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Get ready for some Monday parking

By Barcham 3 June 2013 8

Good morning Rioters!

It’s a new week and we need something to start our Mondays off right. Bad parking photos you say?

You’re the boss!*

We supply the website, you supply the poor parking photos!

If you see a car that isn’t quite where it should be, snap a photo and send it in to be sure to write parking in the subject and let us know what name you would like to be credited under!

1. Sheep Groper blasts off this week with two finds:



2. Darrell discovered this on a Sunday morning:



3. Loxmyf has been trawling a classic poor parking location at Jamison for us:

Old faithful location for bad parking




Under Dickson Tradies


4. Poptop returns to team parking after an absence:

I have been sick [Coff, Hak, Coff] and so not out and about as much as usual, but the Tuggeranong Hyperdome Carpark has one “parking space” that just keeps giving.

The first dark car was parked in the Keep Clear spot when I arrived early on Saturday, the second was there when I left. There was also the large SUV thing that decided that regardless of how dangerous, illegal or inconvenient he had EVERY right to just stand behind the parked cars outside Jardines for ages.




5. The Great Bambino pulled this shot from his bag of tricks:

Taken last week in the Parliamentary Triangle, yes the bikes probably have more power but c’mon…

On another note since pay parking was put up on the agenda again the brown bombers have been racking up nice little quotas for the ACT Govt.


6. 5ultan has been on the prowl:

Just a few pictures attached of some good parking I have observed recently:

Braddon 1: Saturday night a few weeks ago, directly across from Knightsbridge penthouse. Note how the other cars are parallel to the kerb!


Braddon 2: Sunday morning, last weekend. Across from the servo, parallel to Haig park. I am standing at the rear of the park, so there was more than enough room to drop back off the kerb.


Dickson: No, there was no disabled sticker, it was on Sunday afternoon and yes, there were plenty of other parks in the vicinity.


7. Martlark knows how to park:

The Belconnen Churches center continues to pay out the parking bonuses.


Free advertising, free enterprise or free loading?

Intersection of Ginnenderra Drive and Aikman Ave.


8. Patrick has this man’s number:

Canberra Centre carpark in the long stay area. Definitely no disabled parking placard displayed. A fairly fit looking 40ish man was the occupant. He walked off briskly with no sign of any disability. But if you own a big expensive merc then the rules don’t apply to you.


9. JonahBologna has made a handy diagram:

Lyneham High School often has events on evenings and weekends, and usually parking becomes an issue, but this Saturday afternoon really stood out. Almost every car was parked illegally with one pair of tyres on the nature strip rather than legally at the kerb. One entitled jerk even decided to park on the muddy playing field.


10. Oliver gives us a textbook bad parking shot:

Just as well they don’t teach driving at Calwell Primary School.


11. Adam found this little number at the Chifley supermarket:

And it wasn’t late a night or anything like that.
One must give credit to the reverse parking style.


* You’re not actually the boss.

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8 Responses to
Get ready for some Monday parking
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pauldavidson 1:24 am 29 May 15

Great article. Thanks for the info, this is really a helpful post. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out an Application for Disabled Person Plates or Placard form, I found a blank form in this link This site PDFfiller also has several related forms that you might find useful.

tim_c 9:29 am 04 Jun 13

Sorry, or unless any part of your car is less than 3m from a traffic island or unbroken dividing line (eg. the cars in the picture #9)

tim_c 9:26 am 04 Jun 13

bugmenot said :

@ #9…

You might find that all of the cars in the picture are parked illegally. Even the ones with the thumbs-up.

Can’t park where they are with the double lines, nor across the end of a T-intersection (unless in a marked/designated parking bay, of which there are none)….

You might want to check that one – that was previously my understanding, but after checking the road rules again, you are actually able to park legally on the opposite side of the road across the end of the T-intersection unless there are signs prohibiting parking there.

Postalgeek 10:17 pm 03 Jun 13

Holden Caulfield said :

poetix said :

Spotto @ #10.

Is the one in #7 not yellow enough?

I’d like to get a verdict on #6 Braddon 1.

Hard to tell if it’s the light or not.

bugmenot 7:41 pm 03 Jun 13

@ #9…

You might find that all of the cars in the picture are parked illegally. Even the ones with the thumbs-up.

Can’t park where they are with the double lines, nor across the end of a T-intersection (unless in a marked/designated parking bay, of which there are none).

Likewise for all the soccer mums who park up both sides of the street of Lyneham High, plus halfway around the corners & directly in front of the school crossing… Makes it damn hard to get through amongst them all every day.

Jungle Jim 1:06 pm 03 Jun 13

@ no.9

Seriously, I know it’s illegal to park on the verge, but surely getting as much of one’s vehicle off the road, providing more usable space, is the smarter option anyway?

Especially around suburban ovals – people tend to park on both sides of the street, reducing a two way road to a one way gauntlet. If each car was half on / half off the road, both directions would remain relatively clear.

Holden Caulfield 12:50 pm 03 Jun 13

poetix said :

Spotto @ #10.

Is the one in #7 not yellow enough?

poetix 11:46 am 03 Jun 13

Spotto @ #10.

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