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GDE Duplication

By lemaChet - 18 June 2008 49

I beleive I heard on the news the other day (wasn’t paying complete attention, but belive it was WIN) something about a decision being made to duplicate the GDE (IE, make it two lanes)

I haven’t been able to find correlating news links yet, but i’m surprised it hasn’t popped up here yet.

This raises a number of points.
Obviously, it’s been deemed necessary. I could have told you that before they even started building the roads.
Why wasn’t it just built two lanes initially ?
How much extra is it going to cost us for this to happen, and how much more will it cost than if it was done initially.
How much further delay is it going to cause the poor buggers using it.
How many more artworks does this mean we need ?

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
GDE Duplication
illyria 12:48 pm 18 Jun 08

Geez, when are you greenies ever going to get it that public transport does not work if you are not a single person. How are all the ‘working families’ meant to get themselves to work and their numerous offspring to child care, school, sport, music lessons, swimming lessons, birthday parties, or carry groceries for 6 people all utilising the ACTION bus network.

In a practical sense, buses and light rail will never suit the majority of the population.

Face it, people need cars, the road needs fixing.

Hippo 12:34 pm 18 Jun 08

Gee – road issues, not enough lanes, too many cars, people who cant merge…. Maybe if we had a bus system that worked (or heaven forbid, a light rail system) we could overcome some of these problems.. not to mention be better for the environment.. Are there any Greens standing in October now Deb’s pulled the pin???

Aurelius 12:16 pm 18 Jun 08

GregW, Never put in this year’s budget what you can get away with putting in next year’s.

From what I’ve heard, the road priorities within the ACT are determined primarily on what they can get Federal co-funding for. So the airport’s gunna get worked on before GDE.

GregW 11:53 am 18 Jun 08

As swissbignose stated the road was to be developed in two stages due to financial constraints. I don’t have a source but I have been told that the additional cost would have been $90 million at the time of construction, or nearly $300 million in a decades time.

I would have thought it would have been cheaper to borrow the money and build it in one go, given the inevitable capacity problems and overhead of building in two stages. And it should have always been planned as a three lane road given Gungahlin’s eventual population will be something like 70,000? people..

p1 11:38 am 18 Jun 08

My personal problem with the GDE, (apart from the fact it is single lane each way), is that it doesn’t go anywhere. Living in Belconnen as I do, I find that it is useful for heading out of the city to the north, but once you get to the Barton Highway, you still have to join Northbourne Ave and push through several sets of lights before hitting the open road. I propose this addition which would make the currently useless GDE (unless you wanted to go to Gungahlin (but that’s pretty unlikely) of benifit to the majority of Canberrans.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:16 am 18 Jun 08

Instead of making the road 2 lanes, we should be looking longer term and making it 3 lanes each way. This road is a major arterial road, and its use will continue to grow as Canberra grows. Sucking it up and paying for a proper upgrade now means we could use future monies to upgrade other major roads to a similar level.

CanberraResident 10:50 am 18 Jun 08

I use the GDE daily – Gungahlin to City. The only parts that are congested in the mornings are the merge lanes coming onto the GDE.

People drive too close to the car infront, and this doesn’t allow for a smooth merge (ie cars come to a halt trying to squeeze into the small spaces). If cars already on the GDE left space between them and the car infront, then the cars that are merging, have a space to slip into. This inability to merge and bumper-to-bumper problem then creates a back-up of traffic for miles.

But noooo, Canberra drivers have to sit on your ar@e and not allow other cars to merge quickly and successfully.

If everyone left a decent gap to allow for other merging vehicles, and stayed at a decent speed, the merging would go smoothly and traffic would not be as congested for miles while the d!ckheads ahead try to maneouvre their pathetic merging skills.
Common sense.

roccon 10:42 am 18 Jun 08

They do need to duplicate the section where traffic from Belconnen Way merges onto Gungahlin Drive but will Canberran’s let you change lanes if you end in the wrong lane……as one will head south and one lane will head to civic……

caf 10:19 am 18 Jun 08

The real questions should be more like “If the southbound GDE is two lanes all the way, will the three eastbound lanes of Parkes Way be sufficient to cope with six lanes worth of traffic from Belconnen, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong?”

tap 10:16 am 18 Jun 08

The ‘art’ along that road really is ridiculous isn’t it. lol.

Why not a big mural of martin Luther King saying ‘I have a dream’ (saw one in sydney years ago, awesome) or something equally awesome instead of random leftovers from a building site glued together?

PS Not really a fan/undestander of modern sculptures (if thats what it is called).

niftydog 10:03 am 18 Jun 08

They also need to duplicate the section from where traffic from Belconnen Way merges onto Gungahlin Drive (southbound) up to the exit to Parks Way. It’s only a short distance and would make a big difference in peak hour. That is a major bottleneck and often causes traffic to slow to a crawl all the way back to Ginninderra Drive and beyond!

paperboy 9:52 am 18 Jun 08

The WIN story did say duplication (inferring the whole road), but it wasn’t borne out by the comments from the TAMS official in the story. What they’ll be doing, in a matter of months apparently, is duplicating that atrocious section of GDE (southbound) where the traffic from William Hovell merges into one lane for about 200 metres before joining onto the Parkway.

The mystery is why they didn’t see that as an issue i the original design concept stages.

neanderthalsis 9:48 am 18 Jun 08

Time to break out the tools and start welding random lumps of steel together, they will no doubt be looking for new art work to install along the J Stanhope Memorial Drive.

fnaah 9:39 am 18 Jun 08

Didn’t the costs of fighting all the legal challenges eat into the project budget?

Meanwhile, what I heard on the news is that they were going to duplicate part of the new road. Which doesn’t make much sense to me – if there’s still a choke point, it will still cause chaos.

swissbignose 9:16 am 18 Jun 08

From what I remember, the plan was always that the the GDE was going to be developed in two stages. The reason for this was that the ACT Government didn’t have the financial resources at the time the decision was made to do two lanes each way in one hit.

It’s been designed so that it can be expanded to two lanes in both directions.

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