GDE/Barton Hwy bridge – why so long?

Alien Fiend 16 June 2011 12

Well, the bridge has been finished for ages. The scaffolding gone, and nothing has fallen down.

Why then does it take so long to clear up the leftover rubbish, put in a kerb or two and open up the two lanes on the highway?

It looks to me like a one day job to me. I for one would feel much safer driving under it at 80 kph, rather than 40. Can we please make this a priority?

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12 Responses to GDE/Barton Hwy bridge – why so long?
rbw rbw 8:33 pm 20 Jun 11

Sign up those Japanese road workers who fixed most of Japan’s roads within weeks of the Earthquake. Imagine if Canberra was on a fault line!

Alien Fiend Alien Fiend 8:17 pm 20 Jun 11

Looks like we got a result! Riot Rules again!

JC JC 10:06 pm 17 Jun 11

I assume you are talking about the road under, in which case they don’t even need to put in any kirb or make any lane changes, all they need to do is get the barriers out of the way. Noticed today there were a few loads of red crushed rock in the median, so hopefully they spread that quick and open things back up.

Speaking of roadworks has anyone noticed the inconsitancy with speed limits? Most seem to be 40km/h 24/7, however noticed the road works further up the Barton at Kurringa Drive, the speed limits changes from 40 when they are working to 60 when they are not. Of all the road works though this one they should be keeping at 40km/h as it is hard to see with the barriers all over the place, and some of the others (thinking Parkes Way under Kings Ave city bound) opening up to 60km/h after hours.

damien haas damien haas 7:58 am 17 Jun 11

another factor could be – at what stage of the FY are we in ?

perhaps there will be a flurry of new activity in the next month.

ScienceRules ScienceRules 2:04 am 17 Jun 11

Simple really – the Powers That Be (TM) will wait till just before the next election before graciously allowing us peons to use the road we paid for. That way we will be suitably grateful at the ballot box for our shiny new toy.

what_the what_the 8:53 pm 16 Jun 11

The whole bloody thing looks like its been ready for use for a long time! But apparently it takes a few months and whole lane closures to put concrete lane dividers in…

p1 p1 4:42 pm 16 Jun 11

Erg0 said :

Having read only the headline, my initial thought was “so that it will reach the other side”.

Well, second try, anyway.

Chop71 Chop71 3:05 pm 16 Jun 11

Erg0 said :

Having read only the headline, my initial thought was “so that it will reach the other side”.

True dat

Erg0 Erg0 2:25 pm 16 Jun 11

Having read only the headline, my initial thought was “so that it will reach the other side”.

borizuka borizuka 1:56 pm 16 Jun 11

well, considering the whole of the GDE project is not logical right from the start there is no suprise there.

niceplacetolive niceplacetolive 12:25 pm 16 Jun 11

I agree with you Alien Friend. There appears to be no logical reason why the speed limit is only 40kph …. apart from a speed camera.

dpm dpm 11:42 am 16 Jun 11

It’s similar to the GDE expansion at Glenloch. 99% of the road has been done for months (except for a small patch at the start when going north) and yet we have been waiting for that patch of bitumen to be laid, and a couple of concrete sections joining the 2 different types of road dividers, and then the road markings. It all seems like a day’s work (or two?) yet half of it is still blocked off and we wait and wait. On the positive side, it’s starting to look close to all ready now…..
I can understand it being kept like that going north (as it is a log jam anyway up near Aranda) but surely they could have completed the southbound lanes onto the parkway ages ago to get some brownie points from drivers?

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