Gay parental leave

johnboy 6 August 2008 71

We should have elections more often.

Yesterday Andrew Barr announced the passage of the Parental Leave Legislation Amendment Bill 2008.

    “The Parental Leave Legislation Amendment ACT 2008 removes yet another form of discrimination against same-sex couples and their children in the ACT and builds on our work to secure equal rights for all Canberrans,” Mr Barr said.

Surely the relationship of the parents to the child is more important in this matter than their relationship with each other?

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71 Responses to Gay parental leave
Thumper Thumper 8:06 am 08 Aug 08

I don’t know why anyone is even discussing this. A kid is sick, someone has to look after the little tacker.

End of story I would have thought.

simbo simbo 7:47 am 08 Aug 08

On the other hand, if you do happen to be one of the plethora of Dave’s I knew back in 1997… you probably know the circumstances, since I think all of ’em found out one way or another…

simbo simbo 7:23 am 08 Aug 08

BigDave said :

Tell us about your highly unfortunate encounter simbo.

BigDave, to say you haven’t earned the right to know the full circumstances would be a massive understatment. However, let’s just say it was not good for me, it was not good for her, and nobody really emerges with much honour from the experience.

DJ DJ 3:01 am 08 Aug 08

Why does it need to be legislated? I haven’t heard of anybody, from any lifestyle choice group (was that PC enough?), being denied leave to look after a child….

johnboy johnboy 12:34 am 08 Aug 08

BigDave said :

You asked, I answered, bigot.

Actually bigotry would be to assume all homophobes were as puerile as big dave.

peter@home peter@home 11:10 pm 07 Aug 08

shouldn’t that be boys and girls, boys and boys and girls and girls?

BigDave BigDave 10:59 pm 07 Aug 08


Goodnight boys and girls…

tap tap 10:27 pm 07 Aug 08

Might let that one go.

BigDave BigDave 10:20 pm 07 Aug 08

Still fighting for the BS machine?

BigDave BigDave 10:19 pm 07 Aug 08

Tell us about your highly unfortunate encounter simbo.

tap tap 10:18 pm 07 Aug 08

Im bigotted against bigdaves, its true.

Still fighting for the victim status are you??

simbo simbo 10:16 pm 07 Aug 08

To clarify – I do know a fair few older guys (and by older, I’m really meaning, about 35-50) who have been through an earlier, mistaken marriage on their way to finding out who they are, and are now happily settled in gay relationships. So… while, personally, I have just one highly unfortunate encounter with the opposite sex, I’d guess there are a fair few people out there who were slower learners, or who found themselves in a relationship which, on reflection, wasn’t really for them… and in the meantime, had produced kids.

BigDave BigDave 10:11 pm 07 Aug 08

You asked, I answered, bigot.

tap tap 10:08 pm 07 Aug 08

Hey just an honest question. People do wonder about homophobes you know…

BigDave BigDave 9:48 pm 07 Aug 08

I get more then enough sex thank you tap, and with the opposite sex I might add.
Sounds to me like you could do with some yourself. I’m sure there’s somewhere in Fyshwick which could accomodate you.

tap tap 9:41 pm 07 Aug 08

Have you ever ocasionally had sex with a gay person?

BigDave: Have you? … Just a thought, but perhaps all this dislike is because they are doing something you would like to do? Maybe you’re jealous?

ant ant 9:36 pm 07 Aug 08

If my taxes must be used to subsidise the lifestyles of people who breed children, it might as well be for all kinds of parents. Likewise, if people who breed children are given certain extra entitlements in the workplace, it should apply to all types of parents. And luckily, there are enough people without children to take up the slack.

BigDave BigDave 9:28 pm 07 Aug 08


johnboy johnboy 9:27 pm 07 Aug 08

BigDave said :

How do you know that johnboy? Have you ever ocasionally had sex with a gay person?

Not that it’s any of your business but I can’t say I have.

BigDave BigDave 9:25 pm 07 Aug 08

How do you know that johnboy? Have you ever ocasionally had sex with a gay person?

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