Glassworks opens

johnboy 26 May 2007 14

Mr Stanhope has triumphantly announced that the new Glassworks has finally been opened to the public.

Interest from the local community has also been buzzing, as more and more Canberrans learn that the Glassworks is far from an average gallery space.

One wonders how they learned that without it being open?

Meanwhile the glassworks website is all very whizzbang.

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14 Responses to Glassworks opens
Danman Danman 1:40 pm 29 May 07

before the reconstruction – the top floor was open plan with a few holes from mremoved machinery.

Should have made it a jazz bar – imagine the sweet sweet reverb – or just a live space for raves or bands or live entertainment.

Imagine a band like fear factory playing in an industrial environment – it would be pretty awesome.

sepi sepi 11:41 am 29 May 07

neanderthal – in Venice tourists spend hours watching glass blowing.

IF the whole city had to have a burning passion for something before it got built nothing would ever happen.

I think this is a fabulous facility – for once something actually different – you won’t find anything like this in Sydney or Melbourne (i don’t think).

And with the building heritage listed they had to do something with it. I’m glad it is this glassworks, and not just another shopping centre, coffee zone or local gallery.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:55 am 29 May 07

Klaus Moje: now there’s a huge ego if I’ve ever met one!

I actually think the late Stephen Proctor did more for glass in Canberra in many ways. He didn’t have an over inflated ego, and made sure that the Art School’s Glass Workshop continued to have an excellent reputation overseas.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 2:28 pm 28 May 07

I wonder if there was an environmental scan done to determine the level of interest in the wider community? Whilst glass-blowing might be an interesting hobby, I can’t imagine too many people having a deep seated interest in the process.

I have never had more than a passing interest in glass. To me all it does is keep the weather out and make a poor substitute for lead crystal when drinking a good islay single malt. That said, I’ll go and have a look; I might learn something new.

sepi sepi 2:09 pm 28 May 07

You need to have some culture for a city to have a soul. Canberra is very strong in glass making due to the set up Klaus Moye ran at the school of art for many years.

I think this is the perfect use for the power station building.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:29 am 28 May 07

Taxpayers money being wasted on a small elite in Canberra really pisses me off.

Is there any attempt to make this pay its own way, or are we all going to be propping this operation up for the next 20 years or so?

Danman Danman 7:47 am 28 May 07

Funny that you say that I-Filed – when that building was in its heyday as a power station – it used to use water from the molonglo river (no lake back then) for cooling – and would discharge the heated and otherwise clean water back into the molonglo river – that spot became popular with locals for a warm dip in the waters.


I-filed I-filed 7:47 pm 27 May 07

Thank goodness glassmaking isn’t heavy on water consumption…the overall environment footprint is probably a bit heavy though…

schmerica_ schmerica_ 1:37 pm 26 May 07

Looks like a bit of waste of space to me. God I love being ignorant.

Kramer Kramer 12:14 pm 26 May 07

It was on Stateline this week, and I reckon it looks like it would be worth visiting for the exhibition and old building itself.

Ralph Ralph 12:07 pm 26 May 07

The public shouldn’t be subsidising this rubbish.

Let them raise their own funding and charge an entry fee.

Nemo Nemo 11:22 am 26 May 07

I think this type of public expenditure should be encouraged when your important services are already looked after.
It’s nice for the people in Kingston to build such a cultured precinct in their suburb. I’m still waiting for a bus, shops, school and policing in my suburb.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 10:12 am 26 May 07

You know Nemo I approve of this type of taxpayer expenditure. It may not be traditional art but I think this type of thing is to be encouraged. I’m looking forward to having a look around.

Nemo Nemo 9:55 am 26 May 07

Tax payers money hard at work. Good to see they have their priorities in order.

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