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Daily Harrassment in Garema Place

By blingblingbears - 21 December 2005 45

Now I’m sure I have seen this topic mentioned on RA previously (and of course I could not find the link), but the next time a stranger holding a folder comes up to me in Garema Place saying “How are you, can I just ask you one question?” I am going to deck them. Ususally I just say “no thanks” or “you already asked me one question” but I am just so fed up with how bad it is getting!

When I am walking through Garema Place is it just me? Do I have some invisible sign on my forehead stating “please bother me during my short and precious lunch break or when I am tired and just want to get to my car to go home and veg after a long stressful day at work”? Or is there just a never ending supply of idiots who like to bother people for their “good cause”.

Please don’t think that I am against any charities or the save the rainforests, etc type of appeals. I actually donate very generously every year to a number of charities. But seriously, is there not a better way of making people aware of a particular issue? Put a poster/billboard up. Set up a stall and let people who have the time and are in the mood for it come to you. Organise a fun and appealing fundraising event. Talk to the media.

Just walking through Garema Place you will see the general public walking in zigzags to avoid being harrased and when they do get cornered, just walk around the person to get away. The last few weeks have even seen them emerge out to carparks and the interchange to harass people! This is ridiculous! I really think that I will have to start wearing a t-shirt that says “leave me alone, i dont care and i dont want to answer your one stupid question” everytime I go out in public!

Anyone else have any good deterrent suggestions?

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
Daily Harrassment in Garema Place
Absent Diane 4:53 pm 21 Dec 05

seepi you should have kicked the fucker on the roof…. and smiled and walked off….

bulldog 4:42 pm 21 Dec 05

Hate the fuckers. Like you bling, I’m not anti-charity, but why the fuck would I want to stop and take several minutes giving my bank details to some vague and random fucktard extolling the virtues of a cause I’ve never even heard of? Answer me that and you can have two bucks.

Surely there must be some feasible way to control these morons and their oxygen thieving “charities”. Any other suggestions that don’t involve physical violence or feasces?

No? – than keep the violent ones coming;

seepi 3:56 pm 21 Dec 05

yeah – I actually avoid Garema place during lunchtime now. One day I was accosted by a guy that chucked a football towards me – as part of some real estate type selling thing. I think you’re meant to instinctively catch it, then they talk to you – I let it drop. then there are the festies wanting ‘a busfare home mate’ The falung Gong, the green left weekly, the battery hen people, the scientologists and any number or charities. If I talked to every one I would be a t lunch for two hours. Why do they all congregate in Civic competing for atention.

DT 3:41 pm 21 Dec 05

The thing I hate most about them is that they’re not just asking for cash anymore. No, no – they want your bank account details so they can arrange a regular, direct transfer. The odd $2 coin just isn’t good enough anymore.

Mr_Shab 3:22 pm 21 Dec 05

The whole chugger thing is the result of “compassion fatigue”. Doorknocks and street stalls weren’t doing enough for the bottom line (large charities are run like for-profit commercial entities) so the called in the marketing people. The marketing people told ’em the best way to get Joe Public to cough up is to make ’em feel guilty AND uncomfortable (ie, attack in public places). They’ll reach for the wallet to make you go away.

The chuggers with the best records at getting punters to sign up, and thus the ones who the training/induction/whatever will be modelled on are probably the ones who are the best at, as Maelinar says, “making you feel like a piece of shit”.

Given that every good cause on the planet seems to be jumping on the chugger bandwagon, I’d say it’s only going to get worse. And the fuckers are like Mormons, but less entertaining to argue with.

RandomGit 3:04 pm 21 Dec 05

That post would have been one of mine BBBears. I got hassles by a particularly laconic red cross collector today. Leaning on the scenery, not even holding a clipboard. She sounding so fundamentally disenheartened that I stopped to say no rather than say it walking.

blingblingbears 2:56 pm 21 Dec 05

hehe “chuggers”??? i like that one

DT 2:38 pm 21 Dec 05

In England they call them “chuggers”. Charity muggers.

Mr_Shab 2:34 pm 21 Dec 05


kimba 2:24 pm 21 Dec 05

I just tell them to fcuk off and in some cases even ram them….especially if they a smelly feral greenies. They usually get the message!

Thumper 2:14 pm 21 Dec 05

Stare at them with a look that means I’ll kill you if you ask me for fucking money.

And don’t change course. Keep walking directly where you want to go. if they get in the way, bump into them.

remember these are likely to be contracted fund raisers. That being, they get paid for raising funds.

I also agree with mael, its hilarious when you ask them straight back to donate to yourself.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:14 pm 21 Dec 05

I find that carrying a radio emitting the sounds of talk radio keeps them away!

ssanta 2:14 pm 21 Dec 05

The best deterrant is to wander around eating your own poo. Even the scientologitst;s haven’t got the guts to go near you

Indi 2:11 pm 21 Dec 05

I was under the impression that if an individual/organisation wishes to conduct their ‘business’ in a public place that they must make application for the right to conduct in a public place by way of application to the City Rangers…next time you are harrassed ask the said organisation to see a copy of the form, otherwise its just considered straight out hawkering – which is not condoned and the Minister for Urban Services would probably like to put a stop to it.

Maelinar 2:01 pm 21 Dec 05

bling2bears, what you have is called ‘compassion fatigue’. No manner of people want that precious dollar in your back pocket, and they are going to spend an insane amount of money that’s better directed towards the cause they’re promoting, towards making you feel like a piece of shit who’s less worthy of that dollar than some dude in Africa or something.

You are not alone, I certainly wouldn’t invest my dollar to a street hawker, there’s no telling which arm that dollar may end up in.

Unfortunately, there is no legal way of preventing them coming up to you and asking for money, remember however, there’s nothing preventing you from following them around for the rest of your lunchtime asking them for money either. (Not only does it look ludicrous, it gives me a laugh every time I think about it)

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