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Gus’ open again

By johnboy - 21 August 2008 23

Fret not people of Civic. Despite some concern about what was happening to the iconic Gus’ Cafe on Bunda Street I can report it is back open after a renovation and looking much the same as before.

For those who aren’t across the history (p 3771) it was the original owner Gus Petersilka who for years fought the petty grey bureaucrats who ruled Canberra for the right to put tables outside. He’s even got a plaque out the front in his memory.

So probably worth buying a coffee there at least once.

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23 Responses to
Gus’ open again
bigfeet 6:25 pm 21 Aug 08

I decided to go check it out after the renovations. (you may remember my criticisms on the original post when it shut down).

Service was much better…but the coffee was still dishwater.

tortfeaser 6:11 pm 21 Aug 08

I like the big breakfast. Two thumbs up.

Granny 3:30 pm 21 Aug 08

I love Gus’.

We have been back there since the renos, and they are quite nice although I will also miss the old dinginess.

The big table in the middle is gone, although that is probably a good thing. It’s always a bit uncomfortable to have to share a table with people you don’t know.

I think the rough concrete floor kind of went with the old dingy decor, but I think a wooden floor would go better with the new interior – or pretty much anything else really – although I am no expert on interior design.

I really enjoyed my Atlantic salmon, which just melted in my mouth and then we shared some sticky date puddin’ … mmmmmmmmmmmm!

vg 3:08 pm 21 Aug 08

Yes the man did some things for Alfresco type things in the ACT but without wanting to speak ill of the dead all I remember of him is being a right royal pain in the ass.

Wide Boy Jake 3:03 pm 21 Aug 08

Petersilka blotted his copybook considerably by being a member of Fred Nile’s Festival of Light and writing several letters to The Canberra Times in the late 1980s and early ’90s calling for x-rated videos to be banned. For that reason I wasn’t too upset when he joined the great majority.

Danman 12:33 pm 21 Aug 08

Love their steak s/wich – despite everyone elses incidents – I have never had bad food chai or coffee there.

Holden Caulfield 11:28 am 21 Aug 08

Yes, but the Legislative Assembly was not even a twinkle in the Feds’ eyes when Gus was having his issues.

I remember seeing a photo of Gus’ from the 60s and it was hard to recgonise it. Mature trees and that ugly, but necessary, canopy have certainly changed its exterior look over the years.

johnboy 11:19 am 21 Aug 08

For all their many faults the legislative assembly is rarely grey.

seekay 11:13 am 21 Aug 08

What’s that about “the petty grey bureaucrats who ruled Canberra”?

When did they stop running the dump – and making sure that it stayed one?

G-Fresh 10:53 am 21 Aug 08

Depends on who is behind the steamer, but a really good coffee on most days.

Crikey 10:47 am 21 Aug 08

Gus’ is my favourite city coffee hang-out so I’ll look forward to seeing the new fit-out this weekend.

Aurelius 10:38 am 21 Aug 08

Do they still make their hot chocolates with hot water instead of milk?
If so, no thanks, even with new furniture.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:08 am 21 Aug 08

Last time I went to Gus’ was with a small group for lunch. When my lunch came it had a big long hair in it. I told the waitress, who apologised, offered to replace the meal and offered me a free softdrink. I thought “no worries, that seems fair”. Shame, then, that neither the replacement meal nor drink ever arrived, despite asking a couple of times.

Based on that kind of service, I won’t be back.

stereo henry 10:01 am 21 Aug 08

I’m wondering how much they spent on the refurb? There seems to be the same amount of tables/space inside, why spend the money to make no improvement on the bottom line? I think I liked the place more when it was dark and dingy inside!

Holden Caulfield 9:54 am 21 Aug 08

I really like Gus’. It may not be the flashest place in town or the place to pose, but I’ve never had a dud meal or bad service there. Okay, it’s not perfect, but it is what it is and I’ll continue going there.

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