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Free Schapelle protest

By Kerces - 27 May 2005 40

As you’ve probably heard by now, Schapelle Corby’s been found guilty and sentenced to 20 years and some large amount of rupees fine.

There’s going to be a Free Schapelle protest tonight (27-MAY-2005) outside the Indonesian embassy (8 Darwin Ave Yarralumla) at 5.30.

(That is to say, a protest about making Schapelle free, not a protest that is free. Though I don’t suppose you’ll have to pay to be there so it will be free too).


[ED – Caz also sent in the following:

Get your hankies out folks, and bring along your pitchforks and burning torches. It’s time to form an angry mob! And who doesn’t like being part of one of those?

Now that Our Schapelle™ has been sentenced to 20 years in a dirty Balinese prison, its time to tell those Indonesians that they’re very naughty people indeed. Because she didn’t do it! She’s very pretty! And good at hand gestures! And she, um, said she didn’t do it!

Canberrans who want to beat their chests and howl about the ‘terrible injustice’ of it all can attend a rally this arvo out the front of the Indonesian embassy. It’s set to take place at 5:30pm. Sadly, if you’re someone who likes to make an arse of themselves in front of the television cameras, you’ll probably be disappointed. The rally starts too late to make any of tonight’s news bulletins. Nice planning, morons.

My sources tell me the Greens are organising the event. That should convince the Indonesian authorities to change their minds – having a bunch of unwashed, pot-smoking hippies descend on their embassy. Schapelle’s release is clearly going to be imminent!

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Free Schapelle protest
johnboy 3:46 pm 28 May 05

The Herald-Sun have coverage of the protest, and the string of abusive communications the embassy have received.

BTW VG – how much of the prosecution evidence would have been admissable?

The whole case would have been shitcanned here.

Anyway I didn’t know I was required to hold an absolutist position on the Indonesian Legal system. It seem like a silly thing to have.

If I have any position it’s the more nuanced “Improving, still awfull, and I pray I’m never at its mercy”

vg 1:32 pm 28 May 05

There are dirty big signs all over Denpasar airport and in the Aussie travel warnings about moving illicit substances overseas. Whether the sentences are manifestly unfair the warnings are clear.

One cannot help but think what the press and public’s reaction to a 45yo overweight male in the same predicament would have been like.

For mine I didn’t see any admissible evidence that would have resolved her. Anything else outside that is rhetoric. Sure we may all see the sentence as excessive but it’s not our system to criticise

LurkerGal 1:24 pm 28 May 05

I hate sunshine and I don’t like the indonesian system. On appeal, he got what? 3 years? Something absurd.

The Australian legal system is also a joke, but that’s not what the argument is about. I never said “only the Australian system knows best”.

vg 11:41 am 28 May 05

Many people have missed the acute possibility that she is in fact guilty of what has been alleged. before people starting taking a benevolent attitude (i.e. only Australia’s system knows best) to the other judicial syatem in our area perhaps they should consider whether the Court here was right on the admissible evidence presented to it.

People are either for or against the Indonesian system, they can’t be ‘sunshine friends’

johnboy 10:20 am 28 May 05

It’s certainly a curious argument that agreement with one verdict represents a validation of all other verdicts, for all time.

LurkerGal 10:08 am 28 May 05

No one protested him getting the death penalty because he killed people.

Have you ever been in an Indonesian court? Justice is not a part of their system.

However, at the same time, rallying outside any embassy or consulate is pointelss. Their country, their rules. Personally, I think it is absurd and appalling, but the Indonesian legal system won’t change its mind because of what I think. Or what any of you think either.

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:33 pm 27 May 05

The expression “Cheese it the cops!” is believed to have originated in gangland Chicago prior to World War 1, and was used by later “notables” such as George ‘Bugs’ Moran, Dion O’Banion (1892-1924), Hymie Weiss (1898-1926),and ‘Machine Gun’ Jack McGurn.
Hymie Weiss is credited with coining the phrase ” A one way ride” in 1921.
By the mid 1920’s, the use of the expression “Cheese it the cops” ( or just “Cheese it” ) had become widespread amongst petty crooks and gangland members, not only in Chicago, but in New York and Detroit as well. The expression generally meant “Run for it, the cops are here”, or “Quit your (illegal) activity, the cops are on the way”.
By the 1930’s, the expression had spread to most American States, but by the 1950’s its use started to wane, and by the mid 1960’s it had all but disappeared.
The expression has recently been ‘resurrected’in some popular television programs such as “Futurama”.

theonlyjames 7:53 pm 27 May 05

Morbo demands comments!

johnboy 6:42 pm 27 May 05

Morbo Demands More Futurama References!

K’s angry mob component could, in the right light, be taken to be a Bender reference

areaman 5:26 pm 27 May 05

“Cheese it” means run. Bender from futurama uses it.

vg 5:23 pm 27 May 05

Another unsung post that makes absolutely no sense. Cheese it???

Canberra_unsung_hero 4:58 pm 27 May 05

Cheese it ! Here come the cops !!

areaman 4:57 pm 27 May 05

Talk about mob rule, I wouldn’t have thought the Greens would be so stupid and popularist.

vg 4:50 pm 27 May 05

No one complained about the Indonesian system of justice when Amrosi (one of the Bali bombers) got sentenced to death.

From what I have gleaned there was no hard evidence of her innocence and a lot of her guilt. That, in most courts, means the burden of proof is satisfied

bulldog 4:47 pm 27 May 05

Not so sure this will be help or hindrance… In any case, I have been told she has seven days to appeal and take it to the supreme court. Failing that she can try the super supreme court, however I think this story has too much ham already… Did anyone catch Channel 9’s disgusting “Live Coverage”?

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