Four cylinder Stanhope

johnboy 22 November 2006 39

Our Brave Leader has proudly announced that he’s downsized to a four cylinder car and is taking the rest of the ACT fleet with him. While he’s at it he’s lifted the restriction to Australian made cars as there’s only one.

Is this for general reasons of fuel efficiency? Well partly, but that gets second billing throughout the announcement. As always it is to be sanctimonious, this time about greenhouse gases.

“The Government is determined to lead by example when it comes to economic efficiency and when it comes to addressing the looming threat of climate change”

But not by doing anything concrete about public transport or placing community assets out in the community thereby reducing travel distances. Maybe if Mr. Stanhope did away with a car for a week or two he’d realise how non-car use isn’t a viable option in the city he’s remaking.

(and on that note isn’t it wonderful to hear Simon Corbell announce that we’ll all have to get used to the parking nightmare his crappy planning has unleashed on Civic)

Meanwhile on greenhouse issues the Greens have been pointing out that the Government has yet to compile any statistics on greenhouse emissions in the ACT, without which any decision making is just useless tokenism.

But useless tokenism is what the ACT Government does best!

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39 Responses to Four cylinder Stanhope
Danman Danman 10:07 am 23 Nov 06

eh – this is a non event – dunno why we are still talking about it.

johnboy johnboy 9:58 am 23 Nov 06

There was a problem with a badly mangled hyperlink bit it was corrected after Danman drew my attention to it.

(better done with an email BTW but thanks nonetheless)

Danman Danman 9:45 am 23 Nov 06

Jazz – Oh and whats with the Riotact homepage right now – the frames are all out of wack

Comment by Danman — November 22, 2006 @ 2:32 pm

All good now.

Jazz Jazz 9:24 am 23 Nov 06

Danman, not exactly sure what you can see, but we dont use frames on RiotACT. Try refreshing your browser.
Looks ok from where i sit.

bonfire bonfire 5:23 pm 22 Nov 06

one of the arguments missing in the ‘who killed the elctric car’ movie was that if the californian govt mandated zero emission vehicles as a percentage of the californian vehicle fleet – why didnt they BUY any of the electric vehicles when they were being offered in 1996 ?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:22 pm 22 Nov 06

“Simon the Constructor”

No, it’s more like “Simon the Builder – Can We F*ck It?”

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 3:18 pm 22 Nov 06

Sorting out some of the local traffic snarls would make a big difference to how much fuel is consumed. When cruising at moderate speeds without starting and stopping even my V8 is reasonably economical.

I have to say, though, that I like the idea of small cars for city work. That’s why I usually use my Astra for commuting.

andy andy 3:14 pm 22 Nov 06

Thumper – only until the move the Mort St compound of DEWR out to the airport.
(oh Yes They Are. Only gonna be the Parlimentary teams in the other building that’ll stay. theres 2 massive buildings out at brindabella ear marked for DEWR, capable of holding easily 1500 pax

Thumper Thumper 2:46 pm 22 Nov 06

It’s going to get tight Caf when the buildings behind DEST and DEWR get filled.

caf caf 2:33 pm 22 Nov 06

The “parking nightmare” seems to have been somewhat alleviated with the new canberra centre parking – I just dropped in to pick up some takeaway lunch from the Tip Top and had an entire row of empty spots to myself. The walk to Garema didn’t seem much longer than to the old carpark that’s been built over either.

Danman Danman 2:32 pm 22 Nov 06

Yeah I knida assumed that – I park right near the container in the corner – I was just wondering what fate has befallen him now ?

Oh and whats with the Riotact homepage right now – the frames are all out of wack

Thumper Thumper 2:28 pm 22 Nov 06


sadly the cheerful old guy in his immaculate HG is no longer there. The car park is surrounded by a fence.

Danman Danman 2:23 pm 22 Nov 06

Mythbusters ran a car on waste vege oil that had only been filtered through filter paper.

vehicle had no mods what so ever.

Not to say that is the way to go (longterm gumming of valves etc etc) but surely it would not be that hard to filtyer impurities from WVO – your mods to th eengine would be minimal.

Maybe you would need a concealed heater element for the tank in winter – and some heat device pre injectors.

Thumper – RE Rex paid parking – I heard that the free car park is owned by the Tradsmens Labour club and will be there for quite a while – in any case – theres about 30 more cars there at 0700 now. As for what happening to th eother car park – anyon eknow. Didnt they just recently up it from 3 bucks to 4.

And what about that cheerful guy who was there cleaning that car park every morning in his original condition HG? Is he now unemployed?

Anyone ?

el el 2:22 pm 22 Nov 06

Fuck them.

Pandy Pandy 2:16 pm 22 Nov 06

Biodiesel: Making your own is illegal. The Feds want excise on it and they want every batch lab tested @ $2,000 a pop.

el el 1:56 pm 22 Nov 06

Access to biodiesel is only limited by your level of enthusiasm to start making (brewing?) your own, smokey2.

smokey2 smokey2 1:53 pm 22 Nov 06

What about access to biodiesel. I still want to do my bit for the planet.

Thumper Thumper 1:28 pm 22 Nov 06

Ha! Then we need to harness that power source by use of biodegradable plastic bags attached to said bullocks arse.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:17 pm 22 Nov 06

Thumper, bullocks pass methane-filled wind, so they’re no good either.

Thumper Thumper 1:12 pm 22 Nov 06

Oh, and bullocky drays for public transport.

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