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High Court heads out of town while their roof gets fixed.

By johnboy 7 October 2008 15

The ABC reports that the dodgy roof on their pig ugly building means the High Court of Australia will be sitting in Adelaide and Melbourne for November and December.

All up repairs will cost more than $10 million, fortunately on the Commonwealth tab.

ACT Law Society president Rod Barnett says this disruption will see the court “operate just as efficiently as it always has done,” which you can take either way.


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15 Responses to
High Court heads out of town while their roof gets fixed.
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zephyr9673 8:38 pm 13 Oct 08

I like it, to bad it isn’t homeless accommodation or something usefull like that, it has its own library i hear, maybe it could be like a free community lounge, with free coffee, where bored people could go and hang, for free, enjoy the veiws, converse relax with no capitalists pestering you for money, a social space, I think it is a lovely building.

What concerns me, is that the individuals who currently enjoy the comfort of this fine building didn’t notice the roof leaking, are the same group who control things like, you know constitutional law.

Couldn’t look after the roof till the repair bill got to the millions???

Tenant responsibility. If you can’t look after your house, get out…

Give it to the community.

I can’t believe they are the highest court in the country, me thinks we should have an appeal to an international court.

ant 8:37 pm 07 Oct 08

Gee, dodgey roof. A quality piece of building work, up there with the best of Canberra construction evidently. I wonder if that dodgey building insurance scheme will enable them to go after the builder? If the government can’t get good work done, who can?

peterh 5:29 pm 07 Oct 08

maybe if they use this product, it could be less brutal….

Granny 5:29 pm 07 Oct 08

That’s the problem, then.

peterh 5:22 pm 07 Oct 08

Granny said :

I reckon the new Belconnen Police Station looks a bit on the brutalist side.

oh, sorry, I thought you said brutal, was thinking of something else….

Granny 5:14 pm 07 Oct 08

I reckon the new Belconnen Police Station looks a bit on the brutalist side.

peterh 5:09 pm 07 Oct 08

what, concrete and ugly? wasn’t cameron offices brutalist as well?

johnboy 5:04 pm 07 Oct 08

much the same as new brutalist.

LlamaFrog 4:55 pm 07 Oct 08

As a person with a willingness to learn I understand Brutalist and new Brutalist architecture and find it very appealing to the eye, but Neo-Brutalist I don’t know, any help?

Granny 4:24 pm 07 Oct 08

No, that was much later. Or earlier.

Scribble 4:17 pm 07 Oct 08

So the HC isn’t from what Bill Bryson called the “Fuck you” school of architecture?

Granny 4:07 pm 07 Oct 08

Well, it is a court I suppose!

johnboy 3:59 pm 07 Oct 08

There I was thinking it was neo-brutalist.

Buildings designed to be brutal are a phase I’ve grown out of.

Granny 3:17 pm 07 Oct 08

One man’s brutalist architecture is another man’s pig ugly, LlamaFrog.

LlamaFrog 3:08 pm 07 Oct 08

I am sorry Johnboy but you are so wrong. the High Court is an amazing building a fine example of brutalist architecture and easily one of the best buildings we have.

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