MLA entitlement to free reserved car parking at the Assembly so they can get a taste of what most Civic workers endure.

S4anta 10:57 am 22 Nov 06

I think the TWU might be up in arms, as this policy decision takes away much needed customers to the ACTION network.

Thumper 10:53 am 22 Nov 06

I agree JB, but at least we are seeing the CM putting his money where his mouth is, even if it is tokenism.

As for Corbell and his parking statement, it ranks up there with Hargreaves and his library consultation statement.

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