Government issues zero tolerance warning after kangaroo shot with arrow

Ian Bushnell 29 June 2018 33
The female kangaroo found in Hackett. It and its joey had to be euthanised. Photo: Supplied

The female kangaroo found in Hackett. It and its joey had to be euthanised. Photo: Supplied.

The ACT Government has warned would-be hunters in Canberra’s nature reserves they face possible jail time after a female kangaroo shot with an arrow was found in the front yard of a Hackett home this week.

ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) and police are investigating the shooting after the Service received multiple reports from members of the public on Monday (25 June) and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

An Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate spokesperson said a ranger attended the scene and found the distressed animal with an arrow in its leg, and, after seeking veterinary advice, humanely euthanised the animal to prevent further suffering.

The spokesperson said the kangaroo was estimated to be a few years old and carrying a joey in her pouch that was unfortunately too young to be cared for and also had to be humanely euthanised.

“This is particularly distressing for rangers who have to respond to these incidents and to the community who hear and see these sorts of incidents,” the spokesperson said.

“Unfortunately PCS receives reports of kangaroos and other native animals shot by arrows, including an emu at the Lower Cotter Catchment about 12 months ago. These are serious offences and whilst all reports are investigated, PCS relies on information from members of the public to identify those persons responsible. Any information should be reported to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Access Canberra on 132 281.”

The spokesperson said animal cruelty was not tolerated by the community or the Government, and aggravated cruelty attracted maximum penalties of two years imprisonment and/or $75,000.

There were also offences for killing, injuring or endangering native animals that also attracted strong penalties.

“Use of weapons in our nature reserves poses a risk to public safety; that is why taking a weapon or trap into a reserve is strictly prohibited,” the spokesperson said.

A Facebook message alerted the RiotACT to the shooting, saying the distressed animal was hiding in fear and pain.

“Somebody fired off an arrow at the kangaroo and then left it to die slowly and painfully. Luckily the homeowner called WIRES. Whoever did this should be ashamed.”

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33 Responses to Government issues zero tolerance warning after kangaroo shot with arrow
Grimm Grimm 4:06 pm 02 Jul 18

Well, look at that…
As usual, the anti-hunting crowd have crazy rants and are making threats of violence. Probably all after their steak dinner. Pretty clear which side of that argument is the unhinged party.

Daniel Weatherby Daniel Weatherby 8:01 am 01 Jul 18

The heart breaking and distressing thing is obviously that this poor animal and it’s joey have suffered and died. The thing that aggravates me is that the word hunter even though it says would be hunter is used. These type of people would never be hunters because they disobey the law, shoot native species, can’t shoot, and lack the education and discipline to become a hunter. It would be like calling someone who chops a persons arm off a would be surgeon.

Lauren Finnerty Lauren Finnerty 1:14 pm 30 Jun 18

Alex Bilton no kangaroos ok

Geeta Datta Geeta Datta 9:18 am 30 Jun 18

An arrow? Who's using arrows out there??? AND someone out there with arrows is sick enough to shoot an animal and leave it, and it's baby, to just die.

Margaret Turner Margaret Turner 8:53 am 30 Jun 18

So sad poor thing. Some humans are Fk heads.

Elizabeth Whitton Elizabeth Whitton 11:56 pm 29 Jun 18

Some demented human who has no heart or brains did this to a poor helpless animal I hope they can trace the arrows and do the same to them

Deborah Daniel Deborah Daniel 11:13 pm 29 Jun 18

There is some mean mongrels out there rotten bastards I’d like a few minutes with them

Maria Paul Alves Maria Paul Alves 10:39 pm 29 Jun 18

Maybe the same needs to be done to them what kind of people do this and can sleep at night!!?

Aries Tyrrell Aries Tyrrell 9:59 pm 29 Jun 18

Yet people still support the kangaroo cull. We invaded these animals homes not the other way around. You'd be naive to think the slow painful deaths of adult, juvenile and joey kangaroos doesn't happen during the authorised culls. These humans are disgusting.

Di Molnar Di Molnar 8:39 pm 29 Jun 18

What is wrong with people 🤬

Jane Farrugia Jane Farrugia 8:25 pm 29 Jun 18

They deserve to be shot with an arrow!! Human filth!!!

