Goodbye to lunchtimes – City Shopfront to close

youshould_knowthis 26 October 2006 39

Just been to the Governemnt Shopfront in the city at lunchtime. Waited in the usual queues – its always busy.

So imagine my surprise when they hand me a flyer about the fact they are closing on December 1.

This was the first I had heard of it – I don’t remember anyone from the Government saying it would close.

Apparently its due to the budget cuts – although how you get to Woden, Tuggeranong or Belconnen in business hours to use a shopfront now is beyond me.

There is a press release on the TAMS website – apprently its a “new direction” for shopfront services.

[ED – Not having any is certainly a new direction]

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39 Responses to Goodbye to lunchtimes – City Shopfront to close
joeyjo joeyjo 7:36 pm 28 Oct 06


Thumper Thumper 5:54 pm 28 Oct 06

Sorry Area,

You are correct. It is DAF that is going to civic. I used to work in the joint team DEH/DAF so I got the two confused. DEH are going to a new building down near Hobart Place.

So tax is going into those two huge new buildings behind DEST?

areaman areaman 4:22 pm 27 Oct 06

Thumper, i thought it was DAF who were moving to civic, and the big slab behind DEST is Tax not DEH. Plus DEWR for example is slowly moving to the airport and out of civic.

Never the less your point stands about more workers in civic and less amenities. Apparently the new library will have some of the services, but I also think it’s a stupid idea.

miz miz 1:50 pm 27 Oct 06

Not everyone can access secure online facilities (eg not advisable at libraries). This aspect is an equity issue.

And the govt doesn’t offer every shopfront service online – for example, when they have to view a concession card. And, oddly, after you come off the concession, you still have to get to a shopfront and pay, because they haven’t got the technology sorted to give you a reference number until after you have made a non-concession payment. They will have to fix this anomaly.

In broad policy terms I get infuriated by the galling tendency for govts to make those people who can least afford to avail themselves of time-saving services, to travel longer distances and wait and wait (eg the outpatients clinic at WVH). This shopfront closure is just another small example of this trend.

This govt will have to watch themselves, these changes are starting to affect the general community and not just the downtrodden minority.

Thumper Thumper 11:23 am 27 Oct 06

Actually, the real point, apart from my inconvenience, is that civic is going through a building boom.

Next year DEH will be moved to civic, and behind DEST on Mort St they are constructing three monstrous buildings.

It just doesn’t make sense to bring more and more workers into the city whilst removing the amenities.

Then again, it probably costs a fair bit to rent the premises they are in and so, in a stroke of misguided genius, to save some money, the government simply close it down.

I would like to know if there are plans to reopen the shopfront elsewhere in civic, or is this a sign of the times when staff will be sacked and every transaction will have to be done online, thus removing the need for customer service of any kind?

Battle_Kath Battle_Kath 11:13 am 27 Oct 06

yeah, it does seem strange that they would close down the most central shopfront, but i would assume it was probably costing them more than the others because of it’s location.

but for 4 times a year, i reckon it’s not that much of a struggle to get to one of the others, or you can just as easily call up or visit a post office.

Thumper Thumper 11:05 am 27 Oct 06


yeah, Dickson it will now be.

And I go there four times a year.

I still find it bizarre to close down such a facility in the CBD.

Battle_Kath Battle_Kath 10:54 am 27 Oct 06

how often does anyone actually have to go to the shopfronts anyway??

Battle_Kath Battle_Kath 10:48 am 27 Oct 06

thumper, you can renew your rego at dickson.

mlm mlm 10:39 am 27 Oct 06

Maybe you’re onto something Mr Evil — having a shopfront across the road from the Legislative Assembly meant that there were far too many constituents around for the Gov’s liking.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:28 am 27 Oct 06

The ACT Govt – here to look after themselves.

Thumper Thumper 9:19 am 27 Oct 06


I now will have to drive from civic to Belconnen to renew my rego.

Which means I’ll have to lose my park, take a two hour lunch and not be able to get a park when I get back.

This will now apply to all workers in civic and thus makes no sense. I thought the idea was to rebuild civic, not kill it.

Incredibly bizarre.

bonfire bonfire 9:07 am 27 Oct 06

last night on win news the spin was that the closure would increase services.


Jey Jey 6:15 am 27 Oct 06

You can’t renew at the Woden cop shop?

resches resches 10:40 pm 26 Oct 06

so now when i renue my gun licence i have to drive from woden to civic to the cop shop then out to butt fuck egypt somewhere to pay for it then back to civic then back home to woden good work fucking wankstains gotta love the canberra pubes

miz miz 10:33 pm 26 Oct 06

Much obliged Samuel.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:30 pm 26 Oct 06

The closest one on the Bunda Street side of the Canberra Centre (get off at the Legislative Assembly bus stop, walk through the Canberra Centre, turn right before the traffic lights in the middle of the shopping centre)…there’s also one on the corner of Moore Street and Alinga Street, but it is further away.

miz miz 10:13 pm 26 Oct 06

Civic Shopfront is great because I can hop on a quick bus there and back in my lunchtime (from Barton). It’s always packed. I’m pretty miffed about this closure.

I am swinging back to paying bills in person when I can, as CPS Credit Union – since their much touted “merger” – are now charging loads of extra fees for online transactions, BPay, Direct Debit etc. Dicko is not nearly as convenient as Civic so I’m pretty miffed about this. I’ll have to find the Civic PO now. Does anyone know where is the nearest one to the Shopfront?!

cranky cranky 8:49 pm 26 Oct 06

It appears this stupid system of business loading zone permits is affecting some numbers of people. Whowever is the Minister for loading Zone permits?

Whowever – Bloody well fix it! Why are we treated as stupid childlike minions who are required to traipse through your shopfronts and fill in duplicate forms just to allow your public servants to claim they are providing a FREE service.

Total, time consuming, blood pressure raising bullshit! Whoever you are, you are elected as a servant of the people. Who gave you the power to cause as much agravation as you can to the electors? This system is crap and the sooner you change it to reduce the agro the better!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:44 pm 26 Oct 06

Because the ACT Government is a strange organisation, and probably would prefer their own unique web standards.

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