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Got fired again, any jobs for loners?

By Homeless - 21 October 2010 58

[ED – This should be taken as a follow on from an earlier story]

I can’t understand it, I got fired again last night.

I was working in a fast food restaurant and have been there for a few months. My shift supervisor and I got on well, but the boss had been riding me hard after finding out that I lived in my van. Anyway my shift supervisor had in the past asked if I could cover some extra shifts when people failed to show up, which happens a fair bit in the industry I’ve heard.

Last night I had worked 8 hours and was about to knock off when the shift supervisor asked if I could work another shift because 2 guys didn’t turn up and there was just one guy behind the counter when there needs to be two. I said I was sleepy and could probably only manage 4 or 5 hours till 8 or 9 pm, was that okay because business really slowed down after then? He said that was great, so I did about 4 hours 40 minutes till things were quiet and went to knock off.

Anyway the boss came in wanting a free dinner and the other guy said I had just knocked off. The boss came out back as I was changing out of my uniform and asked what I was doing. I explained the situation, saying I had volunteered to do some of the extra shift because 2 other guys had not turned up. The boss had a go at me saying I was lazy and shifty and so on. I tried to explain politely that I had done over 12 hours straight and that I often did extra shifts at all sorts of hours and covered for other people. He ignored that and finished up saying if I can’t do the work then I shouldn’t be there. Before I could reply he said he wanted my keys and my uniform and that I was fired. I was too tired to argue, so I just walked off, got into my van and slept it off.

I tried to clear it up with my supervisor who was really pissed off because he said I was the most reliable and hard working guy there but he’s rang me and told me no go, even though he will be short staffed again until he gets new people in.

It sucks, but I’m used to sh** happening.

It strikes me though that I’d probably be better off doing a job where I don’t have so much interaction with people. Not that I don’t like people. I just don’t like people who are in my face, or big crowds. I mean if they had a job where they sent you out in the middle of nowhere and asked you to do something simple enough that you would not need too much supervision that would suit me fine. I would have made a great light house keeper. 

I would probably make an okay truck driver except I don’t like driving big stuff because I’ve seen some of the crazy stuff people do on the roads and having an accident seems like an eventuality, not a probability.

So any ideas on jobs with limited supervision?

Do you have a need of staff beyond the black stump with their own mobile accomodation?

Anyone know of a light house that needs keeping?

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
Got fired again, any jobs for loners?
dtc 2:26 pm 21 Oct 10

If you are a casual I am not sure that there is ‘unfair dismissal’ (not that you shouldnt make queries)

mooo_cow 2:05 pm 21 Oct 10

I assume that the boss that turned up is either the store manger (not likely, since they don’t know you that well) or the area manager. Remember that all fast food places have a head office somewhere within Australia. Phone them or email them and explain what happened. It sounds like your boss enjoys being on a power high. Even if you are not going back it is worth the email or phone call, think of all the other employees that will still have to put up with them without their boss ever knowing what goes on. It will be a good reminder to them, even if they are the owner of a franchise.

schmeah 2:02 pm 21 Oct 10

I think your bigger issue is the fact you were unfairly dismissed.

Your boss has no legal footing to just walk in and sack you without previous warnings of poor work behaviour which may result in dismissal. If you worked a 12 hour day you should have received requisite break times as well.

I’d be calling Fair Work Australia or the Fair Work Ombudsman (there are so many and the system changes all the time so I’m not sure who your best bet is). Alternatively you could take it up with the relevant union (sounds like a job for the SDA mob – but you may not be a member and a lot of fast food joints really clamp down on unionisation because they can’t get away with behaviour like this if their workers knew their rights).

Sure you might just want to walk away too and that’s your choice, but it doesn’t make it right for the people who will fill your position and be treated with equal disdain.

Please, can you even hint at where your work location was – because I don’t want to be visiting such a venue; although it sounds like standard Subway protocol to tell you the truth!!

Good Luck !!

p1 1:45 pm 21 Oct 10

Diggety said :

– Fire Observation Tower (apparently the one near Canberra has a pile of porn higher than most men…)

There are four fire towers in the ACT — One Tree Hill (north of Gungahlin), Kowen Forest, Mt Tennant (south of Tharwa) and Mt Coree (east of Canberra).

Can’t speak for right now, but Coree used to have quite a decent pile-O-porn.

Diggety said :

– Oil/gas rigs (read “Don’t Tell My Mum I work on an Oil Rig, She Thinks I’m a Piano Player in a Whore House” if you need some motivation!

That is a pretty entertaining book, for anyone looking for a light read.

OzChick 1:37 pm 21 Oct 10

I’m sorry that you are going through this. Some suggested occupations; data entry, the mail sorter idea at Australia Post is a great idea, also sorting out pamphlets at a distribution centre (there is one on Canberra Avenue in Fyshwick) or a courier driver.

AshThom 1:35 pm 21 Oct 10

Are you with a Union who could follow things like that up for you?

Jivrashia 1:19 pm 21 Oct 10

Pitchka said :

Name and shame please……… (if okay) as id hate to support a local fast food outlet who doesn’t give a rats ass about its employees!!!’

I second that.

Serious, this has nothing to do with your status as homeless, but rather a very unfortunate run-in with a prick-of-a-boss.

Name and shame please.

A lone job… I just googled “working alone” and came up with this list:
– Librarian
– Editor (as in proofread)
– Survey Researcher (you create surveys, not carry it out)
– Technical writer
– Night watchman
– 24/7 Network monitoring (may require security clearance)

colourful sydney rac 1:15 pm 21 Oct 10

I may have something coming up that could suit – how can I contact you?

bergamot 1:15 pm 21 Oct 10

I agree it sounds like unfair dismissal, unless you had previous warnings about similar issues that were warranted it could definitely be worth taking it up with Fair Work or a solicitor.

Also sounds like a case of a really shizen boss, who shouldn’t be a boss.

As for roles with limited supervision, I wouldn’t suggest that is what you need, more of an autonomous job with useful management and some structure and processes around these sorts of things. What about mail sorting for Aus Post? They would surely have better processes in place than your previous employer.

Good luck, I hope you find something you enjoy soon.

KB1971 1:08 pm 21 Oct 10

Diggety said :

– Fire Observation Tower (apparently the one near Canberra has a pile of porn higher than most men…)

This would be a great job for the summer. Sitting high on mt Coree looking at the 360degree veiws all day.


Look forward Homeless, not back……

bluuu 12:59 pm 21 Oct 10

Maybe you should contact the Fair Work Ombudsman. You are entitled to breaks and yeah it sounds like unfair dismissal.

You could try being a cleaner in a mall at night. Not the greatest job in the world though.

Tetranitrate 12:47 pm 21 Oct 10

err yeah I don’t think the problem here is that you’re a loner so much as that the behavior of this boss and a lot of bosses in the hospitality industry is way out of line.

Diggety 12:43 pm 21 Oct 10

– Fire Observation Tower (apparently the one near Canberra has a pile of porn higher than most men…)
– Oil/gas rigs (read “Don’t Tell My Mum I work on an Oil Rig, She Thinks I’m a Piano Player in a Whore House” if you need some motivation!

preacher 12:42 pm 21 Oct 10

Sounds like unfair dismissal to me.
I’m sure there’s more to the story, but…..the evidence of you doing a 12 hour shift is in your favour.

You need to get in touch with Kristy Fraser-Kirk’s lawyers. They seem to do a good job in compensation.

Pitchka 12:26 pm 21 Oct 10

Name and shame please……… (if okay) as id hate to support a local fast food outlet who doesn’t give a rats ass about its employees!!!’

Good luck finding work mate..

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