Good bakeries near Woden (or southside), for pastries, pies, sandwiches?

INFP 28 February 2011 12

Hello there 🙂

I know this topic has been covered quite a bit here already, and I have done a fair bit of googling and digging into the thread archives. However I am finding it rather depressingly difficult trying to find a good (modestly priced) bakery in my area.

I’m living in Phillip, while my equally despondent friend (from Melbourne) is in Torrens. Basically we are looking for bakeries near these suburbs.. but we dont mind travelling a bit if it’s worthwhile 😛 So all suggestions are welcome, with particular interest in south-side gems.

There seem to be plenty of gourmet, pricey, sleek looking cafes and delis, or Euro-style bakeries around.

My questions are….

1. are there any modest/humble bakeries or delis that make a good sandwich (salad one for me)

2. or that sell non-fancy-pants specialty pastries and cakes.. for when I want something sugary and naughty and baked on-site, but minus the Euro-posh pricetag on a Saturday?

3. I am originally from Sydney, where there is an abundance of modest bakeries everywhere you turn. If anyone knows of any Vietnamese-style bakeries near/around Woden Valley too.. or anywhere southside.. post away!

4. Is the organic bakery in Phillip called Urambi? In Altree Court? I have yet to check this out.. any reviews before I trek over there on the weekend?

Cheers all

– Sharon

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12 Responses to Good bakeries near Woden (or southside), for pastries, pies, sandwiches?
Havok Havok 5:41 pm 01 Mar 11

Every couple of weeks I make the (20 minute) effort to go out to Campbell shops for a couple of pies and pastries, so bloody worth it! Really beautiful asian style baking

Affirmative Action Man Affirmative Action Man 10:55 am 01 Mar 11

Chifley bakery. Try their sourdough, pasta dura & rye plus very nice cakes & croissants.

clp clp 10:40 pm 28 Feb 11

Crust at Fyshwick markets is also good

emd emd 10:17 pm 28 Feb 11

I love Urambi for being organic. They make the best lamingtons ever (don’t tell my mum I said that). Hands down, without question. Best. Ever. You must eat one now. Or as soon as the shop opens tomorrow morning, if you’re reading this past closing time. Also good for hiring Wilton cake tins and buying specialty cake decorating paraphernalia, and they do make nice salad rolls.

The european style bakery at Chifley grocer’s does ripping good rye bread. And very nice cherry strudel. Normal bakery prices, trendy bakery taste. The croissants are quite nice too. And they make proper coffee, and there’s a park right outside to go read the paper while you enjoy it all. They also sell sacks of proper breadmaking flour if you like to DIY.

Hughes bakery is quite nice, but it just doesn’t quiet click with me. I must have just been unlucky that they were sold out of my favourites the times I’ve been in there.

Garran Bakery makes great pastries too, but I haven’t tried their bread or croissants.

Would love to know about a Vietnamese style bakery in Woden area too.

Ernie Ernie 8:43 pm 28 Feb 11

I’ve heard the bakery at Pearce shops is excellent. Garran bakery is good but not sure on the sandwich front and a little pricey. Curtin shops has a bakery which has a lot of good on offer and not too expensive. Again have no idea on the sandwich front.

Spykler Spykler 6:59 pm 28 Feb 11

EvanJames said :

There’s a “normal” and rather cosy suburban bakery at Hughes shops. Or you could move closer to Kingston and patronise a wonderful Vietnamese bakery (called the National Bakery, I kid thee not) that has brilliant meat pies.

+1 for the National.Their sausage rolls are heaven-sent.

thewindycity thewindycity 3:39 pm 28 Feb 11

I think Urambi make a pretty good sandwich. I would hardly call it a bakery though. Brunos Truffles in Mawson make very good, although rather pricey, bread.

futto futto 3:35 pm 28 Feb 11

One word….SILO in Kingston. It does have a “euro-posh” price tag but you won’t care about the price after you hae one of the chocolate filled croissants when they are hot out of the oven.

Also, there is a Vietnamese-style bakery at Wannissa shops and one at the Curtin shops that isn’t too bad.

longshanks longshanks 3:16 pm 28 Feb 11

Not sure what constitutes a “Euro-posh pricetag” – however, the Italian Continental Bakery at Mawson does fantastic pastries, both simple and fancy-pants style. From memory, their croissants are about $2, chocolate croissants are $2.60, escargots are $2.50, almond croissants are around $3. Their Italian-style bread is great too, and very reasonably priced. They also have a substantial – and reasonably priced – breakfast and lunch menu.
There are a couple of downsides, however:
1. They tend to run out of the good stuff quite quickly.
2. Their coffee is awful.

There is also a Vietnamese bakery at Mawson, but their pastries are not a patch on the Italian ones. They do very nice quiches though. There’s also a Vietnamese bakery at the Curtin Shops, although I haven’t been there for years.

EvanJames EvanJames 2:35 pm 28 Feb 11

There’s a “normal” and rather cosy suburban bakery at Hughes shops. Or you could move closer to Kingston and patronise a wonderful Vietnamese bakery (called the National Bakery, I kid thee not) that has brilliant meat pies.

Snarky Snarky 2:33 pm 28 Feb 11

This might be a bit further than you want to go, but the bakeries at Rivett shops and at Waramanga shops might fit the bill pastry-wise. They also do pretty good bread (their version of pan de casa is recommended). Can’t comment on sandwich availability or quality – I’ve never looked. Both bakeries are owned by the same Korean(?) family.

There’s also a pretty good bakery at Hughes shops.

clp clp 2:31 pm 28 Feb 11

Its a bit far away but I like the bakery at Hughes – its a proper bakery – not a overly flash one but they do some decent stuff.

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