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Gareth Higgins is OK you f*cking faggs

By johnboy 18 October 2006 35

For those who missed it a “Chris Leon” has illuminated the comments with his own thoughts in the infamous Gareth Higgins

you people are wankers, propping yourselves up to feel better about yourselves on the back of this family’s now-passed personal troubles. Get a fucking life. You don’t know Gareth, you’ve only heard/read things about him. Everybody has: he’s the CJ’s son who the cops use to embarrass Terry, you imagine he’s a brat who throws violent tantrums at his dad, its nothing like that. News coverage of these incidents were trashy cheap local sensationalism at its finest. Gareth is one of the best people you could meet when drug free, as he is now. I SAW the way he was treated, including a dwyke officer spraying him excessively with capsicum spray AFTER he gave himself up laying completely still on a footpath while cuffed. And the same again with the police dog inside. You can judge his actions to an extent, but don’t then fuckin claim to know the guy’s character. The irony is the fact that you even typed something about this guy and couldnt mind your business shows your own petty character.

I had an assault once too, but it didnt make the news. Do you think it’s fair that thumping someone should land this guy on the news in Mexico, because of who his dad is?

I assume most of you losers are/were in Canberra, rather than hate from behind your gay little pseudonyms Id be willing to set you straight in person if you had the cojones to put your real name up and still want to run your mouths, ie Mr Evil (nice handle you fucking fagg) and Thumper.

Comment by Chris Leon — October 18, 2006 @ 4:42 pm | Edit This

So there you go, not only have you been told but we might have a date for CrazyChester.

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35 Responses to
Gareth Higgins is OK you f*cking faggs
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dodge 1:19 pm 04 Mar 15

gareth was a close mate and a top bloke pity the drugs f***ed him up. hope he is sorted now.would love to catch up with you mate . can anyone help in this area..cheers

KaneO 8:01 pm 21 Oct 06

I met a couple of lesbo ACT coppers once. They said no.
Hate that.

Special G 7:06 am 21 Oct 06

Chris appears to be a one rant only visitor to the site. Talk tough and then run away to hide.

Either that or his internet time ran out and the money to get back on got shot up his arm instead.

vg 9:14 pm 20 Oct 06

Where are you Chris?

Krusty 6:04 pm 20 Oct 06

Surely Chris Leon can’t be referring to the same Gareth Higgins that smacked his pregnant girlfriend around.

Wino 8:37 am 20 Oct 06

“I SAW the way he was treated, including a dwyke officer spraying him excessively with capsicum spray AFTER he gave himself up laying completely still on a footpath while cuffed. And the same again with the police dog inside.”
The gay female police dog sprayed him with capsicum spray?

Absent Diane 8:54 pm 19 Oct 06

choccas full of rohyptonol would be my guess.

Special G 5:42 pm 19 Oct 06

You’d drink something served by Gareth? It would want to be sealed.

vg 3:34 pm 19 Oct 06

Perhaps Leon’s prize for his punishment should be cooking us all a sausage whilst wearing a frilly apron and not much else.

We could get Gareth to serve us drinks

Absent Diane 2:37 pm 19 Oct 06

well i do. I just like being difficult sometimes.

Absent Diane 2:28 pm 19 Oct 06

I dont get it.

Mr_Shab 2:27 pm 19 Oct 06

…all this talk of sausage-eating and getting punched in the ring…

Absent Diane 2:25 pm 19 Oct 06

I wouldn’t pay to see it.. but I would eat a sausage.

Special G 2:18 pm 19 Oct 06

Its not often I agree with Big Al, but on this occasion – Well said.

Looks like VG is prepared to step up to the plate with his cojones on display. What say you Mr Leon.

Is RiotAct selling tickets to this one. Could be a good money spinner, paying for a BBQ afterwards.

Big Al 10:24 am 19 Oct 06

This Chris Leon sounds like a right little arse-maggot … with all the posturing and homophobic rhetoric I’m prepared to go out on a limb and say it’s probably a fair bet that Chris is actually Gareth’s bitch!

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