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Furniture packages in Canberra?

By Havok 16 June 2011 13

I’m looking for a place that offers fashionable yet reasonably inexpensive furniture packages to deck out my new house in Canberra.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What’s Your opinion?

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Furniture packages in Canberra?
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Rebow 9:33 pm 16 Jun 11

Spend the money where you’ll need it. Before we had kids (ten years ago) we bought cheap Fantastic Furniture couches and armchairs – they’re sturdy and still going strong, but not exactly fashionable. Our dining table we got some sort of sturdy hardwood arrangement from a more $$$ place because we figured it would need to take the abuse. Avoid fantastic furniture beds and dining suites – not very sturdy.

bd84 3:10 pm 16 Jun 11

Frisco have some decent middle of the road type furniture. Furniture Direct (?) down the road in Fyshwick also have semi-decent stuff.

I would also stay away from Fantastic unless you were desperate for very cheap stuff and don’t mind if it breaks easily and have to replace it..

Angelina 2:17 pm 16 Jun 11

Chewy14, you need to work a little harder in bed 😉

Seriously though, Fantastic Furniture can be a bit hit and miss. We bought a couch from them in the past and it lasted fine, but I know other people who’ve had their stuff break within a year, definately if they’re a bit rough on it.

Big fellas might find their couches a little uncomfy too, I know my husband did. The seat and back were a bit short for him to get really relaxed. Just go in with your eyes open, you get what you pay for. Also, their packages seem to have an excessive amount of tables in them! Side tables, coffee tables, dining tables, lots of tables. But if you’re starting from scratch that might be what you need!

If you like haggling I’d try Antagonist’s approach first. You might be able to get some better quality stuff for a lower price. Take a stroll through Fyshwick and look in a few stores. Maybe see if there are some auctions around too. My old work used to replace their flash couches and stuff every year so some government auctions might have a bit of that around.

chewy14 12:33 pm 16 Jun 11

Skidbladnir said :

Cheap, fashionable, durable.
Pick any two.

If you’re expecting durability avoid Fantastic Furniture like they were bleeding from their eyes.
Anything you buy will need replacing fairly soon after purchase.

What type of furniture are you talking about?

I’ve got a bed and associated stuff from Fantastic Furniture that’s still going strong 7 years after I bought it. It may have been fairly cheap and nasty but it hasn’t fallen apart yet.

Skidbladnir 12:10 pm 16 Jun 11

Cheap, fashionable, durable.
Pick any two.

If you’re expecting durability avoid Fantastic Furniture like they were bleeding from their eyes.
Anything you buy will need replacing fairly soon after purchase.

AmyHelen 11:58 am 16 Jun 11

And if there are still things you need after you get your package, there’s always . It can be a bit hit & miss, but with 700+ listings of furniture for sale in Canberra today, you could well find a bargain!

Grrrr 11:42 am 16 Jun 11

This thread is useless without a better idea of your budget beyond “reasonably inexpensive.” Do you, for instance, think Freedom Furniture or any of the other national chains are expensive?

That said; try the Salvos, Gumtree, AllClassifieds, trading post, etc. There’s always people with money/nice stuff leaving and selling half their household items after a couple of years working here..

kezzafezza 11:27 am 16 Jun 11

Don’t bother with Fantastic Furniture. Its cheap, but you’ll be buying more furniture soon as the ‘Fantastic’ stuff breaks. My husband and I decked out our house with Fantastic crap when we first moved in together 4 years ago, and all of it was broken or on its way to breaking within a year.
Drive around Fyshwick, there are heaps of furniture places that will be reasonably cheap.

Antagonist 11:23 am 16 Jun 11

My wife and I paid cash for our furniture in Fyshwick on 30 June about three years ago. We picked out our target store and walked in. We picked out the display furniture we liked and made a rediculously low cash offer. After a little haggling we picked up furniture with a floor value of $8000 for under $2500. They even delivered it on the same day for free, complete with all receipts and warranties.

The basic strategy is to target those stores that appear to be struggling, but still have nice display stock. Wait until the last days of financial year and walk in with cash. Make an offensively low offer and get ready to haggle. Never pay more than 50% of ticket price for floor stock – ever. In fact on 30 June I would be looking for NEW furniture at minimum 50% off.

Be a tight ass, but don’t be a butthole when you are haggling. And try not laugh when they agree to your insane price. Being nice to the sales staff will help you get what you want, for the price you want. Sometimes it can be helpful to remind them it is the last day of financial year too. You should be using every bit of leverage in your favour right down to making sure you have an attractive female with you … with her clevage almost jumping out. Amazing how boobs can mess with a mans maths!

Good luck 🙂

Felix the Cat 10:52 am 16 Jun 11

Fantastic Furniture in Fyshwick

amycatwiz 9:55 am 16 Jun 11

If you have a really low budget and are in Gungahlin there is some surprisingly good stuff at Mitchell Resource Centre (i.e. a second hand furniture shop at the tip).

Also Salvos, and classifieds like ANU Billboard, Canberra Times, AllClassifieds, Ebay. A lot of the time you can find people moving out of Canberra wanting to sell most of their furniture at once. If they don’t manage to sell it before they move, it often ends up at Mitchell Resource Centre or Salvos. We used these options and got a number of as-new really lovely pieces at great prices (though it does involve some searching and trailer-renting to pick things up)

In relation to Fantastic Furniture – I prefer Furniture Direct Warehouse across the road from the Fyshwick store. Great prices and much better quality.

neanderthalsis 9:29 am 16 Jun 11

What sort of budget are we looking at? Is it a students “beanbag, milk crates and a mattress on the floor” sort of budget, a Fantastic Furniture flatpack special that will kit out your house in stylish MDF and chrome for a grand or something more stylish?

Sammy 9:19 am 16 Jun 11

So you’re after really nice furniture, but cheap?

Check out Unicorn Tears Furniture in Fyshwick.

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