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Gareth Higgins found not guilty by a Magistrate

johnboy 28 September 2005 11

ABC Online is reporting that RiotACT favourite, Gareth Higgins has been found not guilty of assaulting Chief Justice Higgins while allegedly attempting to steal the Chief Justice’s car.

Can one of our legal eagles explain why a magistrate is making findings of reasonable doubt?

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11 Responses to Gareth Higgins found not guilty by a Magistrate
Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:52 pm 19 Oct 06

if you had an assault too… what kind of person does that make you. Not very pleasant in my eyes. Wake up.

Danman Danman 8:38 pm 19 Oct 06

Shit – Thumper – I always saw you as the little rabbit from Pooh – not a schoolyard thug.

My bad.

Chris Leon Chris Leon 4:42 pm 18 Oct 06

you people are wankers, propping yourselves up to feel better about yourselves on the back of this family’s now-passed personal troubles. Get a fucking life. You don’t know Gareth, you’ve only heard/read things about him. Everybody has: he’s the CJ’s son who the cops use to embarrass Terry, you imagine he’s a brat who throws violent tantrums at his dad, its nothing like that. News coverage of these incidents were trashy cheap local sensationalism at its finest. Gareth is one of the best people you could meet when drug free, as he is now. I SAW the way he was treated, including a dwyke officer spraying him excessively with capsicum spray AFTER he gave himself up laying completely still on a footpath while cuffed. And the same again with the police dog inside. You can judge his actions to an extent, but don’t then fuckin claim to know the guy’s character. The irony is the fact that you even typed something about this guy and couldnt mind your business shows your own petty character.
I had an assault once too, but it didnt make the news. Do you think it’s fair that thumping someone should land this guy on the news in Mexico, because of who his dad is?

I assume most of you losers are/were in Canberra, rather than hate from behind your gay little pseudonyms Id be willing to set you straight in person if you had the cojones to put your real name up and still want to run your mouths, ie Mr Evil (nice handle you fucking fagg) and Thumper.

terubo terubo 10:51 am 05 Oct 05

If he’s that bad, then maybe it’s understandable his son tried to do him over??

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:30 am 05 Oct 05

For fucks sake: Justice Higgins is an idiot, and the fact that he’s bred an arsehole of a son like this just goes to prove it! I sat on a trial jury for 10 days while Terence rambled on about crap that had stuff all to do with the actual trial taking place. The whole thing could have been over in half the time, if a decent Judge was in control.

Tempestas Tempestas 7:20 pm 29 Sep 05

I think that until Mr Evil becomes a judge he should keep his ignorant opinions to himself.

Many studies has shown that the closer a person gets to the information that was made available at the court the closer that person is to agreeing with the judges decision.

In most cases where the person has the same info as the judge they tend to suggest the judge was too harsh.

So Mr Evil your theory of karma applies to everyone equally does it.

No one ever deserves to be assaulted. That you think so proves to everyone what a complete low life you are.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:32 pm 29 Sep 05

Feel sorry for his Dad? No way!

Justice Higgins has slapped the wrists of that many losers and released them into public circulation to cause more grief to their families and the general public, that it’s probably karma that he’s on the recieving end of it now.

bonfire bonfire 12:11 pm 29 Sep 05

from all accounts of him ive seen over the years he sounds like an indulged shit. he also needs a good kicking.

i really feel sorry for his dad.

Thumper Thumper 7:37 am 29 Sep 05

Apparently it could not be proved that he did not do it by accident.

Or something like that.

Obviously it could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt that he did the deed. However, i must say that this guy leads a seriously charmed life.

One which will end in due course….

Rocket Rocket 9:42 pm 28 Sep 05

It is the Magistrates job to make findings of guilt or innocence. Obviously innocence is based on reasonable doubt, however in this case the assault matter was determined in the Supreme court and he was acquitted. The matter was then referred to the Magistrates Court to be re-heard after the findings of the Supreme Court. If you read the link below you will gain a little insight into the ‘legal’ issues.

lexus lexus 8:38 pm 28 Sep 05

Today’s court case may be the first of several that also allege some form of unsociable behaviour by our good friend Gareth, albeit not against his father. Fortunately the other allegations have a few photos to go with them that should leave absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind, least of all a magistrate, about what may have actually happened.

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