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Free Schapelle protest

By Kerces 27 May 2005 40

As you’ve probably heard by now, Schapelle Corby’s been found guilty and sentenced to 20 years and some large amount of rupees fine.

There’s going to be a Free Schapelle protest tonight (27-MAY-2005) outside the Indonesian embassy (8 Darwin Ave Yarralumla) at 5.30.

(That is to say, a protest about making Schapelle free, not a protest that is free. Though I don’t suppose you’ll have to pay to be there so it will be free too).


[ED – Caz also sent in the following:

Get your hankies out folks, and bring along your pitchforks and burning torches. It’s time to form an angry mob! And who doesn’t like being part of one of those?

Now that Our Schapelle™ has been sentenced to 20 years in a dirty Balinese prison, its time to tell those Indonesians that they’re very naughty people indeed. Because she didn’t do it! She’s very pretty! And good at hand gestures! And she, um, said she didn’t do it!

Canberrans who want to beat their chests and howl about the ‘terrible injustice’ of it all can attend a rally this arvo out the front of the Indonesian embassy. It’s set to take place at 5:30pm. Sadly, if you’re someone who likes to make an arse of themselves in front of the television cameras, you’ll probably be disappointed. The rally starts too late to make any of tonight’s news bulletins. Nice planning, morons.

My sources tell me the Greens are organising the event. That should convince the Indonesian authorities to change their minds – having a bunch of unwashed, pot-smoking hippies descend on their embassy. Schapelle’s release is clearly going to be imminent!

What’s Your opinion?

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Free Schapelle protest
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bonfire 12:21 pm 31 May 05

i agree vg – i think people will slowly realise they have been spun, and then the public sentiment may turn.

worse case scenario – she comes home and then says ‘i did it’.

Ralph 11:31 am 31 May 05

Talk about un-Australian.

vg 11:21 am 31 May 05

I don’t think the Indonesians care a lick whether we have faith in their system or not. It disturbs me that people can’t seem to see the forest for the trees here and even entertain the notion that she IS guilty as charged, but rather simply believe the 7pm Ray Martin rhetoric (that Ch9 so heavily paid for). The fact that this rhetoric dances so loosely with the truth leads me to believe that not only are we predominantly a nation of booners, but we will believe anything, especially when it has the xenophobic slant that our media pushes.

Yes, I agree the sentence was manifestly unfair, but I am not convinced of her doe-eyed innocence as seemingly most of the country has been duped to believe. Most of the FACTUAL information I have heard (virtually entirely un-newsworthy as it goes against the image of ‘our Schapelle’) points directly to her guilt.

I take great offence to the blanket statements such ‘a nations outrage’. I, and many people I know (and they dont all move in my employment circles) are of the belief she is guilty and, curiously enough, she is ever so slowly slipping from our front pages.

johnboy 7:55 pm 30 May 05

C’mon VG, the presiding judge says he’s heard hundreds of drug cases and not found ONE innocent.

at the same time customs officials are botching procedure as they did in the corby case?

I realise that you’d like to see that sort of judiciary here because it’d mean an easy and quiet life for the police.

but don’t ask us to have faith in that sort of justice process.

vg 6:01 pm 30 May 05

Yes, that is correct (though if you had’ve written that I would have agreed). The judges did not believe her story and believed that of the custom’s officials. I would have thought that was obvious, hence the conviction

wooly 4:17 pm 30 May 05


The preceeding and following sentences surrounding the one you quoted talk about what the judges would need to accept to find Miss Corby innocent. I admit it was not written so well (I shouldn;t have put the quoted sentence in it’s paragraph, but taken in context and with my latter clarification I believe you should be able to see what I am saying.

If not here it is in a nutshell:

Judges will believe customs and court officials words above that of accused drug smugglers with drugs in their bags

To find Miss Corby innocent the judges not only had to believe her story but to disbelieve the cutoms official’s testimony.

LurkerGal 3:24 pm 30 May 05

RG, you’d need to get bigger lips…….and maybe an army……

vg 3:21 pm 30 May 05

“Not only that but the whole process of not finger printing, not producing the video even upon public request, amounts to a widespread conspiracy”

In what part of that sentence are you saying it wasn’t a ‘conspiracy’. Would it be the last 5 words?

RandomGit 3:12 pm 30 May 05

Quoth LG “lip service”

…. you are kidding right? ALl that money doesn’t add up to lip service to me. Bribe perhaps (kinda fitting really) but lip service?

Screw the tax cuts, I want some of Indonesia’s lip service.

wooly 1:26 pm 30 May 05


I think you are being facetitious. Just to clear up, I am not saying it is a conspiracy, just pointing out that the judges would have to accept a conspiracy occurred to fine Miss Corby innocent. Point being: not likely.

bonfire 12:54 pm 30 May 05

conspiracy my arse.

her team presented evidence. it was rejected as flawed.

based on the case presented to them, she was found guilty.

ignore media spin, focus on facts.

drugs are evil, so are drug traffickers.

vg 12:42 pm 30 May 05

Yes, its a conspiracy

wooly 11:24 am 30 May 05

What has been to some estent ignored in this case, is that to find Miss Corby innocent the judges would have to find that 4 Indonesian customs officials lied.

Not only that but the whole process of not finger printing, not producing the video even upon public request, amounts to a widespread conspiracy. The judges would not and are not going to do that.

What of the video frmo the airports in Australia? Wiped after the request from the lawyers. Is this fact? Do we know the circumstances?

This case does remind me of the 1995(?) case of middleage Japanese travellers convicted of importing drugs into Australia. Drugs found in luggage, they all denied it, had a plausible story to explain the drugs presence, complained of mis-translation in the arrest and the court case, and ended up in jail.

In cases of drug importation around the world, possession does almost amount to guilt.

shaun 9:31 am 30 May 05

If I ever get busted at any Australian airport with say 2Kg of heroin in my bag, I’m just going to keep a straight face and say “Baggage handlers must have put it there”. I fully expect to be waved through with any further questioning.

Nik_the_Pig 9:11 am 30 May 05

OMG, Can. unsung hero seems to be making sense.

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:08 pm 29 May 05

Why don’t we all just accept the “Umpire’s decision” for the time being… until new material surfaces..which I’m sure it will eventually.

johnboy 8:46 pm 29 May 05

well apprently it was rather leafier than the good gear and yes you can see that on TV.

vg 6:53 pm 29 May 05

What, by looking at it on a TV telecast? I don’t need contacts to know…..sorry

johnboy 5:44 pm 29 May 05

My contacts who would know claim that the stuff shown on tv as being found in the body board bag was not the high grade gear of which you speak.

But I can’t claim to be speaking on an area of personal knowledge.

vg 3:28 pm 29 May 05

Suffice to say that high grade Australian dope is of significantly higher value on the streets of Kuta or Denpasar than it is on our streets. This was only really well publicised once in the whole argument, in an SMH article, but known for years. The stuff wholly made in Bali is not as highly valued as stuff that is hydroponically nurtured here.

Your inference is most definitely wrong. Now before everyone jumps on the fact that the conditions are ideal in Bali etc etc, it is the quality of the goods that are highly valued, not the quantity.

Bali is a very nice place to visit if you don’t confine yourself to the bogan plains of Kuta. I stayed in a lovely bogan free environment for 7 days (Le Meridien resort at Tanah Lot was beyond the average booners capabilities).

But trust me, Bali is not the Yarralumla nursery of dope growing. The imported stuff is far more highly regarded, another pertinent point lost amongst the irrelevant and inadmissible rhetoric

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