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Greens go for Gazza

By johnboy - 19 March 2007 44

The ABC reports that the Greens rather fancy their chances of knocking Gary Humphries out in the upcoming Federal election.

He’s probably one of the more decent human beings in federal politics but that seems to be unlikely to save him from general disgust with the Howard Government in this town.

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Greens go for Gazza
kimba 9:32 am 20 Mar 07

The dopey Greens and Democraps have for years trying to win a Senate position in the ACT but have failed even with high profile candidates. Humphries, as our only Government representative has done a good job and should be returned anyway.

seepi 9:19 am 20 Mar 07

Deb did good work on the Narrabundah Caravan park (she warned the govt what could happen ahead of time – they chose not to listen and are now up for millions.)

She was also proactive on the dragway. And at least with the greens there is no pretence and tricks. You know what they stand for and they keep to their ideologies.

Ralph 8:05 am 20 Mar 07

You’re sounding like a moonbat Pandy.

They tried this in 04, didn’t work, and it won’t work this time.

Pandy 7:40 am 20 Mar 07

Yeah lets means test all Government housing.

When was a Labor member like MacDonald or Gentleman ever seen at a community forum or quoted as saying somethin intelligent? At least Deb gets around the hustings unlike the other two sitting on their faction bums.

herbert 5:12 am 20 Mar 07

No chance in hell of this happening. They tried this stunt in ’04 and didn’t even come close. They would need a strong minor party vote to push Gazza to preferences but the minor party vote is too small.

The only other possible minor parties to run are the Dems, the Socialist Alliance, the Christian Dems and the Liberal Dems – together they will struggle to receive 5%. It is just not enough.

caf 11:35 pm 19 Mar 07

simbo: ahh, but all that needs to happen is for garry’s support to slip below a quota – then labor preferences (which can be expected to moderately favour the greens) will be distributed, which could put the greens candidate over the line. Maybe.

vg 11:06 pm 19 Mar 07

Like living in a government house whilst earning over $100K/year.

She wouldn’t know her arse from her elbow.

Her latest about the Grassby monument was ‘at least an artist is getting paid’. Really great stuff

Pandy 10:45 pm 19 Mar 07

I yhink Deb has some good thoughts. read hansard.

vg 9:43 pm 19 Mar 07

Elect a single issue party and watch the fun. After the performance in the NSW election (legalise ice…..but sorry I’ve never met an ice user or have any practical life experience of the situation) the Greens, aside from environmental issues, stand for nonsense.

Pandy 9:26 pm 19 Mar 07

Balance of power simbo. Sure they wont form a coalition, but maybe there will be more wheeling and dealing from the cnuts in power. It would surely clip Stanhopes wings.

bigred 6:56 pm 19 Mar 07

Let’s hope Gazza gets a bit of a fright. Might make things a bit interesting and if its tight encourage some pork barrelling. I’ll vote for the person who promises to erect and person border check points at the exits from West Belco.

simbo 6:00 pm 19 Mar 07

Pandy, are you trying to make us laugh?

There’s pretty much zero possibility of the local greens forming a coalition with the Libs – they’d vaporise their support base immediately.

Pandy 5:43 pm 19 Mar 07

Vote Greens locally and send Stanhope out on his ass.

simbo 5:42 pm 19 Mar 07

More importantly, there is enough of a Liberal rump in this town to mean that they’ll still poll higher than the greens. You’ll notice that, even in that raving hotbed of socialism, the Legislative Assembly, there’s still way more Libs than there are Greens.

The greens are very good at being a protest party (much better at it than the Democrats, who attempted to negotiate with the liberals – thus their decline), but they’re not a party anybody takes seriously for the task of actually governing…

vg 5:29 pm 19 Mar 07


Don’t make me laugh. Two words…..Deb….Foskey

Lives in a different universe to the rest of us

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