Greens go for Gazza

johnboy 19 March 2007 44

The ABC reports that the Greens rather fancy their chances of knocking Gary Humphries out in the upcoming Federal election.

He’s probably one of the more decent human beings in federal politics but that seems to be unlikely to save him from general disgust with the Howard Government in this town.

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44 Responses to Greens go for Gazza
seepi seepi 4:42 pm 21 Mar 07

I support some kind of lock-up rehab for those sentenced to rehab by the courts, and a separate, nicer version for people choosing to give up on their own.

Currently anyone sentenced to rehab by the courts can just leave 5 minutes after they get there. And people who want to go to rehab off their own bat can’t get in, as they are clogged up with people under court orders. Not to mention the company is pretty awful if they ever do get a spot.

Ralph I really dont’ think most druggies stop to consider the message society may be sending by providing rehab. They are either thinking ‘hmm really should try to stop drugs’ or ‘who can I rob to get more drugs’. I’m pretty pragmatic about it – the more who succesfully get thru rehab, the less our health and crime costs.

Ralph Ralph 4:30 pm 21 Mar 07

There’s also the argument as well that legalising or decriminalising drugs won’t necessarily see more people take up drugs. I’m not saying I agree with this.

However certain people (genetic) are probably going to be more disposed to taking up drugs.

Everybody doesn’t smoke because it is legal.

I don’t support more money for rehab Seepi. It sends a signal to people that they can get high and society will provide a safety net. Singapore does well with this; throw users in jail and let them dry out that way. I think that will me a few people think twice about taking up drugs.

johnboy johnboy 4:20 pm 21 Mar 07

And if they legalised it the production issues would be cleaned up making it less harmful.

But no, it’s much more fun for alcoholics to thunder about junkie scum and feel a little bit better about themselves.

seepi seepi 4:16 pm 21 Mar 07

If they decriminalised drugs, they could put all the money they now spend on enforcement into rehab.

At the moment it is really hard to get into a rehab, which is just ridiculous. Rehab should be available to anyone who feels ready to try to give up.

snahon snahon 3:49 pm 21 Mar 07

I can’t see how decriminalising is going to make society that much safer… Alcohol, tobacco, etc are legalised, as such price went down due to legal manufacture and market competition.

Decriminalising, will not result in legitimate manufacture and price competition, so won’t the dealers still push their product at the same price and defeat one of the key results espoused from the pro-decriminalising sections ?

snahon snahon 3:41 pm 21 Mar 07

we have enough in qbn without adding thanks bonfire…

bonfire bonfire 3:18 pm 21 Mar 07

id hunt dealers down and hang them from light poles in civic carparks.

id decriminalise personal posession.

id offer an act govt brand of doobies, with good ole smoking dope, not the hydroponic stuff thats flogged these days.

remove the supply chain.

tell them they cant operate in act or they will get knee caps drilled out. raid them on a daily basis until they get the idea.

if this means all the dealers move to yass or qbn – great. as long as they take their market with them.

justbands justbands 12:33 pm 21 Mar 07

& yes, what boomacat said.

justbands justbands 12:29 pm 21 Mar 07

“legalise ice”
“After the Greens comment on legalising drugs I think they’re boned. As they should be.”

Gee…you guys bought the major party spin on the Greens drug policy…hook, line & sinker. Did you bother to check it our from the source, or just rely on Network 9 “news”?

Personally, I don’t think the Greens drug policy goes far enough. I’d legalise everything completely & put the emphasis on personal responsibility. ie. Take whatever you like into your own body (who’s business is it anyway?) BUT commit a crime on said drugs (or to pay for said drugs) & you have the book thrown at you. Imagine having police resources free to deal with violent & horrific crimes rather than chasing around minor drug offenders all day!

You guys drink beer? Coffee? DRUGOS!

Pandy Pandy 8:26 pm 20 Mar 07

look guys, I don’t give a shite if you vote Greens for the Senate. It will never happen.

But please vote for Greens or some other independant locally. We dont need 4 years of an arrogant majority government refusing to listen to the people.

boomacat boomacat 6:53 pm 20 Mar 07

Yes, because criminalising drugs has resulted in such great outcomes.

All you need to do is pick up an Australian Crime Commission document about the effects of prohibition to realise it’s an absolute failure.

The Greens suggested decriminalising (as distinct from legalising) ice for personal use. Users detected would be diverted into health treatment programs. This is similar to the heroin prescription scheme operated in Switzerland or the Drug Court regime operating in NSW.

But yes, let’s stick to prohibition and leave our heads up our arses while we pretend it works.

seepi seepi 5:07 pm 20 Mar 07

graham richardson

KandyA KandyA 4:58 pm 20 Mar 07

damn straight! JB for Senate!
I move that as part of the Riotact party’s constitution, senate-elect must wear togas.

bonfire bonfire 4:41 pm 20 Mar 07


louise louise 4:06 pm 20 Mar 07

Mark Latham?

johnboy johnboy 3:30 pm 20 Mar 07

“What about a new party: the “Imadecenthumanbeing Party?””

It’s a rare pollie who’ll admit to being a total bastard.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 3:17 pm 20 Mar 07

After the Greens comment on legalising drugs I think they’re boned. As they should be.

johnboy johnboy 3:05 pm 20 Mar 07


you mean people just like you?

KandyA KandyA 2:59 pm 20 Mar 07

a riotact party – cant hurt the RA profile –
with a firm grounding in justice (well, a commitment to arbitrary violence doled out by uncaring members of the constabulary) you can harness the imagination of the public with the return of capital punishment in the capital! a great policy Im sure will at least garnish support from existing riotacters.

louise louise 2:53 pm 20 Mar 07

What about a new party: the “Imadecenthumanbeing Party?”

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