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liam 21 July 2007 17

Hey Guys – I’m seriously thinking about getting a PA piercing. I’m keen to know if any of you have good or bad experiences places to go in Canberra. Who’s good or not so good; any places I should beware of?

Any recommendations or advice would be much appreciated.

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17 Responses to Getting a piercing in Canberra
Gertrude Gertrude 6:40 pm 03 Aug 07

on the subject of DIY: I know a bloke who did the Prince Albert piercing for himself. Unfortunately he pierced his urethra and now he can no longer piss standing up. clever.

Sasha Sasha 6:02 pm 03 Aug 07

How revolting!

The Risks

Of course, there are risks to genital piercing, just as there are risks with any kind of piercing. What’s tricky is that the degree of risk isn’t really known, since piercing has proved to be a difficult practice to study.

“The possible variety of side effects is yet to be discovered,” says Stirn, “and they will increase with the number of people getting pierced.”

The most common side effect of piercing is infection, which can often be prevented by conscientious aftercare practices and good hygiene. However, infection should not be considered insignificant; it can spread and cause serious health problems, including sterility and potentially life-threatening conditions. If equipment isn’t being sterilized at a piercing studio, the procedure has the potential to pass on any number of diseases, including leprosy, tetanus, tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV, and other STDs.

Genital piercings do pose some distinct risks of their own. More invasive kinds of piercing, such as a piercing that runs through the head of the penis, should only be done by experienced piercers if by anyone at all, according to Stirn. Such piercings can result in serious bleeding and “the risk of impotence caused by hitting the erectile tissue by mistake is simply too high,” she says. Piercing the clitoris itself, rather than the clitoral hood, is also a potentially risky procedure. Some genital piercings can result in scars or a narrowing of the urethra.

While certain types of genital piercings are prone to bleeding, their advantage is that the increased blood flow makes the tissue heal faster. While a VCH or a Prince Albert can heal in four to six weeks, a pierced navel can take up to 12 months. Stirn asserts that the risks of complications are “certainly higher” with navel piercings than genital.

On the whole, the biggest dangers posed by getting pierced stem from what you don’t know. Since piercers aren’t very heavily regulated, you don’t really know whether the person piercing you is qualified or practicing the necessary safety precautions.

“Unfortunately, some studios are still operating without adequate sterilization equipment and pierce minors without even checking I.D., which is against the law,” says Angel. “Enforcement is definitely lagging.”

The Turd The Turd 3:30 pm 25 Jul 07

Had my tongue done at Adrenaline 10 years a go. Clean, efficient and friendly. Never had a problem since. I think Adrenaline are the longest serving piercers in the ACT.

andy andy 10:20 am 23 Jul 07

i had my eyebrow done at justins, and my nipple at the place above redpath.
No probs wit either really.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:05 am 23 Jul 07

I second El on this one.

The Prince Albert is a Pub in the town I grew up in, I’ll never be able to go there again without thinking of a pierced percy…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:47 am 23 Jul 07

I second Adrenaline – had my labret done there and was really quick, good, tight etc.

Genie Genie 5:46 pm 22 Jul 07

Got my naval pierced many many yrs ago at the UNI in Bruce along with several other friends. ALL OF US had cronic infections for 6 months.

I recommend Tattoo Power at Lynham.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 11:22 am 22 Jul 07

I got my navel done at Justins, upstairs of the Centrepoint building in Civic. Heard lots of good stuff about him. Good luck though… (ouch)

JJJmonkey JJJmonkey 9:39 pm 21 Jul 07

I’ve had all my piercings done by Andrew at Adrenaline Body Piercings. Fantastic. Very professional, ultra clean. I guess he’s still working. He’s website is still up.

canberra towie canberra towie 5:31 pm 21 Jul 07

I recommend Chris at Freestyle tattoo there in civic on northbourne av, There on the 2nd level in the same building as moose heads
He had done all my work and does a awesome job, If your not sure though just go in to a few different places and have a look at photos of the work they do

gingermick gingermick 3:05 pm 21 Jul 07


el el 2:08 pm 21 Jul 07

Oh, my.

In that case my only recommendations or advice would likely consist of “GET THAT FACK!ING NEEDLE AWAY FROM MY COCK!”

Hope this helps.

piperdoon piperdoon 2:06 pm 21 Jul 07

OUCH!!!!!! 🙁

Thumper Thumper 1:36 pm 21 Jul 07

Prince Albert…

el el 12:35 pm 21 Jul 07

a PA piercing?

emd emd 11:33 am 21 Jul 07

navel piercing btw – might be better to get a recommendation from someone who’s had the same thing as what you want done.

emd emd 11:32 am 21 Jul 07

It’s been a long time since I got mine done, but the body piercer at Uni of Canberra shops was good.

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