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 7:28 pm 29 Jun 18

That would be work of the selfsame government that, just over the hill from Hackett, is wrecking kangaroo families by shooting adult roos, leaving hundreds of young frightened ones bereft of their groups.

    Grimm Grimm 4:12 pm 02 Jul 18

    You can’t be serious. Wrecking kangaroo families? You think they are people?

    And joeys aren’t left “frightened and bereft of their groups”. It is illegal to leave them if their mother has been shot. It does not happen in these culls, which are very tightly scrutinised.

    Lies to push a clueless agenda. Par for the course from the anti cull circus I guess.

Rhonda Maxwell Rhonda Maxwell 7:23 pm 29 Jun 18

There's no excuse for this.

    Stuart Birchall Stuart Birchall 1:29 am 30 Jun 18

    Um, yes there is. Its called being a kid. Unfortunately this "society"??? has chosen to ignore the fact that a certain percentage of those that must exist in this society wish to hunt. This "enlightened" society chooses to denigrate & vilify those that partake in the harvest of wildlife & this is the direct result. By his comment, Denis Svob is a prime example of this igrorance. Perhaps if those that chose to enforce they`re ideals upon others took the time to think then maybe kids would be brought up to respect the life of that animal & not desecrate it.

Colleen A. McMillan Colleen A. McMillan 6:42 pm 29 Jun 18

How cruel can you get.

Denis Svob Denis Svob 6:12 pm 29 Jun 18

Even those authorised to kill kangaroos are very, very questionable individuals. Some of them do it as a sport, and get a kick out of it (a number of years ago I spoke to someone who lived on a farm and considered it a bonding experience taking his son "roo shooting"). Surely, there must be a better solution?

    Ian Malouf Ian Malouf 11:29 pm 29 Jun 18

    Rohan Bevan because the principle of killing a defenceless creature reflects behaviour bordering on psychotic.

Ann Kokoulis Ann Kokoulis 5:52 pm 29 Jun 18

What is wrong with people!!!

Nicola Emanuel Nicola Emanuel 5:25 pm 29 Jun 18

Instead of penalties or jail time, how about a bullet between the eyes.

Joanne White Joanne White 5:02 pm 29 Jun 18

Devastated. Why?

    Kylie Wylie Kylie Wylie 5:26 pm 29 Jun 18

    You don't think it would have died a slow, painful death? Not to mention the joey in its pouch? At least with a cull, they die quickly.

    Joanne White Joanne White 10:18 pm 30 Jun 18

    The why is why would someone shoot an innocent animal with a joey so cruelly? For kicks? It sickens me. Im not the sick one.

    Joanne White Joanne White 10:20 pm 30 Jun 18

    My post was obviously misread. I do not condone such senseless cruelty

Gra Kri Gra Kri 4:55 pm 29 Jun 18

It takes a very special person to shoot a defenceless animal and leave it to suffer. Just awful behaviour

Duchess Carolyn Duchess Carolyn 4:43 pm 29 Jun 18

I cannot believe the incredible cruelty of some, I cannot call them humans...they are also below animals....they are.. morons..I would love to shot an arrow into their butt....

    Maatt Brouhaha Maatt Brouhaha 8:31 pm 29 Jun 18

    The last sentence makes it seem like you probably can understand their incredible cruelty, and share it. 🤔

    Duchess Carolyn Duchess Carolyn 3:49 pm 30 Jun 18

    Josh Gibbons yep

    Duchess Carolyn Duchess Carolyn 4:02 pm 30 Jun 18

    Yep....the point is only the 'higher' thinking animal that goes around inflicting pain, savagery, cruelty on others they fellow homo sapiens, or the lower class, the animals. I do not think any of the animal kingdom go around maliciously and cruelly causing injury and pain, just for the pure bloody hell of it. They kill, maim, to eat, to exist. Humans shoot arrows, guns, kill ducks, leave ducks maimed, in pain, not even to eat and exist...but for 'sport!!!! Humans create warfare..against their own kind...just because we have to control everything and everyone according to our own creed. If I shot an arrow into another human being, at least they would understand what I was going to do, and the consequences...God forbid I could actually shoot accurately. They would get the 'fight or flight' response...and take off. Not just sit there to be shot...for no reason other than cruelty, and some 'sick' sense of 'fun'.

    Duchess Carolyn Duchess Carolyn 4:03 pm 30 Jun 18

    And I can spell....

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