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Greens ready to pull the plug?

By johnboy 12 June 2010 25

In the Canberra Times the Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is having a major dummy spit over, well over everything:

Mr Rattenbury said frustrations included a lack of cooperation between government agencies, time-wasting bureaucracy, ”deliberate obfuscation” by Government officials and difficulties obtaining basic information from Government media staff.

The deal breaker is plans to bulldoze 32 hectares in the Molonglo Valley to build a shopping centre.

Apparently this is “nationally endangered woodland” even though 99% of us have never heard of it before and couldn’t find it on a map in a month of Sundays.

Anyway someone should wake Zed up and get him to give Shane a call.

"nationally endangered woodland" at Molonglo

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25 Responses to
Greens ready to pull the plug?
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Beau Locks 1:55 pm 19 Jun 10

Yellowsnow @ #22 – thanks for that. After looking thru those URLs and a couple of others and speaking to some people that know what’s going on and what the likely outcomes will be, it seems things will be pretty bleak. Will there be a dedicated bus lane? No. Will there be ‘Copenhagen’ lanes for bikes? No. Will the first new road be 80km/h with heaps of side streets coming off it to slow things down and make it less safe? Yes. Etc etc. Nobody seems very impressed.

Is this the fault of the engineers, architects, and landscape architects that have been commissioned to design things? No. They’re just working to a brief. Who could have ensured a good outcome? The government. Did they? No. They are as weak as piss, and I’m feeling more and more concerned about the Greens’ ability to function effectively as a third (and sane) voice.

As an addendum, I don’t think the material on the government websites (or the design of the sites themselves) could in any way be designed as ‘fine’.

Potato 8:42 pm 18 Jun 10

Thumper said :

so, the greens have just realised that stanhope has been using them for the past few years and that they really are completely and totally irrelevant in his (the CM’s) eyes.

as hb said, it is identified under the EPBC Act so any attempt to develop it would trigger the Act which will bring in the big guns from federal environment. Stanhope must know this.

The feds are doing a strategic assessment of the Molongolo Valley under the EPBC Act:

housebound 10:38 pm 15 Jun 10

In the paper version of the Canberra Times today: Greens caved already. Meredith Hunter makes it clear the ALP-Greens friendship is as solid as a rock.

yellowsnow 11:12 am 15 Jun 10

Beau Locks @ #20 – you clearly haven’t looked very hard if you couldn’t find a masterplan for Molonglo (mind you, ACT govt websites and associated search enginges are CRAP, it’s hard to find anything, so you’re forgiven. I suspect the ACT govt wants to keep its population in the dark so they can’t dissent on decisions that will make them worse off, while also allowing them to tick the consultation box — as in, “What do you mean we haven’t consulted on this? We out out a vague, densely written document on a difficult to locate webpage, which was up for a good few days before we made the decision! If you haven’t read it or seen it, that’s your fault”).

Anyway, you can follow these links to see what’s being planned:

As for the pond — it’s definitely on the board. It had better be, because they’ve already committed $17m in the budget to building it, and work has already started on it. In fact there’s already an almightly hole in the ground near the RSPCA where, once all the asbestos contaminated soil is removed (!!!) the scenic water is going to go (i kid you not, the whole area was an illegal asbestos dumping ground prior to the bushfires, i wonder if the prospective Molongloites are going to be told before they buy?).

Actually, I’m surprised it took the Greens so long to start questioning Molonglo. These plans have been around for a while — why wait so long before they kick up a fuss? Though I’m glad they finally did. Serves the govt right for waiving the usual EIS process because well … it’s the govt, it can, and it doesn’t want pesky environmentalist or endangered ecosystemts to stand in the way of reaping maximum profit from landsales (if this ain’t a conflict of interest I don’t know is — a classic case of the regulator regulating itself, which is never a good idea).

Fisho 6:08 am 15 Jun 10

What about the frogs and reptiles down there? This development will surely kill them all off.

All the other areas have pollution control ponds to help deal with runoff, I haven’t seen anything like that for the new monopoly board layout.

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